Updating your details on Tutor Cruncher


How do I edit my account information?

You can edit your account information by clicking the account menu button at the top right hand corner of the screen. Then click ‘Account’ from the dropdown menu. From here you can change your password, upload a photo, change your time zone, and edit your details. Click ‘Submit’ when finished to save your changes.


How do I log in/log out/switch users?

To log into Tutor Cruncher, go to https://secure.tutorcruncher.com and enter your login information. This will log you into the last company you logged into. To log out, click the account menu button at the top right hand corner of the screen and then click ‘Logout’ from the dropdown menu. You will then be taken back to your company login screen. If your other user is on the same agency, then you can login through this page. Otherwise you can go back to https://secure.tutorcruncher.com and login from there.


How do I change/reset my password?

You can change your password by clicking the account menu button at the top right hand corner of the screen. Then click ‘Account’ from the dropdown menu, and ‘Change Password’ at the top of the next page. You will need to type in your old password to change it to a new one. After clicking ‘Submit’ you will be logged out and will have to log back in with your new password.

If you do not remember your password and want to reset it, then go to your company login page and click ‘Reset password’. Then type in your email address and click ‘Reset’. If you have submitted an existing email address, you will receive a link to reset your password.


How do I log into my SLTA profile if I also use Tutor Cruncher with a different agency?

Logging in through https://secure.tutorcruncher.com will log you into the last company you logged into. To log into Simply Learning Tuition Agency, please login through our company URL: https://secure.tutorcruncher.com/simply-learning-tuition/login/




Entering Timesheets and Lesson Diaries

 Adding Timesheets

  1. Log onto your tutor profile on Tutor Cruncher and select the ‘My Jobs’ tab.
  2. Select the job that you would like to add timesheets too.
  3. Important to note: Whatever you enter in the ‘Topic’ field is visible on your invoice. We therefore recommend that you take care when entering this information and always start with a capital letter.
  4. Important to note: When adding a timesheet, select ‘Skip Report’ if you are not submitting a report. If you select the ‘Save Report’ tab without writing a Lesson Report, your client will receive a blank Lesson Report with their invoice.
  5. Useful to know: Once you have entered your final timesheet for a client, select the ‘set status as finished’. This will keep your jobs tab up to date and make finding active jobs and clients easier.




How do I know if I have submitted my timesheets correctly?

All lessons that are marked as ‘complete’ will be invoiced.

Can I edit my timesheet?

You can edit your timesheet as long as you can see ‘Editable’ next to the lesson.

What if I miss the deadline?

We advise that you ensure that your billing is up to date and that you are billing for tuition that has taken place during any given month. As a self-employed tutor it is up to you how you wish to proceed if you submit late timesheets; in our experience clients do not respond well to late claims for payment from previous months. If you do not inform us, any late timesheets will be invoiced in the next billing cycle i.e. the beginning of the following month.

Where can I find my Tutor Commission Invoice (TCI)

We will email you your TCI before payment of your Net Fees is made. A copy of your TCI can also be found on your Tutor Cruncher profile under the ‘Payment Orders” tab.

Can I charge for a cancelled lesson?

As you work with us on a self-employed basis, the cancellation policy you choose to enforce is entirely at your discretion. The Parent Tutor Agreement we send to you for each introduction contains a 48-hour cancellation policy. It is at your discretion whether to sign the agreement, ask your clients to sign the agreement and whether to enforce this policy. We recommend discussing your cancellation policy with parents when appropriate on introduction, particularly if you choose not to use the Parent Tutor agreement.  


Entering Expenses

 Adding your expenses

  1. Log onto your tutor profile on Tutor Cruncher and select the ‘Expenses’ tab.
  2. Click ‘Add Expense’ and add the information.
  3. Important to note: You can add one expense per lesson. Please make sure the dates match the lessons you have submitted when submitting travel expenses.
  4. Useful to know: You can submit multiple expenses on a single claim, if the expense if for the same amount i.e. you can enter ‘Travel – 5x £5’ into the description and enter £25 as the amount.




Financial details & payment dates

Providing your financial details

When your account is activated with SLTA, please email accounts@simplylearningtuition.co.uk with your current bank account details.


Billing and Payment cycle


Billing Sequence for Tutors 



When will I be paid?

Net Fees are paid on the first Friday of every month. The payment date will also be included on the email we send you with your monthly TCI.

What will I be paid for?

You will be paid for the timesheets that were submitted correctly by the deadline. These timesheets will be listed on your TCI. Please note, as a self-employed tutor, funds cannot be transferred for any of your clients who have not settled your invoices.

What if a timesheet missing from my TCI?

In this situation, it is likely that the timesheet was not submitted correctly, or by the deadline.

When should I submit my timesheets?

We advise that you submit timesheets throughout the month and not to wait until the end of the month. You will receive a reminder email with the timesheet deadline and payment date each month. As a general rule, the deadline is midnight on the final day of every month.

What if a client wants to pay me?

Please remember – never accept payment directly from the client. All payments will come to you through the SLTA Tutor Trust Account and as a self-employed tutor you will be required to account for these in full to HMRC through Self-Assessment.

How long does my client have to pay my invoice?

The invoices we send to on your behalf state payment terms of 10 days. After this, we will regularly chase your clients for payment on your behalf.

What happens if my client doesn’t pay on time?

We will inform you towards the end of the month if any of your invoices remain outstanding. At this stage, it is often helpful if you also make contact with your client regarding your outstanding invoice.

What happens if my client does not pay?

It is important that you understand your position as a self-employed tutor. If your invoice remains outstanding we can assist you in collecting any outstanding amounts owed. We recommend withholding your tuition services until all outstanding amounts have been settled. We will assist you in trying to resolve any issues as much as we can within our remit as your agent; this does not include facilitating discussion, mediation or taking complaints from you or your client, these need to be discussed between you both. We can, however, pass on messages. Legal action may need to be considered. Should it come to this, we recommend using the small claims court in most instances (Money Claim Online: MCOL). The legal process has to be initiated by you, but we can support you through the whole process. Money Claim Online is HM Courts & Tribunals Service’s Internet based service for claimants and defendants. It is a convenient and secure way of making or responding to a money claim on the Internet. In our experience, most people make payment once they feel legal action will be taken, as any ‘County Court Judgements’ against their name could affect their future credit ratings.

*Should your issue or question remain unresolved, please contact office@simplylearningtuition.co.uk