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Daria has been represented by Simply Learning Tuition since 2013 and has worked with several of our clients on a long term basis, with particular success in 11+ Exam Preparation and with SEN students.

Simply Learning Tuition

  • 11+

  • English

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2007 -2010    Queen Mary, University of London

BA (Hons) in Drama and English (Second Upper Class)

June 2007       TEFL Certificate Course

2005 – 2007    Haileybury School (Scholarship in Drama)

International Baccalaureate: Higher English 5, Higher Philosophy 5, Higher Theatre Arts 6, Mathematics Methods 4, Spanish 4, Biology 5, Theory of Knowledge C

A-level: Russian A

2000 – 2005  Raphael Independent School

GCSE: Mathematics A, Science BB, English BB, Spanish A, Russian A*, Business Studies B, Drama A

About Me

My specialist subjects are English and Maths at primary level, including SEN support. I also teach Science, along with Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning for 11+.

Recent tuition

What follows is a selection of past students, representative of my experience.

I have previously worked with different primary schools around London as a tutor, mostly with small groups of children as well as one to one. I have also tutored private clients preparing for the 7+, 11+ and trying to catch up with school work if they have fallen behind.

Private Tuition:

English and Maths

This 7 year old student studies at an English school in Bali, where the family are based. He came over to the UK for three weeks in the Autumn and required some intensive daily tuition session because he had fallen behind at school. He often found it difficult to concentrate on one task, which made it hard for him to grasp how the times tables worked. I found that varying the activities and methods of learning helped him stay much more focused. By the end of the three weeks he knew his 2, 5, 10, 3 and 4 times tables and had started attempting time problems, which he had not been able to do in class. He also had trouble reading texts suitable for his age but found a phonics-based approach very helpful.

English and Maths

This student had recently come over from China to study at boarding school in the UK. She was on a half term break and needed some intensive tuition during her two weeks at home. She was very strong in maths but her limited English prevented her from being able to understand the questions she was asked a lot of the time. We did a lot of work on maths terminology, which helped her feel more confident. As English was a fairly new second language for her, she was understandably nervous about the subject so it was important to put her at her ease by choosing the correct reading level, engaging her with texts about subjects she found interesting and working on vocabulary and grammar through them.

English and Maths

Intensive tuition over a two week period with this student, who was staying in the UK for a couple of months. His family are from Saudi Arabia and they travel extensively so he has moved between several different schools. Consequently, he had quite large gaps in his knowledge within key areas so we focused on filling these.


Weekly catch up sessions with this 10 year old boy. He had mild hearing difficulties and recently moved to the UK from a school in Nigeria so has some gaps in his core mathematical knowledge. We were working through the Year 4 and Year 5 curriculums to fill these gaps. He has made excellent progress and after several months of tuition was on the same level as the rest of his class.


I worked with two brothers on a weekly basis for just over a year. One didn’t like Maths very much when we first started tuition so getting excited about learning new methods to help him with his class work was a priority. The other boy loved maths, was always looking for a new challenge and needed to be pushed beyond the work that he had done in class in order to keep him interested in the subject.

11+ Preparation

I have worked extensively with students preparing for the 11+ entrance exams, and have seen them go on to secure places at some of London’s top schools including City of London, St. Paul’s, Latymer, and Highgate.

I worked with this student for over a year leading up to her 11+ exams. She was a very enthusiastic and proactive student, but needed help in getting used to 11+ exam style questions and understanding what was being asked of her. She had never attempted Verbal or Non Verbal reasoning questions before and so found them more challenging. However she was very excited about learning new methods of dealing with the various types of questions she was likely to face. She was successful in gaining offers for Channing and Camden School for Girls, and is now happily attending at Camden.

I am working with this student in preparation for her 11+ exams to Highgate, Channing, City of London Girl’s and Camden School for Girls.

11+ group tuition

For the past two years I have provided regular holiday tuition to groups of students preparing for the 11+ exams. We focus on covering skills in English, maths and reasoning. These students are by majority applying to top schools in central and west London, as well as leading boarding schools in the UK.

SATS – English

I worked on a one-to-one basis with several students at an academy in South London to improve comprehension and writing skills, ahead of their SATs. Most of the students had some difficulties due to having English as a second language. The tuition sessions were mostly about improving their confidence and getting a better handle on grammar and spelling.

SEN Experience:

I have worked with a very wide range of disabilities, most of my experience is in working with children who have Autism, ADHD and those with ASD.

Most recently I have worked on a one to one basis with a five year old boy with ADHD in a mainstream school. We have worked on strategies to help him in the classroom as well as teaching maths and English to fill in the gaps in his knowledge.

This 6 year old student has ADHD so he was struggling to concentrate in a classroom environment and needed one to one help. He really enjoyed drawing so I found that if he could illustrate his maths and English work he could focus on it for longer periods of time and absorb more information.

This 5 year old student is autistic and I found that he responded a lot better to colourful maths puzzles that he could touch and explore. He was also very interested in dinosaurs, space and planets so choosing books on those subjects helped get him interested in reading.

This 5 year old has selective mutism. I found that giving him clear choices gave him the confidence to express himself and want to participate in activities with other children.

Hobbies and Interests

I surf, horse ride and play the ukulele.


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  • SEN Specialist