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Zoe H

“Zoe, thanks so much for helping Timi- she has made great progress in her English GCSE and a very good understanding of the books she is studying.”

Eby, GCSE English Tuition

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Academic History

2004, Lambeth College: NCTJ Newspaper Journalism.

1997-2000, UAL London College of Fashion: BA Hons Fashion Promotion (2.1).

1995-1996, Goldsmiths (UOL): BA Sociology.

1994-1995, City of Islington College: A-Levels, Psychology (B), English (A) Classics (B).

1987-1994, Queens College: GCSEs 9x(A/B).

About Me

My subject specialisms include English (preschool to A-Level) and Maths (Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2). In addition, I offer support for the Entrance Exams (both English and Maths) at the following academic levels; 7+, 8+ and 11+. As a former Queen’s College pupil, I have both the professional and personal experience of the entrance exam process. I have been working as a private tutor since 2009.

I am extremely passionate about education, helping pupils to achieve their maximum potential and boost their confidence. Recognising each pupils’ strengths and weaknesses allows me to successfully tailor lesson plans to their individual requirements. I enjoy getting to know my pupils and learning about their interests and hobbies, it can be extremely useful to incorporate related topics into the lesson. I am an excellent communicator and I always encourage pupils to express their own ideas. I update parents regularly and recommend reading lists and books that will enhance learning.

As a mother of an 8 year old and 10 year old, I have the empathy and patience required to work with younger pupils. I always ensure that lessons are both enjoyable and productive. I also have experience tutoring GCSE pupils and adult students.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

 Age 4-6 English

I tutored Gio for 2 years from age 4 to 6 years old. As Italian was spoken primarily at home, his parents were keen for me to help him with phonics and English vocabulary. Tuition ended as the family relocated to Los Angeles. However, whenever they visit London I tutor Gio.

Age 7-11 English

I tutored Natalya for 4 years from age 7 to 11 years old. Natalya moved to London from Moscow, Russia and her parents wanted her to prepare for the 11+ exams. As Russian was mainly spoken at home, I tutored her three times weekly. Her English improved significantly and she received offers from 4 London independent schools.


I tutored Yusef, for 3 years when his family visited London. Yusef is based in Cairo, Egypt but the family often visited London. I helped him with phonics, vocabulary and pronunciation.

I worked with Paris and Zoë for 4 years, the family are Greek and wanted their children to have a very good command of English.

Reception, English and Maths

I worked with Georgis to prepare for him for KS1. Objectives for lessons to be both productive and creative enhancing pupil’s enjoyment and progress. After a successful first school year at Saran Hall, I have continued working with Georgis who is now in year 3. Our sessions include a combination of comprehension, spelling, composition and general homework support. During the school holidays, I have helped the pupil with various projects which have required creating posters, poems, stories combined with art. I currently see Georgis once a week and up to three times per week during the school holidays.

Year 1, English and Homework Support

Noah, a bilingual pupil attending Devonshire House. Noah speaks French at home and his parents required a tutor to support him with reading and phonics. Tuition began in July 2015 and sessions included phonics, reading, number skills using flash cards and various worksheets. I am now preparing Noah for his 7+ entrance exam at The Hall, St Paul’s Juniors and Highgate. Initially, lessons were twice per week but due to extra-curricular activities this term I now see Noah once a week.

Year 2 English

Michael had a Sensory Processing disorder, and so the focus of our lessons was to make everything as visual as possible for him. This meant we focused on illustrations, brightly coloured flashcards, and used creative activities to engage him into our lessons.

Year 3 English

7 year old Amirah relocated from Jeddah to begin Year 3 at Knightsbridge School and her family required me to assist with her English. Although Amirah attended the international school in Saudi Arabia and displayed a good command of English, her parents asked me to help her with her reading and spelling.

Year 3 Maths and English

8 year old Ben (Year 3) is bi lingual ( Danish is spoken at home) and I helped him with English and maths for two years. He made good progress in both subjects and this was reflected in his school work also.

Entrance Exams:

I specialise in 7+, 11+ exam preparation and have helped pupils pass entrance exams to some of London’s most reputable schools including City of London (boys and girls), St Paul’s, Latymer Upper, Queen’s College, Channing, South Hampstead High School and The Hall.

7+ Exam Preparation

Aaron attended Fox Primary and required support for the entrance exam for St Paul’s Juniors. Weekly lessons included comprehension and composition. Nearer to the exam, lessons increased to twice a week. Aaron was offered a place at St Paul’s Juniors and is making very good progress. I continue to work with Aaron supporting his English skills. Lessons are always creative and I ensure that I use material that interests Aaron. Aaron is an avid reader and recently completed Michael Morpurgo’s Kensuke’s Kingdom and I have structured various writing projects based on the book. These have included a book review and a letter from the main character’s viewpoint

7+ Exam Preparation

I began tuition with Jessie at the beginning of year 1 to help her prepare for the 7+ examinations for City of London School for Girls , Channing School and South Hampstead School.  Jessie enjoyed maths but less keen on English and reading. After discovering Jessie’s love for animals, I would often introduce her to animal related books which she enjoyed. I ensured that compositions were based around her interests and Jessie quickly discovered that she enjoyed reading. I also introduced a reward system which challenged Jessie to focus during the lessons. Jessie accepted a place at City of London School for Girls.

