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“Adaora is a very capable tutor and my daughter found her lessons enjoyable and helpful. She is studying English GCSE and Adaora has been great in getting her ready for the exams. She is always on time and flexible with lesson times.”

Parent of English GCSE student

  • A Level

  • Academic Writing

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • GCSE

  • Geography

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2016 – 2017: London School of Economics, Masters – Local Economic Development

2013 – 2016: University of Leicester – BA Geography, 1st Class Honours

2010 – 2012: Plantbrook School, A Levels – Law, Geography, English Literature

2005-2010: Plantsbrook School, GCSE – Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths, English literature, English Language, French, Business Studies, Art, Textiles

About Me

Having graduated from the University of Leicester in 2016 with a First Class Honours degree in Geography, I am very eager to share my profound geographical knowledge with students. I am very passionate not just about teaching, but also about encouraging and motivating young people, whilst getting them to discover their strengths and talents. I have honed this passion by tutoring Geography and English abroad in Thailand for nine weeks and by delivering private one-to-one tuition in London on a weekly basis.

My tutoring approach differs and I tailor my lessons to the specific requirements and needs of the student, focusing my lessons around them. I utilise hands-on educational methods to facilitate a fun approach to learning, whilst stimulating the students’ enjoyment for Geography and English by encouraging discussions and debates. However, I strongly believe that although subject knowledge is important, it is also vital for students to have an understanding of specific exam techniques to ensure academic success. Aside from helping students with subject knowledge and exam techniques, I always ensure that the sessions foster skills such as creativity, teamwork and resilience which will serve students well in both their careers and personal lives.

I am warm, friendly and approachable and this is reflected in the fact that I am able to build and sustain strong student relationships with every student that I have had the pleasure to teach. I truly believe that learning can be fun, and I am positive that I can help unlock students’ potential by nurturing their enthusiasm and confidence towards their studies.

Recent tuition

General English Support, 5 years old

This very attentive student needed help reinforcing English topics being learnt at school as she was unable to be provided with much support with her learning at home. I assisted her with topics such as punctuation, reading and handwriting. As she is a visual and auditory learner we worked closely with images, colours and maps, whilst using other materials such as flashcards and reading them out loud.

Comprehension Technique, 6 years old

This motivated student is a hard worker. However, he can get overwhelmed with his comprehension. When reading a piece of text he tends to get discouraged as he cannot seem to identify the main idea. After close examination, it was clear that he was passively reading, instead of being actively engaged with the text. The focus was on getting him to adequately comprehend the author’s written message by analysing and sorting through multiple layers of the text meaning. I sought to activate his prior knowledge of the topic by analysing pictures and creating mind maps as a pre-reading activity to assess the main idea.

English as a Second Language (ESL), 10 years old

This boy moved to the UK from Lithuania nine months ago and his parents were concerned about his very basic level of English. He is a visual learner and so enjoys reading and seeing pictures. During the sessions, I used a variety of materials and resources such as flashcards, videos and worksheets to ensure that he was working effectively on his English grammar and speaking in ways that were fun and engaging.

Creative writing, 10 years old

This boy is very shy but very reflective. I ensured he was engaged at all times by giving him the opportunity to do what fits his interests and encouraging communicative activities. To help him with his creative writing I consolidate his learning of phonics and ensure that he is writing for purpose, considering carefully the aspects of a story and who the audience might be. Together, we work on plot planning, characterisation and story language.

GCSE English Language and Literature, 14 years old

This thoughtful student approached her work with diligence and care. However, she struggled with poetry and extended reading pieces such as Of Mice and Men. I helped her gain a better understanding of these by analysing elements of language and structure as well as providing developed interpretations. Her confidence improved significantly and she received top marks in her English papers. Furthermore, her answers in her English practice papers became much more concise and sophisticated.

Homeschooling GCSE Geography, 14 years old

This student is very enthusiastic about Geography and willing to learn. She has to be homeschooled and had been feeling anxious about her studies and felt as though she had missed out on understanding key Geographical concepts, this leading to a lack of confidence. As well as helping her explore and understand Geographical concepts, I have helped her establish consistent schedules and routines for short and long-term planning to organise her workload. I always encourage the use of her GCSE Geography subject specifications to underpin and structure studying, developing a daily school-to-home checklist, the use of highly structured planners to get the most out of each week and using note-taking templates. This consistent study routine has been important, and she has become much more confident in studying Geography. She now has a good understanding of both Human and Physical Geographical concepts.

