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Caitlin F

"Caitlin was well prepared for each lesson and provided helpful summaries of topics covered and suggestions on areas to focus on. Our son enjoyed the sessions with Caitlin and was able to improve his performance across a number of topics with the help of her targeted support and advice. I am delighted to recommend Caitlin."

Year 6 parent (Eton Test, English, Maths, Reasoning & Creative Writing)

  • 11+

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  • Early Years

  • English

  • ISEB

  • Maths

Academic History

University of Oxford, Post Graduate Certificate in Psychodynamic Studies (current)

Richmond American International University in London, Psychology and Combined Studies BA (Hons), First Class

About Me

My approach to tutoring varies depending on the tutees I have. Generally, I aim to create a warm environment where the child is pushed but feels comfortable to get things wrong, as long as they try. I use the socratic method so that I can assess the child’s current level of knowledge and then build upon it using tougher questions. I use exam questions to begin a session, get an idea of their level of knowledge, then I teach them the relevant vocabulary/method, work through example questions, before supporting them in doing it themselves, ideally finishing on more independent work. During in-person sessions, I use a whiteboard and get the child to make notes that are easy for them to access and read after the lesson. Online, I use Micro to do the same thing. I find images, drawings and mind maps to work best with the children aged 6-11.

Given the gap of learning that many of these children experienced during the pandemic, I tend to find that when preparing for the 11+ the child generally knows parts of the subjects but needs to it to be re-explained and taught so that they feel confident. It’s important that my style is fun and light so that they don’t get bored by the process of revisiting a topic they have likely already covered/partially covered in school. With subjects such as creative writing and English, scaffolding is important – and more so with students that have special educational needs. I feel I can confidently find a balance with children by supporting and guiding them without over-supporting and missing the opportunity for growth. For some of my clients, the only aim was for them to enjoy learning again, after being bullied at school or struggling to fit into the classroom dynamics post-Covid. I have found that being patient and positive generally has impacted my tutoring style with all clients regardless of their immediate aims in tutoring.

Recent tuition

Governess to young children – English, Maths and Art

I have worked as a nanny and governess to several young children. As part of this particular role, I taught the early years and pre-prep curriculum in Maths and English, as well as engaging them in many fun and creative activities. This included extensive experience with arts and crafts, as well as playing educational games to keep the children engaged and learning effectively.

Homeschooling English and Maths (Aged 4 and 6)

I tutored two Turkish siblings during the first lockdown for five days per week from 9am-5pm for three months. The brother attended Garden House and the sister, Fulham Prep. During those three months, we covered the whole UK curriculum, I created a fun structure for the 4 year old and introduced lots of new activities to keep up their engagement, including arts, crafts and games. When they both went back to school, the 4 year old was very nervous but quickly adapted and was in the top of her class. She managed to keep up her focus and progress was very positive.

8+ Maths and English

One of the students I am currently working with is in Year 4 – I have worked with the family for a year. We have been working together on English and Maths, preparing for 8+ exams. I made sure that I had his school curriculum (the child was working above average for his year group) so that we could make sure he was always ahead. My work with him also included exam skills as he was working towards an assured place and scholarship for Year 4. He has now achieved this goal. Given his age, I made sure that our classes were always well structured and included fun activities as well as independent tasks.

I also tutor his twin sister – her school is not working to the same level in Maths & English, and her confidence is far lower. I adapt my sessions very differently for the two siblings.

ISEB and Eton Prep Test

I tutored B (10 years old) in all subjects for the ISEB and Eton Prep Test for nine months. B had dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. The main focus of our sessions was exam technique and spelling. Due to his SEN needs, I adapted the techniques I was tutoring to make use of the extra allowances he had for the exams. I also coached this child through interview preparation for Eton. B successfully passed the entrance exams to Westminster Boys School and Eton College.

Year 4 CATs and scholarship exams

E is a Year 4 student I have been working with for the last year, aiming towards an assured place at Hampton School. Our focus has been on Maths. E is working around two years ahead of the National Curriculum. For E, it’s been important to keep topics varied and fun as he is being pushed hard academically. I use varying learning materials from mental maths booklets, games online, mock tests to songs on times tables. After his CAT tests and internal exams he successfully gained an assured place and is now working towards the scholarship exams.

Year 5 English and Creative Writing

A is a Year 5 student with Asperger’s syndrome who I work with on English and Creative Writing. Our creative writing sessions involve scaffolding, in which I give A a solid foundation of where we are working from, and over time, through the session or following sessions, I take a step back and give A more independence. During our first sessions, A needed a parent sitting with her in order to re-focus her every ten minutes and could not be left alone. After five months, she is able to sit independently and is excited by our sessions.

11+ Reasoning and exam technique

H was a Year 5 student I tutored for St Pauls and Westminster 11+ entry. Our key focus was on Non-Verbal Reasoning, with an emphasis on exam technique and methods for tripartite questions. H came from scoring a SAS score of 107 to 135 in the space of six months. He successfully gained entry to both schools applied for.

11+ English, Maths, Reasoning

I tutored R (10 years old) in all 11+ subjects for the CEM exams, over a 6 month period. R came to me scoring a Standardised Age Score under 100 (aim was 125+). Our main focus was on exam technique and timing, so I got very creative in ways to slow the student down and structure her methods. R passed the 11+ exams to get into the school of her choice and went from a score of 97 to 132 in a very short period of time.

Hobbies and Interests

My interests academically are in Psychology – I am currently studying to become a Psychodynamic Therapist at the University of Oxford, and I am very interested in all topics associated with personal development and behavioural science. I think a key part of my enjoyment of this is the awareness of how the subject shows up in all of my interactions with people.

My hobbies include reading, yoga and music. I was trained in classical singing and flute during school so this is something I still occasionally do. I find both reading and yoga are great hobbies to have as downtime from a fairly intellectual job and Masters degree.


“Caitlin has been extremely helpful and supportive as we navigate our child’s SEN diagnosis. Her patience and understanding for our eldest has helped her to make real progress into year 4.”

Parent of Year 4 student (Creative Writing & English)

“My daughter has been working with Caitlin for a couple of months as we prepare for the 11+ exams next year. Caitlin is always well prepared for the lessons and communicates all the stages she is working through with us as parents. Our daughter has found the work enjoyable, she is excited to attend her lessons and keen to learn more. She has begun to make improvements in her understanding already. I am very happy to recommend Caitlin.”

Parent of Year 5 student (11+ subjects)

“Our son has been working with Caitlin for 5 months in preparation for the ISEB pre test and 11+ exams. Caitlin is well prepared for each lesson and provided helpful summaries of topics covered and suggestions on areas to focus on. Our son enjoys the sessions with Caitlin and was able to improve his performance across a number of topics with the help of her targeted support and advice. I am delighted to recommend Caitlin.”

Parent of Year 6 Parent (Eton Test, English, Maths, NVR, VR & Creative Writing)

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