Ayokunle has worked with Simply Learning Tuition for over 3 years and has been introduced to over 20 of our clients in that time.

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Academic History

2008-2010   Warwick Business School: Msc Management

2005-2008 Imperial College London: BEng Materials Science and Engineering

2003-2005 Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School: A Levels: Maths A Physics B Chemistry B AS Economics A General Studies B

2003-2005: Erith School Kent: GCSE’s: Maths A Physics A Chemistry A Biology A English Literature A English Language A Business Studies A Geography B French B

About Me

My specialist subjects are Chemistry and Physics and I also teach Mathematics, Economics, Media, Business Studies, Geography, Biology, as well as English up to 13+. Each tutee has unique learning style suited to them. I am an enthusiastic tutor who enjoys building great rapport with my students. This helps them gain confidence with their work and helps me understand their learning style & interests. I tailor my lessons based on the tutee’s learning style and interests including pre-planned activities that make my sessions very enjoyable and engaging.

Recent Tuition

Year 6 entrance assessment with Adekola – Maths and Science Tuition

Adekola required Maths practice twice a week for his entrance exam into Summer Fields School. Adekola is very bright but could be over confident leading to mistakes. Our practice sessions enabled him to control his nerves and improve his decision making.

13+ Science and Maths Preparation

I worked with Athanasios for 7 months as he prepared to sit his common entrance exams for Radley. We focused on improving his understanding of Science and maths, as well as his exam technique. Athanasios was successful in gaining a place at Radley.

13+ Entrance examination with Muyiwa – Maths and Science Tuition

Muyiwa required practice twice a week for his 13+ entrance exams. He is a very good student and very able. We worked on past papers. Building his confidence each time by working on his weaknesses and practicing exam technique ahead of his entrance exams for Charterhouse and King’s Canterbury.

13+, GCSE Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology – CACFO SCHOOL

Worked as a Science and Math’s Teacher/tutor at an Independent school.

For an Iraqi Family I Home schooled 2 brothers in Year 9 and Year 11

Abass, Year 9: I have just completed the year 9 Science syllabus with the younger brother. I also prepared him for the 13+ examinations and successful entry into an Independent school (Ashbourne).

Mahmoud, Year 11: Provided tuition for the older brother in Mathematics and the Sciences for his GCSE’s this year and the post

16 entrance for Ashbourne college

Year 9 Home Schooling

Oliver is junior Tennis Champion. His family had decided for now he should focus on Tennis as much as possible. But he needed to still learn at school; hence the reason for being home schooled. I planned his syllabus around his schedule for the whole year in Physics, Chemistry and biology. Oliver enjoys asking questions around topics so I prepared videos for each lesson based on his learning style.

Year 9 and GCSE Mathematics

Max is very bright. However, he didn’t enjoy Maths at school and thus was not fulfilling his potential in assessment tests. I went through the topics he found difficult; building his confidence each time. Max always needs proof with any topic. So, I always used real world examples in all my lesson materials. This was for the whole academic year. I also prepared him for his internal Maths exams. He will be in the top set for Maths at GCSE.

GCSE Maths & Geography

Abba a bright and dyslexic student; struggled with these subjects in school. We had sessions during the holidays to improve his performance. Talking through ideas in a discussion helps him pick up concepts easily

IGCSE Chemistry

Catriona struggled with concepts Organic chemistry, intensive revision sessions helped improve her understanding and exam technique just before her exams.

GCSE Science: Chemistry, Physics and Biology

Sophia was originally entered for the Foundation exam by her school. I believed she could take the higher paper. With intensive revision, she did well enough to be entered for the higher papers and achieved B grades in her final exams.

IGCSE Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Ollie had been getting A/B grades in his mocks. With intensive revision sessions focusing on improving his exam technique, he achieved A* grades in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

GCSE Science: Chemistry, Biology

Farhan was predicted a low Grade before his GCSE’s and lacked confidence in his abilities.  Through planned revision sessions and positive coaching, 4 months to his exams Farhan achieved A&B grades respectively.

IGCSE Science Home Schooling – Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

Mahmoud and his family moved from the UAE to the UK in the Year of his IGCSE’s. His parents decided Home Schooling was the best option for his IGCSE preparation.

Using the Edexcel Syllabuses for both Subjects I taught Mahmoud Mathematics and Chemistry for the whole academic year. This included exam preparation sessions.  Mahmoud achieved a Grade B in Mathematics Grade and A in Chemistry & Biology.

AS/A2 Physics

Michael a very clever student had almost given up on Physics. He found the gap between GCSE and A level physics difficult to handle. I explained to him that he needed to frequently practice questions so he decision making could improve. We worked on my catalogue of questions attempting the difficult ones gradually. His self-confidence improved dramatically and he began to enjoy the subject. We also went through past exam papers and built a timetable of weekly questions. Michael was able to get an A grade in his physics exams.

