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Edward R

"Edward is a kind and patient tutor. He is well organised and provides insightful and actionable feedback."

Parent of GCSE English student

  • A Level

  • English Language

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Academic History

King’s College London: Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature, Distinction

The University of Bristol: Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, First Class Honours

King Edward VI School Southampton:

A-Levels – English Literature (A*), History (A*), French (A)

GCSEs – History (A*), English Language (A*), English Literature (A), French (A*), Maths (A), Geography (A*), Theatre Studies (A), Religious Studies (A*), Biology (A*), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*)

About Me

My approach to tutoring is centred on the specific needs of the student. My time working at schools across a range of ages and abilities has taught me that no two children are the same. Everyone has their own way of understanding a subject. Flexibility in approach is what underpins my sessions. My first session with a pupil will always involve a discussion with them about what they like or dislike about a subject, what they find easy and what they find challenging, followed by some exercises to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses further. My experience supporting children across a variety ages and abilities has taught me that confidence is a key factor in any pupil achieving their full potential in their studies. My tutoring sessions always have confidence building exercises at their core.

Recent tuition

Primary English (ADHD)

I tutored Max over a number of weeks, supporting him with writing. When we began our sessions, his attention span was very short, and he struggled to sit down and put pen to paper. Over the weeks, however, he became engaged in the stories he wanted to tell and this changed everything. He began to write long stories every week, and would present them to me in sessions.

English GCSE (ADHD)

I supported Felix with preparation for his English Literature GCSE exam. Felix has ADHD and was struggling to write extended responses for his exams. He was especially low in confidence when it came to studying Shakespeare. I tutored Felix in the content of his set texts and developed strategies to accommodate the challenges he faced with writing. Over the course of our sessions, Felix began to write long, sophisticated responses. He achieved a 7 in his exams.

English GCSE, building confidence in writing

I have been supporting Lorcan with his GCSE English Literature and Language studies. When I first met Lorcan, he would barely talk in sessions, and writing was even more of a challenge. Now, Lorcan is writing excellent work, his grades have jumped boundaries from a 3 to a 5, and he is very talkative and full of ideas in sessions.

English GCSE, low confidence in writing

I supported Lulu with preparation for her English Literature GCSE exam. Lulu had very low confidence in her AQA Poetry Anthology studies, and was struggling to get to grips with specific poems and how to compare them. I helped Lulu build her confidence in approaching comparison questions, developing strategies to accommodate the challenges she faced with planning and starting to put words down on paper.

English A-Level, low confidence

I tutored Evie over a number of weeks, supporting her with her English Literature A-Level work. Evie had good content knowledge, but was struggling to apply this knowledge to written responses and achieve the grade she wanted. Together, we worked through how she could better structure her work, as well as ways in which she could articulate her ideas in writing. She achieved an A grade and is now pursuing her chosen course at her top choice university.


With a professional background in performance and visual art, my hobbies and interests revolve around arts-based activities, whether that be going to exhibitions, seeing plays, or practising art myself. I am especially interested in the connection between drawings and performance. I also really enjoy playing tennis!


“Edward is a kind and patient tutor. He is well organised and provides insightful and actionable feedback. He is very reliable and my son’s performance in English has greatly improved since he has been tutoring him. I highly recommend Edward.”

Parent of GCSE English student

“Edward is an exceptional tutor, I only wish I had found him sooner. My son struggled with English Literature GCSE and Edward has really helped clarify and explain the subject matter for him. Boosting his confidence going into the exams. His communication, patience and diligence is exemplary. Highly recommended”

Parent of GCSE English Student

“Edward has tutored both of my daughters, one doing A level and the other GCSE. He is an excellent tutor with an amazingly calm demeanour. He has given brilliant advice on comparative essays for my A level daughter and de-mystified GCSE English exams for my 16 year old. I would highly recommend Edward.”

Parent of A-Level and GCSE English students

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