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‘Claire is a fantastic maths tutor. Our son has improved a lot and trusts Claire. He regularly gets A* in maths in a highly academic school. We have hired Claire for this whole academic year and if possible, to help our son prepare for his Maths A-Level next year because she is extremely reliable, punctual, professional, responsible and organised.’

GCSE Maths Tuition

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Academic History

2011-2012 PGCE: Teach First, Mathematics, Institute of Education

2008- 2011 Undergraduate: Materials Science and Engineering, BEng, 2.1, Imperial College London

2006-2008 A-Level: Mathematics (A), Physics, Biology, Geography. Scholarship achieved for International School (Spain) at A-Level

2004-2008 GCSE: 7 A*s (including English and Maths) and 2 A grades.

About Me

I specialise in teaching Mathematics. Having grown up in Yorkshire, I completed my secondary education in Spain where I received a scholarship to study Maths, Physics, Biology and Geography A-Levels at The Lady Elizabeth School. I then graduated from Imperial College in 2011 with an Engineering degree and I am currently in my eighth year of tutoring, exam marking and teaching Mathematics. I am currently a full time tutor and GCSE examiner but have previously been the Lead of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics, a Head of Year 12, a Key Stage 5 Mathematics Coordinator and a Key Stage 5 Guidance and Extended Studies Coordinator focusing on Oxbridge applications and the Extended Project Qualification. My most recent teaching position was at St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith.

My experience as a tutor, exam marker and a teacher over the last eight years has given me many of the skills necessary to successfully tutor students of all ages alongside allowing me to further my commitment in providing all students with the opportunities they require to succeed.

One of my primary responsibilities is the social and physical well-being of my students. I use my character and personality to respond to the needs of pupils and I have a holistic view of my students which allows me to tailor any mentoring or intervention that I put in place. I have an amazing relationship with all of my pupils with them consistently discovering that Maths is indeed their favourite subject!

Recent tuition

I qualified as an outstanding teacher through the internationally renowned and highly competitive Teach First scheme. It was here that I discovered my enjoyment of teaching, particularly when my students consistently achieved higher grades than anticipated. In the past few years I have focused on assisting high performing students through my various roles, one being the Gifted and Talented coordinator focusing on Oxbridge applications and Extended Project Qualifications. My previous teaching role as Lead of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics focused on ensuring that an excellent standard of teaching and learning was maintained not only in the Mathematics department but across the school.

Throughout all of these roles and from my extensive tutoring and examiner experience, I have discovered that I most enjoy teaching on a one to one basis where I can really begin to understand a child and their learning ability, habits and misconceptions. Being able to form an individual and unique relationship with each of my students is something that I find extremely rewarding.

Case studies of recent students –

I have tutored an 11+ student who was a naturally gifted mathematician although surprisingly not methodical in her approaches when necessary. We initially started to work on topics such as shape and time, which she struggled with, and then progressed onto strategies to approach questions which required her to be disciplined and precise in her working and layout. I also identified that all the ‘silly mistakes’ she made were in the first ‘easier’ 80% of the paper, and using engagement techniques to motivate no ‘silly mistakes’, she was soon getting full marks in the first 80% of the paper. This, alongside keen communication with parents and past paper guidance and timetabling meant that she was able to achieve entry to all the schools that she applied for.

I have tutored a Year 12 student taking AS Level mathematics who achieved a B grade at IGCSE. The initial aim of the sessions was to ensure that the student passed a mathematics test which would allow them to continue the AS Level course (since they did not get the usual required A or A* IGCSE grade). After this was passed, the objective was to ensure his smooth progression through the rest of the syllabus. Since the learner was reluctant to undertaken his own revision, the sessions needed to be engaging so that he began to enjoy mathematics and would want to revise outside of tutorials. Through my personality and positive relationship with the student, he began to see the value of studying and enjoy the high level mathematics that he was learning.

I have tutored multiple Year 10 and 11 students who have been aiming for A* grades at GCSE and IGCSE. Although these students were naturally gifted, they perhaps did not revise as much as they could have. This meant that the aims of the sessions were to really push the academic ability beyond a methodical learning technique. It was here that using my knowledge of the syllabus, experience as a GCSE examiner and also how to best scaffold and guide complex problem solving questions, delving into the skills required at A Level, I was able to ensure top results were achieved. Alongside the outstanding grades, the students were then also able to perform extremely well at their chosen A Level subjects, which for some included further mathematics.

