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'William is an excellent tutor. He is punctual, diligent and caring. He enthusiastically engages with a range of different tutees across a range of different subjects, such that our school has hired him to tutor a Year 9 girl in German 1-2-1, and to support in our Mathematics department to challenge and support Year 11 Maths students, both the most able and those on the C/D borderline. He is a subject specialist in both areas and we have benefitted very much from his expertise and warmth.'

Nicholas, GCSE German Tuition

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Academic History

2009-2013: Cambridge University, BA Hons Modern and Medieval Languages (German and Russian), II.i,

2006-2008: St Dunstan’s College, A Levels: Mathematics (A), History (A), French (A), German (A)

2006: St Dunstan’s College, GCSEs: Mathematics (A*), French (A*), German (A*), Latin (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*), English Language (A*), English Literature (A*), Music (A)

 About Me

My specialist subjects are Maths, German, Russian and History as well as English, French and Science to GCSE (including 7+,11+, 13+ and 16+ preparation). I studied German and Russian at university, but also took papers in the History faculty in political and intellectual History and taught myself A Level Further Maths. To my students I bring a passion for intellectual inquiry, a keen interest in the process of learning, and genuine desire to help people achieve their academic potential and overcome lack of confidence they may have in a given subject.  I believe that the best way to do this is in an approachable, flexible and considerate manner, which balances the demands imposed by exam criteria with the aim of providing lessons which are stimulating and rewarding.  I have extensive experience of putting these aims into practice both in one to one lessons and in a classroom context, and work diligently towards providing lessons best tailored to a pupil’s needs and personality.

Recent Tuition

I have completed over 1000 hours of one to one tuition alongside group work. Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

Teaching and Learning support:

Teacher at the Global Young Leaders summer school. This course was aimed at teenagers interested in politics and debating.

Learning Support in Whitgift School including GCSE maths revision classes: Twice weekly revision classes at Whitgift school that I lead during my time working at the school in Learning Support. These classes were for students who were struggling with the GCSE. Lessons were thematic, covering geometry, algebra, probability, statistics etc, with time allocated for students to bring in particular questions they found tricky.

School tutor at Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School, where I tutored both A level and GCSE Maths for 20 hours per week.

Running debate workshops for the Cambridge Union introducing freshers to British Parliamentary debating. Classes focused on the format of British Parliamentary debating and on argument generation under time pressure and logical analysis. We also looked at ideas in political philosophy and economics frequently used in debating to defend or criticise topical policies

Maths booster class for junior school students at Pimlico Library.


Weekly tuition for a student in year 2, in preparation for his 7+ exams.

Common Entrance:

I have worked with a wide range of students, helping them gain entrance into competitive Grammar and Independent schools, please find some examples below.

ISEB pre-tests – I have supported 5 students with their pre-tests for a variety of schools, including Westminster and City of London. One of these students I worked with for 6 months in the build-up to his tests for Westminster. He did very well, and is now on the waiting list subject to his 13+ results.

11+ English for Carlos. Weekly sessions to focus mostly on English comprehension and composition skills. We also cover some maths during the school holidays when we have extra time.

11+ English and Maths. Weekly lessons with two students, one in year 3 and one in year 4, who were working towards their 11+.

13+ History, including preparation for Tonbridge School Scholarship, for Luke. Weekly lessons to specifically support with History.

13+ Maths, including Winchester School, for a student at an British school in the UAE. Weekly lessons via Skype.

13+ English, Maths and Humanities, for a student applying to Dulwich and Alleyns. He gained entry to both, and is now at Dulwich on a scholarship.

13+ Scholarship preparation – I supported A for 9 months ahead of his scholarship exams for Tonbridge. Through our weekly lessons together we developed A’s writing and exam technique skills, and helped him to develop a broader and more confident understanding of his subjects. A was awarded a place at Tonbridge and is now happily attending school there.

13+ English, History and Geography  – I worked with S for the final few months ahead of his exams for Dulwich College. We focused on his English, as well as developing his exam and essay technique for his humanities subjects. S had a tendency to take too long on certain questions and not finish papers. Together we worked on improving his speed and efficiency with writing clear and structured answers. I am thrilled to report that S secured a place at Dulwich, and will start attending there in September 2018.


I have worked with several students who have taken 16+ exams for specific schools, with great success. I have prepared students for schools such as Ardingly College and St Dunstan’s. I prepare students for not only the general Maths and English papers, but also more subject specific papers such as Maths, Further Maths, Physics and History.

16+ Maths and Critical Thinking for a student applying to Ardingly to board. I supported this student with Maths and critical thinking. I was delighted that they obtained a place at Ardingly and I now tutor this student via Skype for A Level Maths during the school holidays.

16+ Maths for a student applying to St Dunstan’s for 6th form. I supported this student for Maths, and having obtained a place at St Dunstan’s I now tutor them for the A Level.


Year 4 Maths: Weekly tuition for Robert in preparation for his 11+ exams in a few years.

Sky: when we started lesson for the IGCSE in maths Sky showed obvious natural ability in the subject but greatly lacked in confidence. Over the course of 14 months we carefully went through each topic for the exam, developing both his confidence and understanding of the topics as well as the thinking skills required for tackling a mathematical problem. We focused in particular on Algebra and differentiation. It was a pleasure to see how Sky responded with a new enthusiasm for the subject and not just repeat but really get to understand the techniques we revised. After a few months he was tackling multi-step questions independently, a real progress. As the exam approached we did a large number of practice papers together and it I was delighted with his well-deserved A in the IGCSE.