7+ Exam Preparation

Tuition with Nathaniel began the summer before he began year 1 and I helped him with maths and English for his 7+ examinations. Nathaniel often lacked concentration for an hour long lesson so I gave him small breaks during the hour lesson. This worked well for him and after a few months I was able to minimise the amount of breaks. Nathaniel enjoyed using the Bonds books and especially charting his score at the end of each test. We would end the lesson by reading together and I would ask Nathaniel to summarise the story and explain his favourite and least favourite parts of the story. The verbal comprehension helped immensely with his written comprehension skills and also his composition. Nathaniel was offered a place at Highgate School.

7+ Exam Preparation

I began tuition with twins Grace and Thomas in year 1 to help them prepare for the 7+ exam. As the children had different requirements, the children were taught separately. Grace found comprehension and composition challenging because she did not enjoy English, preferring maths. Initially, I asked Grace to write sentences about personal experiences ( her birthday, favourite toys, favourite holiday etc) and we gradually built a vocabulary book. Grace was very creative and she decorated the book herself and each week she would use the new words in her speech and writing. She enjoyed this thoroughly and quickly began to read independently. Grace was offered a place at Channing School. Her brother Thomas enjoyed both maths and English but required assistance with his spelling and handwriting. Thomas was offered a place at St Paul’s School.

ISEB 11+ Pre-Tests

Charlie attended Arnold House and his parents asked me to help him with the ISEB 11+ pre test as he was applying for St Paul’s, Westminster and Highgate. I was already familiar with the family as I had previously assisted his younger sister with the 7+ exams. Charlie found the Verbal reasoning aspect of the exam quite challenging but after practicing the various question types, Charlie gained more confidence. He passed the exam and is looking forward to beginning St Paul’s Boys in September.

ISEB 11+ Pre-Tests

Oscar’s parents contacted me to help him prepare for the ISEB 11+ pre test as he was applying for Weatherby Senior School, St Paul’s Boys and University College School. Oscar was not a keen reader and did not enjoy English. My objective was to make the lessons both enjoyable and productive which resulted in Oscar being offered places at all the schools and accepting a place at UCS.

11+ Exam Preparation and Homework Support

Anya is a Russian pupil who required help with her English as she had only been in the UK for a few months. Her parents required an English tutor who had both a personal and professional experience of the 11+ entrance exam process; I attended Queen’s College and also passed the 11+ exam for South Hampstead, City of London, Francis Holland and Forest School. I also helped with her maths and provided homework support while she attended Knightsbridge School, along with using past papers to support her revision. Lessons were twice a week (1.5 hours each lesson) and nearer to the exams, I also helped Anya with interview preparation. Anya achieved one of the highest exam results for Queen’s College and accepted the offer. I still see Anya once a week, providing GCSE English support

11+ Exam Preparation

I began tutoring Charlotte in the middle of year 4 with the objective of preparing her for the 11+ examinations. Initially Charlotte found comprehension and story writing quite challenging but I ensured that each lesson was tailored to her interests. I encouraged her love of nature and animals by providing a reading list which reflected her interests. Charlotte made excellent progress and accepted a place at South Hampstead. She also passed the 11+ examination for Channing and Highgate.

11+ English

Tuition began with Louis in year 5 and his parents were concerned that he lacked focus and was not reading enough. I ensured the lessons were productive and creative which resulted in Louis enjoying the lessons (three times per week). I embraced his competitive nature by setting regular targets and challenges which he enjoyed. His increased reading resulted in a noticeable improvement in his writing and comprehension skills. Louis has been offered a place at City of London Boys and will begin Year 7 in September.

GCSE English

Stella, a pupil at Highgate School, had a sound knowledge of the GCSE English Literature but due to a lack of focus had been predicted a B/ C grade. During the lessons, a range of materials were used including revision cards, highlighting quotes and exam questions. Lessons were twice a week, Stella was very attentive and I was pleased that she received an A* grade.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy reading, travelling and blogging.

Client Testimonials

“Zoe, thanks so much for helping Timi- she has made great progress in her English GCSE and a very good understanding of the books she is studying.”

GCSE English, Eby

“Thank you for all your help and we are pleased that Mimi will be attending Channing school”

11+ Entrance Exam, Harshini

“You are very valued and Grace enjoys your lessons”


“Working with Zoe has certainly boosted Malachy’s confidence and his grades are improving.”


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