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"Callum was fantastic, I cannot recommend him highly enough. He worked brilliantly with my son. Callum included games and some laptop work during the sessions which helped break-up the hour long session and kept my son interested. I could not have wished for a more successful tutor/student relationship."

Parent of 7+ student

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • 7+/8+

  • A Level

  • English

  • GCSE

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2012-2013, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA Acting (Distinction)

2008-20011, University of Sussex, BA (Hons) Drama and English (2:1)

2003 – 2008, Southbank International School, IB (34 points)

About Me

I have been tutoring regularly for over five years now and have worked with students aged 7 – 16, primarily in English but also Drama, History, Maths and Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning. I have tutored students who have required at home learning, GCSE revision, as well as for 7+, 11+ and 13+ examination preparation with several achieving the required results to get into their desired schools such as Marlborough College, City of London Boys, The Perse, Highgate, Bancroft’s, Chigwell and Forest.

I use many of the skills I’ve developed through working in the theatre when teaching, and place an emphasis on developing a strong connection with my students in order to maximise the amount of work we can do together. Developing a personable relationship with my students is key to my approach in tutoring one to one, after this I help to build confidence in specific areas through a flexible, open approach and adopting a sense of play in the work we do together.

I place a great emphasis on making each session with my students enjoyable as well as educational. I create a plan to aid my students in working towards a particular goal over the course of our sessions, whether that is for an entrance exam to a new school or simply improving a certain area in their study.

Over the course of my sessions I seek to add short term goals along the way and work with a sense of creativity and play. Based on my background in the theatre I have learnt a great deal on the importance of motivating individuals within a group towards a common goal. The results in my students are often a new found appreciation for the subject they previously did not enjoy and improved levels of confidence.

Recent tuition

I have over 100 hours of tutoring experience, please find a snapshot of my experience below.

7+ Exam Preparation, English and Maths and Study Skills

I began working with Bobby to prepare him for 7+ and if required, 8+ examinations. Over the course of a year we worked on various subjects including literacy, numeracy, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Bobby showed clear improvements in each of these subjects over the course of our sessions. When we began, he struggled with basic reading and writing and was unable to recount any of his times tables. By the end of our year working together all of these areas were greatly improved as well as his general confidence in own abilities which often got in the way of his learning. He gained a place in Northcote Lodge.

Age 10 English, Maths and Study Skills – The Family School London (SEN)

Amaan was a high risk student who had been out of mainstream education since he was 6 years old and was now 10 years old. He suffered from severe anxiety and aggression issues. I worked one on one with him over a period of nine months and oversaw his gradual integration back into mainstream education. I worked with him on focus and breathing exercises to alleviate his panic attacks and anger. I inspired him to be more conscious of his actions and to conduct his work independently and diligently to work towards the goal of mainstream school on a full time basis. These included boosting his confidence in English and Maths, largely through creative writing exercises.

11+ English Comprehension, Analysis and Exam Preparation

Kiva struggled with handwriting and comprehension, as well as in his analysis of text and creative writing. Over the course of the six months that we worked together his grade moved up significantly from a low C to an A. We worked intensely on PEE (Point, Evidence and Explanation) and comprehensions and on how best to approach textual analysis in exam scenarios. Kiva’s main improvement came as a result of an increased level of focus and interest in the work we were doing. He attended Devonshire House School.

13+ Common Entrance English and Homework Support/Study Skills

Jules struggled in focusing for long periods and didn’t like writing and reading in English. His mother tongue was French and although fluent and possessing very strong analytical skills in English, he lacked confidence in his own ability and often gave up. We worked together over the course of a year. Our sessions included creative writing, comprehension, PEE, speech writing, letters, structure and poetry. As well as this we worked on improving his focus, confidence and belief in himself when approaching English. Jules went from a predicted C in English to an A and gained entry into Marlborough College.

GCSE English (Dyslexia)

I started working with Dylan while he was in Year 10 and he was struggling with English due to his dyslexia. He finds the subject very difficult and so can get easily frustrated. I break things down for Dylan in different ways that work better for him, meaning his confidence has grown and he is reaching his full potential. I am excited to see how he continues to grow.

GCSE Exam Preparation, English, Maths and Study Skills (SEN)

Jazzy was very shy and had particular SEN learning requirements which meant that he took longer to complete assignments and wasn’t especially confident when doing so. We worked on past papers during our sessions to improve his speed and confidence in exam scenarios. Wee also focused on creative writing assignments which helped him express himself more openly. After a year of working together Jazzy felt far more confident in his abilities and had vastly improved in algebra, word problems and factorisation.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of tutoring I’m very passionate about theatre and performance with many of my interests focusing on theatre and film. I’m also an avid football fan and player as well as having a strong interest in distance running and swimming.

Client Testimonials

“Callum worked with my son Jules as an English tutor for approximately 18 months in the lead up to his Common Entrance exams for Marlborough College. Callum was able to make a connection with Jules and put a lot of thought and preparation into each session and adapted the content to keep it interesting for him. Despite quite a lot of initial resistance to doing any additional English work, my son soon looked forward to his sessions with Callum and I am happy to say he not only passed his Common Entrance exams but achieved a much better result than he thought possible. I have no doubt that Callum’s input and consistency were key factors in helping Jules to achieve such a great result. I have no hesitation to recommend Callum as a tutor to anyone who is looking for educational support for their child.”

Parent of Common Entrance student

“Callum worked with my 11-year-old son Freddy over the course of two years to prepare him for his 11+ exams. Callum built up a successful working relationship with Freddy which enabled them to work extensively on his 11+ exam technique in English and Maths, as well as helping to build up Freddy’s confidence in his creative writing skills. Freddy significantly improved in all of these areas as a result of Callum’s teaching and was eventually accepted into both Forest and Bancroft’s as a result of their sessions together. I would strongly recommend Callum as a tutor.”

Parent of 11+ student

“Callum has been tutoring my son Dylan in English for 5 months and I can highly recommend him. Dylan is in Year 10 and dyslexic, so does not find the subject easy. Callum is extremely patient, explaining the different aspects of the curriculum in a way that Dylan can grasp, enabling him to reach his full potential. Dylan is much more confident now and feels he can rise to the challenge of the GCSE with Callum’s help and hopefully do well.”

Parent of Year 10 English student

  • Fully Vetted

  • SEN Specialist