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“M has been making great progress with his composition and comprehension and I really can't believe how confident he is now in tackling these areas. Christine has been brilliant in bringing out the best in him and giving him the confidence that he needed to deal with in particular comprehension.”.

Mrs N, 7+ Exam Preparation Tuition

  • 11+

  • 7+/8+

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • History

  • Maths

  • Science

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2002-2003, Institute of Education, University of London, PGCE

1995-1998, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, BA (Hons) Geography and Development Studies 2.1

1987-1994, Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School, Canterbury

A-Level Geography (C), Physics (D), English Literature (C); (extenuating circumstances)

AS-Level Maths (B), Economics (A)

GCSE English Literature (A), English Language (A), Maths (A),

Science Double Award (A, A), Geography (A), History (A), German (A), French    (A), Ancient Greek (B)

About Me

My patient, calm, approachable demeanour is what clients say makes me a good tutor, especially combined with vast, diverse experience leaving me with endless ideas for explaining varied topics in an understandable way.  Additionally, students respond positively to the fact I clearly enjoy working with them – nothing is better than helping someone to achieve their goals or to watch the moment when a concept they have found difficult finally becomes clear!

While I have worked with all ages, abilities and confidence levels, I specialise in working with anyone who finds their learning difficult. This could be from being new to English, or academic English; having a specific learning need (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, or being on the ASD spectrum) or simply from having anxiety about study or exams. I have also worked with students who have Sensory Processing disorders, this has varied from students who are unable to cope with routine changes, noise above a certain level or particular textures, or students where it is barely noticeable.  Whether challenging a high achiever to extend their expectations, or supporting someone who has previously had difficult experiences of learning, I find it important to create an open, positive, enjoyable learning environment to enable the student to feel confident to try new things, being unafraid to learn from mistakes along the way.

As a qualified and very experienced primary school teacher with extensive in-depth subject knowledge, I am able to tutor across the curriculum from pre-school up to Year 9. Beyond this, I tutor English to A Level and Maths to GCSE, including working to help prepare adults returning to study.

Additionally, I tutor several subjects to degree level, depending on exact topics: Geography, History, Sociology, Politics, Religion and Education Studies are all included. I am also able to support the development of a high standard of academic writing in a broad range of fields.

Recent tuition

Current students include:

4 year old girl, who had no English when we began working together last year. Now exceeding expectations in school in all subjects and confident communicating in English.

Year 1 student, summer-born and with possible dyslexia, supported in English and Maths.

Year 4 girl with English as her third language, supported in English and Maths development.

Year 5 girl, with English as her second language, supported to prepare for 11+ in English and Verbal Reasoning.

Year 6 & 8 girls, one with ASD, who I have worked with since they were 4 & 6 years old and had no English. First two years were spent as their governess focusing on English, etiquette and social skills development; later weekly support with 11+ and now supporting transition from International Baccalaureate to UK curriculum, particularly in Maths.

Year 7 boy, with severe anxiety, supported through 13+ pre-tests and continuing to work on supporting exam technique in English and Maths to prepare for Common Entrance expectations.

Year 7 boy, with ASD and English as his third language, supported through 13+ pre-tests and continuing to work on developing essay writing and exam technique in English, Geography and History to meet Common Entrance expectations.

Year 11 girl, with ASD, anxiety and English as an additional language, supported with full curriculum learning and developing study skills in preparation for GCSEs, currently predicted to achieve 8 GCSEs at grade 5-8.

Notable previous students include:

6 year old boy, with ASD and dyslexia home school support, focusing on English and Maths development. Over a year’s progress in reading and writing achieved in 6 months, together with significant progress in confidence and support given to successfully transition into specialist school.

9 year old exceptionally able boy with severe anxiety home schooled (as part of a team). Focus on English and Maths development and extension. Assisted with transition back into school.

8 year old boy supported to transition from Australian to UK curriculum. Two years progress in UK curriculum attainment levels achieved in one year.

10 year old girl, with English as an additional language, ASD and previous disrupted international education, improved from below to above expectations in English and Maths in 18 months.

10 year old boy supported to successfully prepare for City and Highgate 11+ English, from starting point of below age expectations, over 18 months.

10 year old girl supported to successfully prepare for Highgate 11+ Maths, English and Reasoning, from starting point of below age expectations, over 2 years.

Year 11 boy, with ASD, prepared for GCSE English Literature and Language. Grades improved from 4 to 7 (C to A) in 6 months.

Year 13 girl supported in A-Level English Literature and Sociology. Grade improved from D to B in both subjects in 6 months.