IGCSE BUSINESS Studies Cambridge Examination Board

Faisal grasps concepts very quickly. However, his exam technique was letting him down. We went through past papers both timed and not timed. We worked on planning essay answers and reading on business events outside school work. We also clarified concepts he was still unsure about by using real world case studies and analysis. This built his confidence ensuring he was well prepared for his Mock Exams.

AS Level Economics Edexcel

Lucy is a bright and able student. However, she is quite nervous before tasks and exams. This affects her performance. We worked on a routine to calm her down before exams. We also worked on a structured essay plan for economics with extensive use of diagrams. Finally, we worked at ensuring she improves with the multiple questions section for AQA economics

Tara and Priya (Family) (IGCSE Biology, Physics & Chemistry) and AS Level Economics)

Tara is a very bright student with a good grasp of concepts. We worked on areas of Biology Physics and chemistry she did not quite understand in preparation for her mock exams. We also worked with past exam papers.

Priya Edexcel Economics

Priya a very capable student. She had difficulty with certain topics in Economics particularly the issues associated with the Long Run Aggregate supply curve. I explained this concept through case study type questions to give a good grasp of the topic.

A-Level Economics Edexcel

Sonny a very able student was struggling with economics at school. I went through all the Key concepts preparing him for all of the units. I encouraged him to make a habit of reading about economic events outside school and analyzing the impact on the UK economy. We also worked on quantitative economics and the use of simple diagrams to explain complex concepts.

Stephanie AS Economics OCR

Stephanie has tourette’s syndrome and dyslexia and found it difficult to concentrate in class. I went through supplementary lessons in her AS units to give her a better understanding of the subject and helped her improve her concentration span.

A Level Geography

Smithi is bright student. However, her essay technique was letting her down in Mock tests and Exams. We worked on essay planning every week; she wrote about 3 essays per week. We would both review her answers. Planning her essays improved her Grades from C’s to A’s which in turn improved her self-confidence.

A Level Geography

Mohini particularly struggled with the maps reading and essay questions aspect of the AQA syllabus. Through focused work, she was able to grow in confidence in her knowledge, and gained a B in her final exam.

A Level Geography

Lucas needed help to improve his grades, especially when it came to the essay portion of his exams. We focused not only on the content on the essays, but the smaller aspects which would also gain him marks such as punctuation. He gained an A in his exams.

A Level Physics and Chemistry AQA

Ahmed is a clever student who enjoys discussion about Politics in the Middle East. He found capacitors and quantitative chemistry tough. We worked through questions extensively to improve his understanding in both topics and prepared him for his

Mock exams

Kareem AS/A Level Maths (Edexcel) and Chemistry (OCR)

Kareem an able was struggling with Maths and Physics in school. I structured are lessons to ensure that he always practiced question before the lesson. We would then discuss and go through areas he found challenging. When he discovered his grades improved his confidence grew in leaps and bounds. Most importantly I made him understand why it is vital to practice questions continuously.

Anna Maria A-Level AQA Business Studies (home schooling)

Anna Maria was being home schooled for her A-levels, and was completing her Business Studies all in one year. We worked together for the final 3-4 months ahead of her exams, working to help her build her knowledge as much as possible and developing her exam technique. As she was taking Business Studies during the A-Level transition year we prepared both for the new and old specifications of the exams. Anna Maria achieved a C in her final exam, which she was very pleased with given the time frame we were working to.

Adebayo – Ongoing AQA A-Level Business Studies

I am working with Adebayo on an ongoing basis to help him with his A-Level Business Studies. Originally, we started together for Adebayo’s GCSE’s, and I am now helping him as he works towards his final exams in 2019.

Dara (IB Mathematics HL, Chemistry HL and Physics HL)

Dara needed help with certain topics. Using my questions bank I was able to gradually improve her understanding of these topics. I guided her in planning and with research in her Maths, Physics and chemistry course-work during the holidays. Dara improved from a 3 to a 5, which was a massive achievement.

Sadie (IB Chemistry HL)

Sadie attends the St Edwards School in Oxford. She struggled with IB chemistry in her first year.

I went through the whole syllabus providing clarity on all the topics, tests and practice questions to improve her understanding and self-confidence. In addition, we researched possible areas of interest that could enhance the quality of her course work. She has since returned to school well prepared for the second year of the IB chemistry course.

IB Physics HL and IB Chemistry HL

Ronald attends Dartford Grammar School in Dartford. He struggled with IB chemistry and physics in his first year.I went through the whole syllabus providing clarity on all the topics, tests and practice questions to improve his understanding and self-confidence. We also designed a study plan where he answers a set number of questions weekly so he continues to improve.