Harry: IGCSE maths lessons. Harry was an extremely intelligent student who, having not yet masters exam technique had achieved a B in his mocks. We worked on covering knowledge gaps, tackling multi-step problems towards the end of the exam and laying out working so as to ensure the best possible grade. In particular, we focused on statistics, differentiation and geometry. He achieved a well-deserved A* in the exam; a fantastic result!

GCSE Science and Maths – I have been providing holiday support for J, who is in Year 11 and preparing for his GCSE exams. Lessons have been online, and we have been working through the topics that J is least confident with – particularly to help him prepare for the January mocks.

IGCSE Science and Maths- I worked with this student for two years, on Maths and all 3 of her sciences. She was targeted a B, but achieved A’s in all of her subjects, and an A* in Physics!

Elizabeth (name changed): ongoing lessons in GCSE maths. I’ve been tutoring Elizabeth for almost two years, during which she has shown tremendous progress in Maths, achieving an A in her year 10 end of year exams. One particular area she found difficult was working with negative numbers and relating and converting number concepts (fractions, decimals, percentages etc), and we worked on developing techniques which she finds intuitive for dealing with these in questions.

GCSE Maths and Science – I provided Christmas support for B, who is in Year 11 and was preparing for his January mocks.

Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate College: groups revision sessions for GCSE and A Level Maths several times a week (2013-14). These classes were for a range of students, primarily those on either the C/D boundary or B/A boundary.

A-Level and IB Maths- I currently work with two A-level Math pupils, and one student on Skype who I support with IB Maths (HL). I also tutored A- level Maths for a student last year who achieved an A grade, and is currently enjoying their gap year!

A- level Maths- I tutored two students A level maths in 2015-16. One achieved an A* and is currently at Durham studying economics and politics, while the other achieved a B.

A level and AS level Further Maths – Last year I taught the pure maths modules for Further Maths at Lillian Baylis, a state school in Vauxhall. There were two students for A2, both achieved A* grades with one now studying computing at Imperial while the other is studying maths at Cambridge. The second group was for students taking the AS exam. The results were A,A,C,D (though the last student was absent for most of the year!).


GCSE History: Weekly lessons for a student in year 10 studying the Russian Revolution and international relations in the interwar period.

AS History: Weekly skype lessons for Mith, who is studying Luther and the Reformation, and Henry VIII.

A Level History: Weekly lessons for a student in year 12 taking papers in the Russian Revolution and the Women’s Movement in Britain.

AS Humanities & Dyslexia Support: Weekly support for Nathan, who has Dyslexia and is finding the leap between GCSE and A-Level difficult. I support him with History and English.

GCSE German:

Tuition for 3 students taking GCSE German, for one of whom as their sole teacher. Results were A*, A*, A.

English as a Foreign Language:

English as a foreign language: Help with written and academic English for Emre, a German native speaker living in Berlin applying to study Politics and International Relations Jacob’s University, a private university in Germany where lectures and tuition are in English, and demonstration of sufficient English language fluency is a prerequisite for admission. We focused on essay writing, and developing his knowledge and use of technical vocabulary used in the political sciences. His application was successful, and he has now just finished his first year at Jacob’s University.

English as a foreign language: Weekly spoken and written advanced English lessons with Nathalie, a German native speaker starting a career as an English-German interpreter. We focused on difficulties in English syntax as well as translating and interpreting in the appropriate register.

English as a foreign language: Ongoing English lessons for Sarah, a German student looking to apply for an MPhil at Oxford. We are working towards the IELTS which she will take in October, and are primarily working on additional fluency in spoken English, as well as going through various difficulties in English grammar, with a particular focus on tense progression.

Hobbies and Interests

Academically, I have wide ranging interests; at the moment I am particularly interested in modern philosophy and the history of ideas. I am also a keen debater, and have won several national competitions. Aside from tutoring I have also worked as an out of house translator for a market research company. During my free time my great passions are cooking, swimming, reading and comedy.

Client Testimonials

From Janie (5/5): (GCSE Maths) William is a great tutor, he thinks and explains clearly, is encouraging, and knows how to practice for exams. Despite being super bright in Maths, he is empathetic and has experience of teaching students of all levels, so is flexible in the way he teaches. He is able to explain complex things in a simple, understandable way. My son has improved in confidence and ability in only a few lessons and we are very glad we found William. He is professional and a genuinely nice guy, punctual and kind.

From Djamila (5/5): (GCSE Maths) William is a great tutor. My son tells me he understood everything William had taught him. William has helped boost my sons grades from an A – A* which is amazing. Thank you, William, again for everything.

From Nicholas (5/5): (GCSE German) William is an excellent tutor. He is punctual, diligent and caring. He enthusiastically engages with a range of different tutees across a range of different subjects, such that our school has hired him to tutor a Year 9 girl in German 1-2-1, and to support in our Mathematics department to challenge and support Year 11 Maths students, both the most able and those on the C/D borderline. He is a subject specialist in both areas and we have benefitted v much from his expertise and warmth.

From Nita (5/5): (GCSE German) In the short time that my son has been tutored he has become more confident in German. He likes Will as a tutor and is always keen to complete the work set in the tutorials. My son’s confidence and increased effort is reflected in his recent mock exam results. Will is always very polite and enthusiastic providing regular feedback on my son’s progress. I do not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who might be looking to improve their German reading, writing and speaking skills.



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