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"You're able to really highlight the importance and driving factors behind studying History, which has helped drive our curiosity and motivation in the course."

IB History Student

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Academic History

PG Certificate: International Sports Management (Ongoing but first module – First)

LLB: Law and Politics – Cardiff University (Law 2:2 and Politics 2:1)

PGCE: History and Politics – Distinction – Cardiff University

A Levels: Politics (A), Geography (A), History (B)

GCSEs: History (A*), RE (A*), Food Technology (A*), Geography (A) ,English Literature (A), English Language (A), Physics (A), PE (A), Chemistry (B), Maths (B), French (B), AS Level English Language and Literature (B)

About Me

I have been teaching and tutoring for over 15 years. I am an experienced teacher with very high success rates in students achieving their potential. Many of my students in Diploma History have achieved a 7. I follow the IB methodology of inquiry-based learning and encouraging critical thinking. My lesson approach is making sure all activities require students to delve deep into the understanding of the concepts of the topics. An example of this is independence movements: There are patterns that exist with all independence movements. If students can understand these patterns, understanding the content is much easier. Being a teacher, I use a lot of past papers for students to practise, and also frameworks to support SEN students.

Recent tuition

As well as IB History, I tutor Geography GCSE and IGCSE and A level Government and Politics.

History Extended Essay (EE) and History IB – Higher Level (HL)

I tutored X for 2 years during his IB Diploma. The lessons were twice a week for two years, in person and online when he moved back to India. X required exam structure guidance and support in essay writing in particular. He achieved a 6 and B in the EE. These grades were the highest of all his subjects, and he went onto study History at university.

IB Diploma History

I taught Y in Switzerland and then when I moved to London, I continued to tutor him online at the parents’ request. He achieved the top mark in his year group achieving a high 7, and went onto study History at York University.

IB History

Initially I tutored C in the transition from one school in Switzerland to the school I was working at. I supported in her coursework, and then taught her IB History HL. She achieved the highest grade of a 7, and her coursework achieved a 7 too.

IGCSE History and IB History

I taught in the Bahamas in which I was the Head of Humanities and taught IGCSE History and IB History. Students were extremely successful, with many students going onto study in the UK, Canada, and the USA.

IB History

For five years I taught at the International School of Lausanne in Switzerland. I was the Diploma Programme History teacher at the school and I had a 100 % pass rate. In the five years I was at the school I had a 95% 5-7 achievement, and in my highest performing year, 50% achieved a 7, when the world average is only 5%.

IB History and MYP Humanities

I am currently working at a London based international school, in which I am the sole History specialist. I teach History SL and HL Diploma and MYP Humanities. Last year’s results were 100% 5-7 and 95% of students achieving 6-7s. Students testimonials include my ability to unpack History and concepts in a clear and logical way. My energy and expectations of student engagement helps achieve this success.

Hobbies and Interests

I am extremely interested in sport, being the Sports Coordinator also at my school. I am currently doing a Postgraduate Certificate in International Sports Management part-time to further this passion. I play football and basketball, and enjoy going to gym. I have played sport since the age of 5, and I find it helps develop the soft skills of team work, determination, resilience, and also aiding your physical and mental wellbeing.


“Nourishing our capabilities and competencies as students, prioritising how we learn best. The variety of teaching methods used to teach us are really engaging and effective in ensuring that we solidify our knowledge.”

Student who achieved a 7 in IB History and went on to study History in Canada at university

“Passion and energy for teaching History – One particular attribute of yours that I have always admired is your passion for history as a course, which has now grown in us as students as well. Your passion for what you do is felt in every class we have with you. You’re able to really highlight the importance and driving factors behind studying History, which has helped drive our curiosity and motivation in the course. When our lessons went online last year, this passion of yours was still transferred in all of your lessons. Because of this, I always look forward to our classes with you.”

IB History student where I taught in Switzerland

“I would say one of the qualities I most appreciate is your profound dedication to us as students, and, similarly, your patience. Whenever we are a bit confused and require a second explanation of something, for example, you are extremely clear and take your time to ensure that we understand it.”

Student who achieved a 7 in IB History

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