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Diana B

"Diana's dedication and expertise have had a profound impact on all three of my children's educational journeys."

Parent of Reading and Maths students

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Academic History

BA in Primary education – Piratininga College, São Paulo, Brazil Postgraduate course in Literature, Harvard Graduate School of Education

O levels in English literature, English Language, Maths, Portuguese, Biology, Chemistry, Art

About Me

My approach to tutoring is not only about helping a pupil academically but, just as importantly, building their confidence, so that they achieve their maximum potential over the longer term. I offer support and differentiation with individually planned sessions, as well as a variety of teaching methods tailored to my pupil’s requirements. By building a rapport in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, I urge my pupils to express themselves freely and develop a curiosity for learning.

Recent tuition

Reading and Phonics

5 year old F was having difficulties at school, especially with phonics. Her peers were leaping ahead and she was feeling demotivated and upset. She had weak-symbol decoding and this was preventing her from successfully learning how to read. I implemented a program for her that involved a lot of vocabulary games, visual aids as well as reading books. She progressed throughout our sessions and is now a confident and happy 6 year old!

Prep School Entry Examination 7+

PH was a clever and inquisitive boy who was going to change school systems. He was a pupil at a local state school and was going to go to a prep school, (Edgeborough School). He needed support with English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, with which he was not familiar. His English was weak and he didn’t like to read. I introduced a variety of authors and he began to read more frequently, increasing his vocabulary as well as comprehension skills. He was accepted at Edgeborough after excellent entrance results.

Supporting a Gifted Pupil 7 years old

M was finding her work very easy and her parents felt that she was not being challenged enough at her school in Edinburgh.They were afraid that she would become bored and not achieve her academic potential. I gave M more complex work that would expand and encourage her curiosity, while focusing on her strengths. I tutored M for 12 months.

Mathematics Tuition 8+

I tutored P for six months, once a week, in Edinburgh. He was struggling with understanding mathematical concepts and was upset about changing sets. When assessing his skills, his number sense was poor, so we introduced Multiplication Tables and this helped not only his confidence, but his ability to better understand number patterns. He went up a set and was gaining understanding of new concepts being taught.

Examination Preparation 11+

I tutored T for her 11+ examination. She was a pupil at Garden House School. I tutored her twice a week for two hours, mostly going over work that her school had sent her. T’s confidence was low and she felt that she was unable to express her thoughts properly on paper. Together we came up with strategies that she used to benefit her during this period. She achieved a top English grade and was accepted at Francis Holland School.

UK to USA Relocation (English, Maths, Science ) 11+

I tutored R who was a pupil at Garden House School, in English, Maths and Science. Her parents had been transferred back to NY and they wanted to ensure that R would be academically strong and settle back in easily. (R was Dyslexic). I helped R twice a week for 3 months prior to their departure. She settled back into her new school easily and her parents let me know that she was doing well academically.

Common Entrance 13+

When I lived in the USA, I was asked to prepare AP for her CE examination. Her parents were concerned that she would find the examination hard, as she was not familiar with the UK curriculum and struggled a little at school with English and Mathematics. She was a hard worker and eager to do well. Together, we covered the CE syllabus and after excellent examination results, AP was offered a place at Cheam School. I tutored her for 5 months prior to her sitting the paper.


One of my main interests is cooking. I enjoy discovering recipes from different parts of the world and trying them out in my kitchen! I also love to travel and discover new cities – mainly on foot! You get a totally different perspective of your surroundings in this way.


“Diana started tutoring my two children to help prepare my daughter, I, for her 11+ examination for Edgeborough school. Diana went over past papers, explaining how to interpret and answer what was being asked. The lessons helped build I’s confidence and after three months of tutoring, I was offered a place at Cranleigh School but has subsequently ended up at Charterhouse. My son, H wasn’t a keen reader and this was hindering with his comprehension. Diana helped him by introducing him to new genres and authors. H became a keen reader and more confident at school. Diana is a kind and lovely person who really engaged with both my children and the benefits of her tutoring was invaluable and long lasting.”

Parent of 11+ student

“Diana was an incredible tutor for my three children over a period of approximately 5 months. My eldest son, who is 7 years old, was facing challenges with his Mathematics, particularly in multiplication tables and problem solving. Diana introduced effective strategies and engaging games that made a remarkable difference in his performance. As a result, he has advanced to a higher academic level in school and gained a significant boost in his confidence. My 6-year-old daughter, who generally found schoolwork to be a breeze, also greatly benefited from Diana’s tutoring. She was provided with more intellectually stimulating tasks during their sessions, including logic and reasoning exercises that she genuinely enjoyed. Diana’s approach involved creating open-ended tasks that not only captivated my daughter’s interest but also enriched her learning experience.

For my youngest child, a 5-year-old struggling with reading, Diana’s support was invaluable. My daughter’s struggles in this area were taking a toll on her self- esteem at school. Diana demonstrated a deep understanding of her needs and tailored her lessons accordingly. She developed effective strategies that guided my daughter through the learning process, resulting in a significant increase in her confidence. Today, my youngest is a voracious reader who eagerly embraces her school education. Diana’s dedication and expertise have had a profound impact on all three of my children’s educational journeys.”

Parent of Reading and Maths students

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