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Will M

“Thank you very much for helping her keep on top of everything and in a position where she feels capable in school - she has clearly come a long way with you.”

Parent of Year 6 Maths & English student

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Academic History

Ambition Institute – National Professional Qualification Lead Teacher Development (NPQLTD) (2021-2023)

College of Naturopathic Medicine Diploma Naturopathic Nutrition: Merit (2018-2021)

University of Suffolk – SCITT/PGCE Secondary Science: Outstanding (2017-2018)

University of Birmingham – BSc Sport & Exercise Science: 2:1 (2011-2014)

A Levels: PE (A*), ICT (A*), D&T (A*)

GCSEs: ICT (A), French (C), English Language (B), English Literature (B), Maths (B), Science (C), D+T (A*), History (A)

About Me

At the core of my tutoring philosophy is a profound commitment to a student-centred approach. I firmly believe that effective education hinges on recognising the unique needs and learning styles of each student. I prioritise creating personalised learning experiences tailored to their strengths and challenges.

One cornerstone of my approach is fostering a positive and supportive rapport with students. I know that a nurturing environment cultivates trust and openness, enabling me to swiftly identify areas needing improvement. As an educator, I aspire to more than exam success; I aim to guide students in unlocking their full potential. Every student has unique talents and capabilities waiting to be realised. My role is to help them discover and harness these strengths, boost their confidence, and achieve their academic and personal goals.

My goal extends beyond exam excellence; it’s about equipping students with critical tools and skills vital for their academic success. Whether nurturing critical thinking, kindling a love for learning, or instilling effective study habits, I am committed to comprehensive support that goes beyond the classroom. My ultimate objective is to inspire a lifelong love for learning and prepare students for success in every aspect of their academic and personal journey.

Recent tuition

I prepare students for 7+ exams (Maths & English). My students have successfully been offered places at schools including St Paul’s, Westminster, King’s CollegeWimbledon, Emanuel and Ibstock. I also prepare students for 11+ (Maths & English) with successful entry into St Paul’s, Westminster, King’s College Wimbledon, Emanuel, Ibstock and Kington Grammar.

Y2 ADHD student

In my recent role as an LSA in a school over the summer term, I supported a Y2 student with ADHD who initially struggled with classroom engagement and motivation. Drawing upon my experience with SEND students, I focused on creating an accessible and engaging learning environment. Personalised strategies, including breaking tasks into manageable steps, hands-on activities, and frequent movement breaks, led to significant improvement. By fostering a positive rapport, providing tailored instruction, and offering consistent encouragement, the student’s focus and motivation increased over time. This transformation allowed them to actively participate in class and achieve academic success, highlighting the importance of adapting teaching methods for diverse learning needs.

Biology GCSE

During my experience supporting a Biology GCSE student with dyslexia and anxiety for 8 weeks, I closely assisted them during a period when the traditional school environment posed challenges. Initially, the student struggled in class, leading to heightened anxiety. However, through tailored one-on-one instruction and a nurturing setting, they developed coping mechanisms and gained self-assurance. As their anxiety decreased, they successfully transitioned back to full-time school, showcasing remarkable improvement. Witnessing their growth and academic and social flourishing was incredibly rewarding, underscoring the significance of tailored support for students with unique learning needs.

Year 10 Home Schooling

Over the school holidays (Easter into the summer) I embarked on a tutoring journey with a student who faced unique challenges due to a medical illness disrupting their regular schooling. These challenges included the need for tutoring, subjects requiring extra support, and occasional struggles with enthusiasm and participation. My tutoring approach prioritised patience, comprehensive subject reviews, and diverse teaching strategies. The results were notably positive, with significant improvements in the student’s understanding of challenging topics, unexpected enjoyment of lessons, and an overall more positive attitude toward learning. Individualised lessons facilitated knowledge consolidation, and both engagement and enthusiasm increased. The parent’s perspective, as seen in their testimonial, reflects the success of the tutoring, benefiting their son and enhancing his lesson enjoyment, all thanks to my patient and engaging approach.

Key Stage 3 ADHD student

Since April this year, I have been supporting a KS3 student who faced the unique challenge of ADHD, making information retention, concentration, and effective study techniques a significant challenge, particularly in science. Tailoring my approach to address these specific needs, I utilised personalised strategies like breaking down complex topics, incorporating regular short breaks for focus, and using visual aids for comprehension. This resulted in a remarkable transformation, with the student showing significant improvements in information retention, concentration, and study techniques. These advancements not only boosted their academic performance but also bolstered their confidence and enthusiasm for science. This case highlights the importance of adapting teaching methods to cater to individual learning styles, enabling students with ADHD to excel academically.

EAL – Year 3 – Year 5

I’ve been tutoring an English as an Additional Language (EAL) student from 2021 whose initial English proficiency was limited, presenting challenges in both academic and social contexts. Recognising the vital role language skills played in their overall success, I tailored our sessions to focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, nurturing confident communication. Through consistent effort and dedicated practice, the student made remarkable progress in their English language skills. This journey not only enabled them to participate actively in classroom discussions but also boosted their confidence to forge new friendships and engage in extracurricular activities. This case showcases the inspiring transformation of an international student who, with perseverance and support, significantly improved their English skills, opening doors to academic and personal growth.


I’ve always been drawn to extracurricular activities, both as a student and in my teaching/coaching career. They bring me immense joy and fulfilment while allowing me to make a positive impact on others. Here’s why I enjoy them:

Playing and Coaching Sports: The thrill of competition, camaraderie, and personal achievement fuels my love for sports. Coaching allows me to share my knowledge, help others develop skills, build confidence, and experience the transformative power of physical activity.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: These programs pushed me beyond my comfort zone, teaching resilience, problem-solving, and leadership skills. Running the program as a teacher is rewarding as I witness students grow and gain confidence through their own adventurous challenges.

RYA Sailing Qualifications: Sailing combines adventure and serenity, connecting us with nature profoundly. Earning my RYA qualifications opened doors to share the beauty and excitement of sailing with others.

Travelling and Voluntary Community Development: Traveling immersed me in diverse cultures and communities, allowing me to directly contribute to improving lives through voluntary community projects. These experiences reinforced my belief in collaboration and giving back.


“Will has worked with our year 10/11 son since May. Due to an illness our son had to have some home tutoring in the Summer Term and Will has been very patient with him. He has been very thorough at revising the topics that have needed reinforcing. Our son has enjoyed his lessons and benefitted from the consolidation that these individual lessons have given him. Will has been a very good tutor and been able to engage our son when he has not always been a very enthusiastic participant in lessons.”

Parent of PE student

“Thank you very much for helping her keep on top of everything and in a position where she feels capable in school – she has clearly come a long way with you.”

Parent of Y6 Maths & English student

”He said he had a very good time. Thanks again. He told me he enjoys working with you! That is indeed a compliment as he rarely says that.”

Parent of 13+ Maths and English student

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