Supported two adults with English as an additional language, preparing for GCSE English Language. Grades improved from D to B and C to A in five months.

Academic writing support for an undergraduate student, for whom English is a second language, in Sociology and Development Studies degree: 2.1 achieved.

Successful entrance school students:

7+ University College School, Haberdasher’s Aske’s, Highgate, Dulwich Prep

11+ Highgate, North London Collegiate, City of London (10+ and 11+), City of London Girls, Westminster, Henrietta Barnett, Francis Holland, Queen’s College, Queen’s Gate, Channing School, London Nautical, Latymer School Edmonton, Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet, Kent Test

I ran oversubscribed small group classes in schools for Kent Test and North London selection 11+ exams in schools for 4 years in total. Maintained 75% average success rate, including many to the most selective local schools.

13+ North Bridge School, Wetherby, Mill Hill

All qualifications successfully tutored towards:

GCSE: Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science (Double Award), History, Geography, RE

IGCSE: English Language, English Literature

AS-Level: Psychology (AQA), Economics (AQA)

A-Level: English Literature (OCR Hamlet, Gothic), Sociology (AQA), History (OCR Cold War in Europe, Civil Rights in the USA),

Functional Skills Entry Level 3, Level 1, Level 2 Maths, English

Diploma in Childcare and Education

BA Sociology and Development Studies

BA Education Studies

Hobbies and Interests

I am, and always have been, an avid reader, so my favourite activity is to curl up with a fascinating and engaging book in a cosy corner, although a seat on the tube is a just as effective! Recent reads have included Amy Tan, George Orwell, Anne Rice, Bill Bryson and a book on attachment theory in Psychology. I also particularly enjoy visits to the theatre and exhibitions.

The recent theatre visits has been especially enjoyable with Glenda Jackson’s King Lear, a return to 1984, the Hackney Empire subverting pantomime traditions and the wide and outstanding selection broadcast by NT Live enabling me to enjoy performances I could not otherwise attend.

When possible, I enjoy travelling to varied destinations to explore exhibitions, museums, culture and language. Over the past couple of years this has included many places in France, Germany and Italy, both returning to old favourites and discovering new locations. In the near future I hope to finally make a long anticipated trip to East Africa.

I have recently taken up yoga and hope to shortly return to Tai Chi as well. I enjoy walks exploring the countryside, coast and cities and as a result have found many new interesting and beautiful places in locations I thought I knew well.

While I have no children of my own, I am a very involved aunt and often spend extended periods of time with my nieces and nephew sharing their hobbies and interests – as diverse as horse-riding, ballet, science experiments, language learning and comparison, adventure and imaginative play, huge Lego constructions, football and dinosaur discovery: I always learn a lot from time with them!

Client Testimonials

“I am delighted at A’s rapid progress in English – it has really helped her make friends in school and her teachers are so impressed with her development that they assumed she had daily support and were shocked to learn she has just 2 lessons a week! A really looks forward to Christine’s lessons and misses her when we are away.” VG (mother of 4 year old girl new to English)

“M has been making great progress with his composition and comprehension and I really can’t believe how confident he is now in tackling these areas. Christine has been brilliant in bringing out the best in him and giving him the confidence that he needed to deal with in particular comprehension.”. Mother of male 7+ student 2018

“I was delighted Christine was available again when we returned to London – my daughters thrived both academically and in their overall development from her combination of calm patience, high expectations and useful advice to help me support their learning at home. We missed working with her!” TL

“After just a short time I was able to see the improvement in both girls. This is reflected in their results and reports from school as well as their increased confidence in tackling homework. They look forward to her lessons and clearly enjoy them.” KM

“Christine’s patience transformed our son’s approach to his writing and comprehension leading to a number of successful 11+ exams, which we had feared was impossible! The new writing habits she instilled in him have continued and contributed to his fantastic success at GCSE and A Level. We were delighted she was available again for our youngest daughter. Christine successfully helped her to refine her writing style and coax her out of her anxiety towards Maths, leading to her successfully following her brother to Highgate. My daughter even recommended Christine to her friend as being kind and making the 11+ much easier to do!” NM

“In just a few lessons, my understanding of my course greatly improved because Christine helped me to target my writing more carefully to answer exactly what the exam questions asked. She is very kind, patient and clear in her explanations and I just wish I met her earlier in my course!” EM (Adult Learner of GCSE English)

“H is in Year 12 this year. He has turned into a terrific student and has great study habits. I always credit his turnaround and confidence as a learner to your marvellous tutoring.” ML (Year 4 & 5 tutoring, two year period)

  • Qualified Teacher

  • SEN Specialist