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Zoe L

"Zoe was a great help to my son Josh, he was struggling with his English Language GCSE and she managed to build him up from a 4 to a 7! He was thrilled!"

Parent of GCSE English Language Student

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  • English

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Academic History

The University of Winchester, MPhil in Education (2021)

The University of Birmingham, MA in Creative Writing (1997)

Cambridge University, BA Hons History (1993)

A Levels (City of London School for Girls): English Literature (A) History (A) Biology (B)

About Me

My specialist subject is English up to A Level standard. I also teach A Level Drama and GCSE History and am a lecturer at the University of Winchester for the creative writing modules.

I have over 800 hours of experience and have been tutoring since 2019. My methodology is to build confidence, teach analytical and planning skills, and empower the students to feel that the answers are in their hands.

Recent tuition

GCSE English Language (AQA)

Josh presented with very low confidence but good creative writing skills. He was less able to use analytical skills and did not know how to dissect the question in order to help plan. We took Josh from a level 3/4 to a good pass in 3 months using PEE (point evidence explanation)

GCSE English Literature (AQA)

Sarah came to me wanting to achieve a high mark after being predicted a 5/6. She struggled with An Inspector Calls and Macbeth, not because she was not able to understand the material, but because she lacked confidence in time management and tended to panic under exam conditions. We started by planning many different essay titles and really interrogating the question – then we would get her to write under timed conditions, drilling really helped and she managed to get a GCSE 8.

IGCSE English Literature (Edexcel)

Max was abroad with his parents. He wanted help specifically with his unseen and seen poetry anthology for IGCSE. We spent time going through each of the poems annotating and then teaching to answer according to the elements such as Structure / Form / Context / Language / Setting / Tone / Rhyme Scheme etc We then used past papers to do the comparison questions with two poems. Max achieved a 6 in his final exam in 2021.

A Level Drama (OCR)

Aaron really struggled with how to write his essays on live performance particularly the director’s view and also with focus on different theatrical conventions. We started by grounding him in the various different techniques both practitioner and actor. Then I started to refresh his elemental knowledge such as categorising and signposting according to the elements: Story, Structure, Language, Character, Tone, Setting etc. Aaron achieved an A at A Level in 2021.

A Level English Literature (Edexcel)

Libby’s struggled with set texts including Colour Purple and Carol Ann Duffy poetry and we had to insert some order and organisation into her essay writing as she tended to overwrite and therefore her signposting needed to improve in order to ‘show off’ her analysis. She achieved a B at A Level after being predicted a C.

Hobbies and Interests

Running and going to the Gym, as well as reading and creative writing.


Parent of GCSE English Literature Student

“Zoe taught my daughter Izzy for a year and prepared her for her GCSE English Literature, she was patient and fun, and Izzy loved her style of teaching.”

Parent of GCSE English Language Student

“Zoe was a great help to my son Josh, he was struggling with his English Language GCSE and she managed to build him up from a 4 to a 7! He was thrilled!”

Parent of A Level Drama Student

“Zoe has been teaching Benjamin A Level OCR Drama, she is very knowledgeable about plays and playwriting and passionate about her subject”

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