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How to Choose a School When Relocating to the UK

There are many reasons why families relocate to the UK – from work opportunities or lifestyle choices to ensuring their child receives a first-class British education. Moving to a new country can be challenging and the British education system is complex. In this article, we outline our top tips for selecting the best school for your child if you are relocating to the UK.

For more insights and advice, please call our education consultants who will help find the best school for your child.

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Do Your Research

Finding the best school for your child begins with asking the right questions: how good are the schools in the area you plan to move to, are these schools in the private or the state system and what are the fees, how far are they from your new home and do they have a catchment area?

Prepare Your School Wish List

To ensure you select the best school for your child when relocating, you should create a clear picture of what is most important to you and your child. Be sure to think about your child’s personality and learning style, as well as your family’s lifestyle. From this, you can prepare a list of what will make up a perfect school, including its proximity to your home, student-teacher ratio, the culture of the school, number of facilities for sporting and extra-curricular activities, and the school’s academic performance. Does the school take an innovative or traditional approach to teaching and learning and which would you prefer? Once you have created this list — gathering prospectuses, brochures and browsing school websites to find out which schools fit your criteria — it can be a lengthy and timing consuming process that barely allows you to scratch the surface. Our education consultants can help you create this list and find a suitable shortlist of schools to select from.

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Visit Your Shortlist of Schools

There is no better to way to learn about a school when relocating than to visit it. You can choose to take a private tour with a teacher, registrar or student, or attend a school’s open day. Note down any questions you may have before visiting the schools. For example, what changes has the Headteacher made since taking up their role? What extra-curricular activities will be available to your child and how are these balanced with the academic focus? Are parents expected to be involved in school life? We also recommend using this opportunity to talk to families with children currently attending the school; they can give you an accurate idea about the school environment. At Simply Learning Tuition, we have built up strong relationships with the UK’s leading schools and can organise and support private visits to help you select the best school for your child.

Seek Help and Guidance

The British schooling system is notoriously complicated. As well as choosing schools, you must contend with registration and entrance assessments before you can secure a place for your child. Our Education Consultancy services give you the independent, informed advice you need to make important decisions. After getting to know what you want from a school, we will help you draw up a realistic short list of schools that are best for your family.

We also regularly visit schools, and have formed close relationships with many Head Masters and Mistresses, and registrars. Our relationships with these decision makers allows us to advise you correctly about the right school – we have privileged and up-to-date information that goes beyond the glossy prospectuses and websites. In turn, we can often make personal recommendations to a school based on our knowledge of your child, and can vouch for their academics and good character.

From here, we can introduce you to an expert private tutor with experience in the entrance exams your child will be sitting, giving them the support they need to prepare effectively for these rigorous assessments.