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"Andrew has a true passion for teaching and brought enjoyment to a subject that could easily be boring."

Year 6 parent

  • 13 +

  • GCSE

  • Latin

  • Scholarship

Academic and Teaching History

Head of Latin at King’s House School, Richmond 2017 – present

University of Exeter, (BA) Russian, 1988-1992

Teacher of Latin Ampleforth College, York 1987 – 1988

A Levels (Ampleforth College): Latin C, Greek C, Ancient History C, Music B

About Me

My approach to tutoring is firmly based on the individual needs of the tutee, their goals, expectations, and any barriers to learning they may encounter. Initial sessions are assessment-centred, exploring where there are any gaps in previous learning, and areas which students may find particularly challenging. I will ask to see their school work and spend some time looking over their teacher’s comments before coming up with a programme to address the areas that need work. I try not to use the same materials which they use at school, mainly so that we approach the point of grammar or translation from a different angle, and also so that we don’t end up just doing homework!

Once we have a firm grasp of what needs to be done, I use my wealth of resources to go through exercises and translations, pausing to pick up on points of grammar, and, if necessary, to change the direction of the session to drill down further. For those requiring more specialised work for scholarship and entrance exams, I have a large supply of past papers going back decades for all the major schools. At the end of each session, I always ask the tutee what he/she feels more confident about and what needs more work in the next session.

Recent tuition

My specialist subject is Latin. I have prepared students for competitive schools at 13+ Scholarship.

Latin Common Entrance

This student came to me in the last year at prep school, as he was struggling with some of the complexities of Latin grammar. We worked consistently together for about four months, building a set of logical steps and strategies with which to attack each separate area of the Common Entrance paper. Using past papers and short exercises, we built on his existing knowledge and added a depth of understanding to his work and a calm approach to each section of the paper. He walked into his exam full of confidence and did very well, gaining a place at Westminster School.

Latin Common Entrance (Scholarship)

This student had already secured a place at St Paul’s but was gunning for a scholarship. He had a superb foundation in Latin and was well prepared for Level 3 Common Entrance, but he needed that extra something to lift him above the other candidates. Tackling the prose composition option is always a risk, but it gets you noticed. We spent a long time looking at simple English phrases and sentences and the different ways they can be expressed in Latin, and gradually built up a grammatical armoury ready to launch in the exam. He won the scholarship.

Year 9 Latin

I was taken on by a family whose son had just finished his first year of Latin at Westminster Under School. He was a very able learner, but his parents thought he could be doing better. We struck up a good relationship and were able to supplement the work he did in class with some detailed translation practice, expanding his vocabulary, bringing in derivations in English and other European languages, and some fun quizzes to test grammar. Over the course of seven years, I helped his three younger siblings as they progressed through school, with the youngest just about to embark on GCSEs.

Latin GCSE

This quiet student felt bewildered by the deluge of vocabulary and grammar necessary for her GCSE language paper. Her teacher had seemingly just not noticed her. Some quiet reassurance, a boost of confidence, along with some silly visual ideas to help her remember various grammatical rules and irregularities, and she was ready to go. Rather than a daunting prospect, she approached the subject with a more light-hearted attitude which lowered the sense of foreboding. Use of external resources and past papers added to her base of knowledge and she went on to do very well in her GCSE.

Latin GCSE

I have been working with a student for about six months. She has just moved to Notting Hill and Ealing and has found the pace quite daunting, especially as her previous school had not covered the same material as at her new school. Working in concert with her new Latin teacher, we looked at what was missing, and set out a plan to fill in the blanks to prepare her for GCSE this year. We meet every two weeks, and use a completely different book of translation and comprehension exercises from her current class and follow up on any difficulties she has encountered during the previous fortnight. Progress is good and she is on course to do well in her exams.

Latin GCSE

The parent of an ex-pupil from my school approached me to help his son prepare for Latin GCSE because his timetable at Eton was too full for him to take Latin as an option. To compound this, he had to be entered for the exam this same year. In four months we worked via Zoom and were able to complete the whole syllabus for both the Language and Literature papers culminating in a very high score in the final exams.

Hobbies & Interests

I am a keen amateur singer, but my most enjoyable pastime is cooking for friends and family.


“Andrew has been the Latin tutor for my family since 2015 and has worked with the 3 boys, guiding 3 of them through their 13+ exams (one as a scholar) and so far two of them through their GCSEs, for which they both achieved the top mark of a 9. During their time with Andrew, the boys gained entry into some top schools including Westminster, St. Pauls and City of London. Throughout their school life, the 3 boys have always been top of the class for Latin, even winning special recognition awards due to their excellence and I would put a great deal of this down to Andrew’s excellent teaching. Andrew is organised, punctual, reliable and has a great manner with the children. He not only supports them in Latin but has also been a great person to speak with when it came to gaining entry to schools and interview prep.”

Parent of 13+ and GCSE students

“Andrew was not only a tutor but a friend, a friend that has latin running through his veins.”

Parent of Year 9 student

“Andrew is an excellent teacher, catering his lessons to the student to help them excel in their studies.”

Parent of Year 6 student

“Andrew was a master of his works and a pioneer in the Latin tutoring industry, revolutionising the game and bringing a different level of skill to his craft.”

Parent of GCSE student

  • Entrance Exam Specialist

  • Fully Vetted