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Alex W

“Alex was an excellent tutor to my son. He was supportive, professional and thorough in his tutoring and was always available to offer extra support and help when needed."

Parent of A-level Economics student

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  • A Level

  • Business Studies

  • Economics

  • Geography

  • History

  • University Applications

Academic History

2023: Completed SLT Foundation Training in SEND

Lecturer, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London

Lecturer, Departments of History and Economics, University of Dundee

Visiting lecturer, University of Hertfordshire Business School

Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

PhD in Economic History, Department of Economic Studies, University of Dundee

MSc Political Economy of Development, SOAS, University of London, Pass

BA Hons History, University of Sheffield, 2:1

A-Levels: Economics A, General Studies A, English B, History D

AO-Level: Maths B

GCSEs: Maths A, History A, English Literature A, English Language A, French A, German A, Latin A, Chemistry A, Biology A

About Me

My philosophy of education is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. I will provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks. I believe that there are five essential elements that are conducive to learning. (1) The teacher’s role is to act as a guide. (2) Students must have access to hands-on activities. (3) Students should be able to have choices and let their curiosity direct their learning. (4) Students need the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment. (5) Technology must be incorporated effectively.

Recent tuition

I have tutored Common Entrance for Eton College Scholarship at 13 years old), Eton College 16+ and Westminster. I have also taught students applying for Oxford Undergraduate degrees – PPE, History and joint honours degrees (TSA and HAT tests), Cambridge Undergraduate – Economics, Land Economy, History and joint honours degrees (TSA and HAT tests). For Postgraduate study, I have tutored students applying for Imperial, UCL, LSE (GMAT test).

Humanities, Science GCSE

I tutored a student (King’s Bruton School, Salisbury) intensively during school holidays over a four year period leading up to his GCSEs in the whole range of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences subjects. In particular, as a speaker of English as a second language, he required intensive support to overcome his language difficulties with the subject matter. Ultimately, he obtained a top grade in English Language IGCSE and met his goals in his other GCSEs to progress to A-level studies in the natural sciences.

A-level Economics

I taught and tutored a student (St Mark’s Academy, Mitcham and Warwick University) in A-level economics for the OCR exam board. I taught the whole syllabus in the classroom at St Mark’s Academy compressed into nine months. He obtained an A* grade to gain admission to Warwick University to study Economics only two years after immigrating to the UK from Ghana. In addition, I supported him with his UCAS personal statement and with applying to various universities for financial support.

A-level Economics and History

I tutored this student (Dulwich College and University College London) in A-level economics and history, in which he obtained A grades. In addition, I supported him with his UCAS personal statement and with preparation for the TSA test and interview technique to succeed in reaching the interview stage for Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford. I supported him with economics, research methods and sociology modules in his subsequent undergraduate studies at UCL to obtain an average grade of a First over the first two years. We worked on these subjects over a two year period. I have supported his studies during the past four years.

A-level Economics, Cambridge entrance exam preparation

I tutored a student (Dulwich College and St Catherine’s College, Cambridge University) in A-level economics and with preparation for the TSA test and interview technique to succeed in gaining admission to study economics at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge. In particular, I helped him to engage with a wide range of stretching material and to navigate advanced neoclassical and Keynesian theoretical approaches and their applications to the empirical study of real economies through a crash course of intensive reading and mock interviews over a six week period.

A-level History and Economics

I tutored this student (comprehensive school in West London and Kings College London) in A-level history and economics for the AQA exam board, in which she obtained an A and A*-grade. I worked with her in Fulham Public Library in the four months leading up to her exams, focusing on difficult topics like financial markets in economics and on the Louis XVI and British Empire modules. As a second generation immigrant from Somalia, she had strong opinions about the British empire and I worked intensively with her to improve how she structured her thoughts in writing in longer essays and to make focused judgements and evaluations justified by the source evidence provided and her knowledge of the course textbooks. She gained entry to KCL to study classics based on her excellent grades.

IB Economics

I homeschooled and tutored a student (formerly Tonbridge and Royal Holloway University) to complete his studies in International Baccalaureate economics. He was severely dyslexic and was diagnosed with depression during the year that I tutored him, which required careful pacing of tuition, patience and a willingness to be flexible about varying content, and also scheduling frequent down time during lessons. He obtained a 6 in his IB economics and gained entry to Kings College London before opting for Royal Holloway ultimately.

Oxford Interview Preparation (PPE)

I tutored a high school student from Massachussetts to prepare for interview at Oxford during a month of regular mock interview sessions. Although I was sceptical whether she had the necessary subject-specific grounding in economics to succeed, she was successful in her application to study PPE (St Peter’s College, Oxford University).

Foundation Year in Business and Economics

I tutored a student (City University) for the duration of his International Foundation Year in business and economics. We worked extensively on the content of the syllabus reviewing his understanding of the lectures before moving on to intensive exam preparation and working on his longer essay writing skills and meeting evaluation as an assessment objective in particular. He scored unusually highly and was able to secure admission to undergraduate studies in the Business School at Kings College London.

UCAS application, Business International Foundation year and Business Undergraduate Degree

I tutored this student (King’s College London) for five years from his UCAS application from his school in Jordan through his international foundation year up to the completion of his undergraduate degree in the Business School at Kings College London, where he obtained his goal of a 2:1 honours degree. This gained him entry to the Sandhurst officer training programme. Academics and time planning were not his favourite pursuits and he found my intensive input throughout the five years invaluable to reach his goals. In particular, after scoring disappointingly in his mock exams during his international foundation year, he required intensive revision support to obtain the required grade to proceed to Undergraduate studies.

Consumer Behaviour and Human Resources Management Undergraduate exams

I tutored this student (King’s College London) to revise intensively for her first year undergraduate exams in Consumer Behaviour and Human Resources Management. She wrote after receiving her results: “Received today the result for HRM and CB. Both solid 2:1s! Thank you very much for taking the time to clarify and recap the different modules – your teaching was invaluable!”

Hobbies and Interests

My main hobby is long distance running from 5 km up to marathon distance. I like exploring my capacity and potential and am running further as I get older, and also run and compete with club members at Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets Athletics Club. I am interested in reading economic and social history beyond my disciplinary expertise. I recently read William Cronon’s 1990 study Nature’s Metropolis about the growth of nineteenth century Chicago which was exemplary in writing about complex ideas in an accessible way, in its use of archival sources, in its ethical commitment to ecological sustainability and seeking lessons for our present in the past – and gave me lots of ideas how to improve the manuscript of my own monograph based on my PhD before publication.


“Alex was a helpful and reliable tutor who helped my son achieve good grades and above all achieve a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject. So much so that he has decided to study economics and business at Bath University, where he was recently admitted.”

Parent of A-level Economics Student

“Alex was an excellent tutor to my son. He was supportive, professional and thorough in his tutoring and was always available to offer extra support and help when needed. In addition, he was unfailingly reliable and punctual throughout the academic year. It was a pleasure to meet and work with such an exceptional tutor and individual.”

Parent of A-level Economics student

“Alex provided an intensive period of tuition for my son J– in preparation for his successful interview to St Catherine’s College, Cambridge to study Economics. My son found his tutorials very helpful and enjoyable.”

Parent of Undergraduate Economics Student

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