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"We have known Dalmeet in his professional capacity for 6 years. He helped my son who was struggling with learning and attention difficulties achieve A* in Maths at GCSEs. We were extremely happy with his services I would certainly recommend him."

Parent, GCSE Maths student

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Academic History

July 2014 to present Freelance Science Journalist (for the New York Times, the Guardian, the Observer, the Economist, the BBC, Nature, Science, and many more)

MSc Science Communication at Imperial College London: Merit (Graduated 2015)

BSc Biochemistry at University College London: 2:1 (Graduated 2012)

A Levels (Richmond Upon Thames College): Chemistry A, Biology A, Panjabi A, Mathematics + Statistics B, Physics (AS) B

GCSEs (Chiswick Community School): German A, Panjabi A, History A, Double Science B, B, Mathematics B, English Language B, English Literature B, Latin B, Religious Studies B

About Me

I specialise in GCSE/IGCSE maths and have taught it since 2011. My tutoring focuses heavily on exam techniques and methods using past papers for practice.

Often students don’t have enough practice on the material they cover in school, and I find that the best way to master GCSE/IGCSE mathematics is by practising past papers over and over again. Covering past papers is also a good indicator of where a student is and what their knowledge gaps are; identifying these knowledge gaps makes it easier to tailor lessons directly to students’ needs.

Recent tuition

GCSE Maths

Lucy, based in Belgravia, booked intensive lessons right before her exams. She booked three days of intensive lessons, including one day of eight hours. Lucy told me to assume she knew nothing and to cover each topic from scratch. She achieved an A*. Now, she’s studying at Brown University in the United States.


Katie, an online IGCSE Maths student based in Hertfordshire, took weekly lessons for around three months during which we focussed primarily on past papers and covered any knowledge gaps she had. She was a very bright student, and when she was able to complete past papers comfortably on her own and achieve very high grades, she decided she longer needed any more lessons. She achieved an A*.

GCSE Maths and Science

William, based in Wimbledon, wanted to do biology at university. But first, he had to do well in his science and maths GCSEs. William was very hard-working. We worked solidly in our weekly sessions for a whole academic year, after which William achieved straight A’s. He later got into the University of Southampton to study biology, and he also had offers from most of his other university choices.

GCSE Maths and Chemistry

Online student Anna had trouble with maths and chemistry at school, which she found to be her weakest subjects. She took weekly sessions from me for six months after which she was comfortably acing past papers in both subjects. By the end, she was completing past papers and marking them; in the lessons, we’d only cover what she got wrong. She achieved A*’s in both subjects.


Shyam was doing maths at Sevenoaks school and already acing all past papers even though he was only halfway through year 10. As a goal-orientated individual, however, Shyam knew there were more skills he wanted to acquire to put him ahead of the pack. He agreed with his father, a stockbroker, that he wanted an additional maths GCSE from the exam board WJEC, which his school did not offer. I taught him 75% of the syllabus (the core material plus statistics). A different tutor taught the remaining 25% of the syllabus, which focussed on mechanics. We did lessons for around seven months. He comfortably achieved an A*.


Matthew had struggled at maths from a very young age and never achieved over an E in his whole life. To go to the university he wanted, he had to have at least a C grade in maths. Because of his dyslexia, Matthew struggled with maths and really didn’t enjoy it. I found that cracking jokes and talking about his interests really helped him. We worked very hard for one year and four months, after which Matthew was comfortably achieving B’s. We carried on pushing Matthew and he came out of his exams confidently telling me he achieved at least a B. He was correct. His family, full of artists, were ecstatic. Matthew is now studying men’s fashion at the university of his choice.

IB Maths

I tutored a student based in Wimbledon for his IB Maths. We covered all knowledge gaps he had and I made sure he was confident in all aspects of the course. He was very satisfied with what we covered together and ended up doing well in his final exam. He then went on to study biology at University, which is what he wanted to do.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy reading, going on adventures and exploring new places as I love to learn new things every day. In my leisure time, I like to play football and badminton, which helps me mentally as well as physically.


“Dalmeet taught math to my son Mathew, who is dyslexic. As a consequence, Mathew did really well in his GCSEs. Dalmeet also spent some time with Mathew’s older brother, Jakob, as he was taking A Level Maths and he got into Imperial. Mathew is now starting his second year at UAL CSM Men’s Fashion, he’s more the creative, arty type, and certainly struggled with Maths, and yet Dalmeet was really talented and determined to get Mathew motivated, plus they had a lot fun together, I used to hear a lot of laughter and high-fives, and good test results.”

Parent of GCSE Maths and A Level students

“I learnt more in the last two days than in two months in school.”

GCSE Maths student, who attended a two-day online intensive revision course I ran

“We have known Dalmeet in his professional capacity for 6 years. He helped my son who was struggling with learning and attention difficulties achieve A* in Maths at GCSEs. We were extremely happy with his services and I would certainly recommend him.”

Parent of GCSE Maths student

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