Study and Organisational Support, A Levels

This intelligent student had excellent subject knowledge across her A Levels. However, she found it challenging to organise and manage her workload across her subjects, leading to a lack of confidence in her academic performance which led to stress and reduced concentration. I helped by ensuring she established consistent schedules and routines for short and long-term planning to organise her workload. Encouraging the use of her A Level subject specifications to underpin and structure studying for exams, developing a daily college-to-home checklist, encouraged the use of highly structured planners to get the most out of each week, provided note-taking templates and also ensured that she was able to enhance her time management skills by carefully structuring subject topics. As a result, in the first three months of tutoring, she became much more confident and motivated in her studies. She prioritised her work, undertook more efficient study, took control of her time, and was more self-disciplined.

IB Geography

This bright student had a good understanding of Geography (particularly human geography). However, she struggled with retaining the physical geography knowledge and lacked confidence in answering past paper questions under exam conditions, leading to time management issues in her exams. As well as devising a teaching strategy to identify her weakest areas, I also helped by focusing on exam techniques and also by giving her timed examinations for homework each week. She became much more confident and this consistent study routine was important as her answers became well-structured and concise over time. This student moved from a C to a B in her mock exams and she gained a 7 in Geography overall.

Edexcel A Level Geography, 17 years old

This student had a very good understanding of Geography but struggled with answering past paper questions under exam conditions, leading to time management issues in her exams. I helped by focusing on exam techniques and by giving her timed examinations for homework each week. This consistent study routine was important, as her answers became well-structured and coherent over time. She moved from a D to a B in her mock exams in matter of four months and she gained an A grade in Geography overall.

AQA A Level Geography, 18 years old

This intelligent student did not have the confidence in her work and failed her AS AQA Geography papers. I went through the AQA Geography specification with her to identify her weakest areas. After identifying her weaknesses I devised a teaching strategy to prepare her for her resits. I aimed to build her confidence by creating an open, positive environment for learning and by providing positive feedback when appropriate. She became much more confident and excited about Geography and in her mock exams she went from an E to an impressive A.

AQA A Level Geography, 19 years old

I have been working with a student for over six months for his retake which he is sitting in the summer. Sam chose Maths and Economics as his other A Levels and struggles with the essay aspect of the exam. We focus on exam technique such a exam command words and how to work to time while writing an effective essay, and he is growing hugely in confidence.

OCR A Level Geography

I am currently working with a 19 year old student before her Geography resit in June. While her content knowledge was strong, she struggled when it came to the case study aspect of the syllabus, and so lacked confidence in her answers. We have been working on re-organising how she tackles exams, and focusing on the area’s she finds weakest, in order to build her confidence.

History and Politics, Academic Writing for University, 26

This meticulous student was in her second year of university. She had a very good command of her subject knowledge at university but was struggling with academic essay writing. She found it difficult researching her topic question, and also found it difficult to structure her academic essays and exam questions. During our sessions I used a variety of materials and resources to help her understand the ways in which to answer and structure both essay and exam questions. For example, in the sessions I helped her understand how to adequately use the mark scheme to obtain the highest grade in each of her modules. We also went through the importance of understanding command words and phrases such as ‘To what extent do you agree…’ and ‘Critically evaluate…’ in order to get the top grades. This student became much more confident in her academic writing and started to achieve high 2:1’s in both her assignments and exam answers.

Hobbies and Interests

Writing – currently contributing to a special issue of the Geographical Journal AREA on exclusionary spaces and well-being.

Languages – strong interest in learning different languages, hence being at an intermediate proficiency level in French and currently learning Mandarin.

Travel – lived in Thailand for two months for a program put together by the British Council and Thai Ministry of Education. Travelled across Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and West Africa.

Economic development and large scale land acquisition – currently undertaking research on the socio-economic impacts of large scale land acquisition in a Nigerian state.

Client Testimonials

“We employed Adaora to help our 10-year-old with his comprehension technique and the development of his creative writing. We were impressed with Adaora’s time keeping and professional attitude. Our child felt happy and comfortable with Adaora, and he developed a huge amount of confidence in his creative writing ability. We would recommend Adaora without hesitation.”

“Contacting Adaora for help with our daughter’s A Level Geography tuition was one of the best choices for her education we have made. Following a stressful AS Level Paper her confidence was rock bottom, however, with Adaora’s support this completely turned around. She has become a more confident, pro-active rather than reactive student and this also showed up in her other subjects too.”

“Adaora helped me with my A2 Geography exams. The sessions were very informative and were tailored to my specific needs. She was good at going over points in depth that I was previously unsure of to maximise my understanding. I would recommend her.”

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