I have tutored an adult learner who wanted to take GCSE mathematics in order to facilitate a late career change. The student lacked a lot of confidence and by using my friendly and approachable character, I was able to reassure her and regain her belief in her mathematical skills. By constantly assessing her strengths and weaknesses, I could then make a unique and detailed plan of what would need to be covered in our sessions. I also guided her through evaluating and getting the most out of her home learning in order to achieve the pass mark she needed.

I have tutored a young female athlete GCSE Statistics who was only receiving one lesson a week in school. She was a very capable student in GCSE mathematics, but due to the nature of the statistics GCSE course and it being slightly more definition based, she needed extra guidance on her study skills, which also needed to fit around her demanding training schedule. By getting to know her unique learning style and habits, alongside connecting with her through our mutual love of sport, she was able to fly through the course alongside maintaining her other commitments.

I have tutored online, an AS student through his exam periods. By initially focusing on individual topics within the AS specification and then once mastery of those topics were achieved, we moved onto challenging exam questions to ensure that he was able to answer A grade questions. I was able to build a great rapport with the student and this enabled him to improve significantly on his own communication skills in general and around mathematics itself, something vital for university interviews.

I have tutored online, an A2 student through his exam periods. By initially focusing on his retakes in some of his AS modules, we eventually moved onto his A2 modules. I quickly identified that he made silly mistakes by rushing, not reading questions properly and overcomplicating easier questions. By addressing these in the appropriate way, he was quickly able to tackle all AS problems that he had been struggling with and then eventually A2 topics.

I have tutored online, an international student through their 16+ entry exams to ensure that they achieved the required grade to attend Sixth Form in England. We focused on a set scheme of work which covered all areas of the IGCSE syllabus since her school wasn’t covering all areas required, including the problem solving elements, many 16+ exams contain.

I have tutored online, multiple students through the 13+ entry exams in order to gain places at England boarding schools, including one gaining an academic scholarship. Through intensive sessions, we covered all areas examined, focusing on the mastering the methods first and then moving onto typical exam questions, including problem solving, for each area.

I have a tutored a Year 11 student the Additional Maths qualification as he was only receiving once a week lunchtime tutorials. I set up a detailed scheme of work, to compliment his IGCSE Maths that I was also tutoring him for, which included both teaching time and consolidation practice. The student lacked some basic algebra knowledge which I quickly identified and rectified. Following on from this, silly mistakes were the main issue which we worked on by using varying strategies that did not rely on the prompting of myself to alert him to the error.

I have tutored a Year 9 student who was an intelligent and methodical mathematician but he struggled with worded problems. We worked through content from his school work that he struggled with, often introducing GCSE exam questions. I consistently focused on improving his approach to worded problems by breaking down keywords and encouraging his own note taking style of a question. He rapidly improved and worded questions were no longer an issue.

I have tutored a mature student successfully through the maths requirements for the Sandhurst Officer tests (AOSB). We focused on the quantitative reasoning tests, developing tricks to increase the speed at which they could answer speed distance time questions. We also worked on ways to present their planning exercises solutions.

I have tutored a mature student successfully through the numeracy skills tests for teacher training. We focused on making sure she knew the appropriate tricks to be able to answer the mental maths sections quickly and calmly. We also worked on ensuring her familiarity with the electronic format of the test and the written arithmetic and data areas needed by practicing with multiple resources I made available.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy participating in a range of sports activities in my free time from netball and cycling to skiing and volleyball. I also really enjoy reading a good book, ranging from historical fiction to dystopian thrillers.

