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"We were very pleased with Dharmesh. He always planned his sessions in advance and knew what he wanted to get out of every single session. He always challenged and pushed our son to do better. Overall we were absolutely happy with him and would wholeheartedly recommend him."

Father of 7+ scholarship student

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • Business Studies

  • Early Years

  • English

  • GCSE

  • Maths

Academic History

April 2015 – October 2016 – PGCE Maths Teacher Training

June 2011 – BA Hons Business Studies – 2.1 – University of East London

About Me

My approach as a seasoned tutor with a teaching background, is focused on developing a supportive and stimulating learning environment suited to each student’s particular requirements. I passionately believe in creating a welcoming and supportive environment where students can feel at ease asking questions and expressing their worries. I modify my teaching style and approaches in accordance with the unique learning preferences and styles of my pupils. Every student learns at their own rate, so flexibility is essential for effective tutoring.  Additionally, I am open to input from both parents and students and use it to continuously hone and enhance my teaching methods.

My ultimate goal as a tutor is to foster in my students a lifetime love of studying and critical thinking in addition to assisting them in understanding the material. I work hard to provide my pupils with the abilities and self-assurance they need to overcome obstacles and achieve academic success. I try to make tutoring an enriching, fruitful, and enjoyable undertaking by combining patience, understanding, and adaptation.

Recent tuition

I provide tuition for the following tests: UK School entrance exams: 7+, 10+, 11+, 13+ (including Wycombe Abbey, St Pauls Girls, London Consortium Schools, QE Boys, Henrietta Barnett Girls). Also, (I)GCSE Maths & Business Studies, USA School entrance exams: ELA, ISEE, SHSAT, SSAT USA and Regents Maths test. College entrance exams: SAT & ACT High School Diploma: GED.

7+ Preparation – Maths and English

I prepared a five year old student for her 7+ exam. Her father wanted M to improve her confidence in Maths and reading and also her enthusiasm for studying. M needed encouragement to build her confidence and clear feedback as she was someone who needed regular advice. The School she was at was not teaching her at the level she needed to be at to successfully sit the 7+ test. I focussed first on improving her timetables by playing a maths game and reading books such as Roald Dahl books. We then worked through the CGP books and past papers. She successfully received offers from Hampstead, NLCS and City Girls.

K-Grade 5 English, Maths and Phonics

In March, I worked at an elementary school in Brooklyn 2-3 days per week, teaching Maths, English and Phonics to 20-25 students. We covered the curriculum for these subjects and I also prepared them for their US standardised tests at this level (equivalent to UK SATS).

ISEE Preparation

I tutored two siblings for the lower and middle ISEE tests online. They were based in Saudi Arabia and English was not their first language. I ensured my lessons were clear and easy to follow while making the session fun. I worked through the ISEE sample tests with each student explaining each concept for Maths and English carefully. The students are now in the UK studying at a private school.

11+ Preparation- Maths, English and Reasoning

I tutored B for the 11+. He had recently failed his 10+ City Boys test, due to not having good exam technique. This had affected his confidence and his enthusiasm for sitting any more tests. I developed a rapport with him by discussing our passion for cricket which developed trust and a common understanding. We then discussed his mistake in his previous test and how we can overcome it by building good technique. As the student was a high learner, I worked through challenging textbooks such as Galore Park and past papers. I focussed on his accuracy, technique and speed. He successfully gained places at Mill Hill, UCS, and Wetherby.

GCSE Maths

I started tutoring M, a year 10 student in GCSE Maths who was in the lower set Mathematics group in her school. She was achieving low grade 3 and had no enthusiasm for Maths, as by nature she was more inclined to Art and English. I demonstrated in my first lesson that Maths is everywhere in nature and art by showing her videos. This helped her appreciate Maths and changed her opinion towards the subject. I was also informed that she did not have a good relationship with her Maths teacher so she was not motivated to try. I made the maths lesson relate to the real world where each lesson I would give an example of how each maths topic is practical in an aspect of life. I carefully scaffolded my lesson and modelled my answers which she would copy and then tackle the maths question set. Once I had covered all the topics she was struggling with, I shifted to the Maths past GCSE paper so she could get experience; I taught her to break the application questions into several steps instead of the one step that she was accustomed to. Eventually, she was able to develop her problem-solving to a high standard. She gained a grade 8 in her GCSE AQA Exam.

A Level Business Studies

I tutored S, an Edexcel A Level Business Studies student, in his second year studying at Bancroft Sixth Form. He had achieved a grade of D in his first year and was lacking in confidence, motivation and ideas on how to study Business Studies effectively. In my first lesson, I recognised he had a poor experience and relationship with Business Studies as the lessons were fast-paced and his teacher was changed twice in a year. I made a timetable of what topics we would cover, and how to tackle different styles of exam questions (in particular Analysis style questions) in our lessons. The structure of the plan, how the concept was taught and how I modelled exam answers, improved his ability rapidly and he was able to gain a Grade B in his exams which helped him gain a place in first choice university Brunel where he is now studying Finance and Management.


One of my greatest passions is running as it helps me to manage my physical health while pushing my boundaries. I have an interest in boxing and have taken classes to learn more about the sport. I enjoy watching and playing football and cricket in my free time, which allows me to unwind and connect with others. In addition to sports, I have a strong academic interest in history, philosophy, and religion. I am currently studying ancient Greek and Indian philosophies, which I find fascinating and enriching. I believe that having a broad knowledge of various subjects allows me to bring a unique perspective to my tutoring sessions and helps me connect with students on a deeper level.

I understand the importance of self-care and mindfulness, which is why I practise yoga regularly and incorporate mindfulness exercises into my daily routine. This helps me stay grounded and focused, which translates into my tutoring sessions.

I have a love for travel and exploring new cultures. I recently visited Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece, and I find that learning about different cultures and ways of life helps me bring a more global perspective to my tutoring.


“Over the eighteen-month period that Dharmesh tutored my daughter in maths and English, she made enormous improvements. He is able to connect with children in a very special way, resolve any issues they are struggling with quickly, and my daughter enjoyed her lessons with him so much that she actually looked forward to them. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

TV Journalist

“We were very pleased with Dharmesh. He always planned his sessions in advance and knew what he wanted to get out of every single session. He always challenged and pushed our son to do better. Overall we were absolutely happy with him and would wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Father of student who was accepted for a 7+ scholarship at Latymer Prep

“We started with Dharmesh less than three months before our son was due to sit an 8+ exam as an international transfer student to the UK (to help bridge the gap between the US system and the UK system). From the first lesson, Dharmesh helped identify where there were gaps in the existing syllabus and put together a solid program of how to address those gaps. Even though every class has been over Zoom, he has still been able to connect with our son and teach him new and challenging concepts. He always makes the classes fun and accessible and the logical progression allowed our son to build solid fundamentals. Even though Dharmesh only had a short time to work with our son, he was accepted into the school of our choice and we truly believe that is down to the work Dharmesh did with him. We have continued to have him tutor him twice a week since the exam and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We really cannot recommend Dharmesh highly enough!!”

Mother of student who passed 8+ entry to Harrodian School

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