Etienne IB Maths & Physics

Etienne initially struggled to adapt to the IB maths and Physics exam style structure as he previously studied both subjects at AS Level. We devised an academic plan for both subjects to help him adapt and constantly practise questions to improve his understanding up till the period of his exams (Tuition took place during Holidays and select weekends). Etienne was able to achieve a 6 in both subjects and a place at Imperial College London to study Materials Science.

Michael IB Maths & Chemistry

Michael struggled with a few topics in IB Mathematics & Chemistry after his first year, We worked improving his understanding in Organic Chemistry, Advanced differentiation and Integration techniques in time for his Mock Exams.

Emeka IB Maths

Emeka struggled with key topics concerning Binomial Expansion, Differentiation, Integration, Sequences etc after his first year. We spent the holidays improving his understanding of this concepts and implementing an academic plan to help him improve in his second year.

AS/A Level Chemistry OCR

Tomiwa had to re-do his AS levels and A2 chemistry in the same year. His confidence was quite low when we started. He particularly struggled with Organic and Quantitative chemistry. To solve his problem, I developed a lesson plan based on questions of varying difficulty to identify areas where he was strong and areas he needed to improve on. We went through past exam papers for every module; I also used my questions catalogue to help him improve his understanding if the subject. Tomiwa eventually got admitted to Sussex University to study Biomedical Science

Degree Level Corporate Finance (University of Manchester)

Gherardo was studying Economics at the university of Manchester. He failed his Finance paper and had to re-do the exam in the summer months. We worked on case studies I prepared in conjunction with his University syllabus enabling understand how interpret Balance sheets, Income statements and statement of cash flows. His retake was successful enabling him to continue the course.

Mateen and Zia (Degree Level Finance) University College London & Queen Mary University)

Mateen and Zia brothers at universities Queen Mary and UCL were struggling with the concept of balancing a balance sheet. I went through cases studies and questions with both of them enabling them gain a good grasp of the topic. I also guided them on planning and researching material for the Finance Course Work.

Chris (LBO, DCF, Trading Comparable and Transaction Comparable Valuation Techniques) (Corporate Finance)

Chris was a first year at the Strategy Consulting firm LEK Consulting. I guided him on balancing balance sheets and how to build LBO and DCF Models from scratch.

Francesca (Degree Level Statistics) (Southampton University)

Francesca a student at Southampton University needed help with statistics during the school holidays. We worked through problem sheets and her syllabus enabling her to develop a firm grasp on the Binomial Theorem.

Lisa (Degree Level) (Strategy and Marketing) (Sussex University)

I prepared Lisa for her Business Strategy exam paper in her second year at University. We explored dozens of strategy case studies; improving her analysis and evaluation of key concepts. We also worked on planning and conducting research for her Marketing Course work.

Anthony (MBA Oil and Gas Management) (GSM/ University of Plymouth)

I acted as a course companion/guide for Anthony throughout his MBA programme; helping with course work and individual essay assignments. In particular I helped with the Market planning and Market research field work for his case studies on marketing petroleum and renewable energy products.

Akin (International Marketing MBA) (Coventry University London)

I acted as course companion/guide to Akin a property marketing career professional throughout his MBA programme; helping with course work and individual essay assignments.  This included conducting market planning and market research field work on analyzing the difference between marketing the high end market developments and the average market developments.

Antony (Msc Marketing and Strategy) (Warwick Business School)

Helped Antony prepare his final dissertation which assessed the impact of digital marketing on the valuation and licensing of commercial sports rights such as the Golf Open, UEFA Champions League, The Premier League, La Liga and the NBA.

Side Note: I advised a Private Equity firm on acquiring these licenses as well; hence my practical experience and project data proved to be very insightful for this project.

Jerado (Msc Strategic Marketing) (Imperial College Business School)

In the summer term Jerado was required to complete an Applied strategic marketing report after a work placement where he executed a Strategic Marketing Consulting Project.  I guided him through the whole process from selecting the right placement to completing his course work.

Dara (MBA)  (UCL School of Management)

I prepared Antony for his Marketing Science & Marketing research exams. We explored dozens of strategy case studies; improving his analysis and evaluation of key concepts.

Year 12 & 13: Provided tuition for Year 12 student who had to re-do the year helping him improve his Mathematics (C1, C2, C3, S1 and M1), Physics (PH1 and PH2). I also prepared a student in chemistry for his final exams with OCR Salters.

Hobbies and Interests

I am an avid sports fanatic. As well as playing netball, I love Chelsea FC.

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