Client Testimonials

‘Claire is a fantastic maths tutor. Our son has improved a lot and trusts Claire. He regularly gets A* in maths in a highly academic school. We have hired Claire for this whole academic year and if possible, to help our son prepare for his Maths A-Level next year because she is extremely reliable, punctual, professional, responsible and organised.’ -GCSE student

‘Claire has a lot of patience and understanding which enables me to learn maths at a pace that is suitable for me. Claire’s passion for teaching mathematics gives me the incentive to learn more about mathematics.’ -GCSE adult learner

‘My son achieved an A* in his mathematics this term. The level is very very high in his school and this is a great achievement. We think that Claire has contributed greatly to this, because she is teaching him so well and helping him to work out maths problems in a very clear way. We think she is a fabulous teacher!’ -IGCSE student

‘Thank you so much for your kindness and teaching Claire. Our daughter had a comment added regarding her maths section on her 13+ entrance exam: ‘She performed very well across the paper. There were no gaps in her knowledge and her algebra and number work were outstanding. Her problem solving was also strong.’’ -13+ student (online)

‘She thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with you and although she was poorly, she was happy to carry on with the classes. She told me she misses your teaching and would really love to have you back! I hope you don’t mind us requesting you again and hope you’ll be able to take her back on, if that’s needed in the future after her exams. Once again thank you so much for your support, much appreciated. She feels that she has learnt a lot from your classes!’ -13+ student (online)

‘Claire has been tutoring our daughter, an A-level student. Once weekly lessons are delivered online as we live outside the UK. We are really impressed by her tutoring style, organization, and explanations which are very helpful for our daughter. She always contacts two days before the lesson to agree on the topic. Claire also provides email support as and when required. We are hoping to continue this tutoring until June 2019 when our daughter will complete her A-levels. We would highly recommend Claire for mathematics tutoring to any A-level student.’ -A Level student (online)

‘Teachers like you are very rare & difficult to find! Take care of yourself & good luck for the future!’ -Additional Maths student

‘Many thanks Claire for your marvellous lessons, and for helping our son so much. He loves Maths, partly to you. We will miss you, and wish you every success in both, your professional and personal life.’ -IGCSE student (online)

‘Claire’s online sessions were certainly most enjoyable and enhancing! The fast-paced learning style resulted in my massive progress over the short course of a week. The prep set for me were effective, ultimately improving my arithmetic ability and enhancing my question processing skills! Claire’s patience and guidance make the sessions much more interesting and joyful to take part, I hope to have more sessions with her in the future!’ -Year 9 student (online)

‘Claire is a fantastic tutor, friendly and positive. Claire quickly built up a rapport with my daughter which was great, as initially she was a little nervous at the prospect of working with a stranger online. Lessons with Claire are fun and highly productive. My daughter’s maths improved very quickly to the point that she was considerably ahead of her year, and had gained the confidence to use her mental arithmetic skills where before she was afraid of being incorrect.’ -IGCSE student (online)

‘My son fell seriously ill less than three months before the IGCSE exams took place.  His school kindly arranged a scribe for him.  Claire is a very experienced and professional Maths tutor.  Apart from revising the syllabuses with my son, she was very patient in practicing as a scribe for him so that he can get used to the arrangement as soon as possible.  As a result, my son got the highest attainable grade both in Maths and Additional Maths.  We can’t thank Claire more for her kind support and guidance during our son’s most difficult period in life thus far.’ -IGCSE student (online)

‘I got an 8 in Maths and an A in Further Maths, overall I’m really satisfied, these were the results I was gunning for. Thanks Claire, I couldn’t have done it without you!’ -IGCSE student (online)

‘Claire helped our son achieve a Grade 8 result in IGCSE Mathematics this summer 2018. Her thoroughness and drive raised his enthusiasm for the subject immensely. Claire is totally reliable and committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for her students and matches their learning needs with an understanding of their temperament and personality. Our son was full of praise for his experience of being taught by Claire and will now be going on to study Maths in the Sixth Form. Thank you so much Claire, he wouldn’t have done it without you!’ -IGCSE student

‘Claire tutored my daughter through her AS and A Level Maths. After having tried a few different tutors, Claire immediately found a method of teaching that suited my daughter perfectly. My daughter got a grade that all of us were very proud of and that without Claire’s tutoring, she definitely wouldn’t have got. I’ve asked Claire to now tutor my other daughter for her GCSE Maths. Thank you Claire.’ -A Level student

‘Claire helped my daughter with Maths exam technique at 11+ and we found her work outstanding. Claire’s preparation and the extent of her material was impressive and her high standards consistent at every lesson as well as her focus on the areas of improvement. The results were very good, highly recommended!’ -11+ student

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