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Thomas M

"Hi Tom, just wanted to let you know that I got an A overall in Economics. I'm so pleased - not bad considering I started at a D! Got an A in Maths too. That means I got into Bristol, my first choice! Once again, thank you for all your time and effort."

A Level Maths and Economics student

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Academic History

BSc Economics and Economic History (2:1) 2013-2016, London School of Economics

A-Levels, (Maths (A), History (A), Further Maths (B), and Economics (B) Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School

About Me

There are three key aspects to my approach: building a rapport with my tutee; working to their pace; and seeking to engage them with the subject.

Tutees learn much more effectively when they have a rapport with their tutor – especially if they’re struggling. Tutoring is a 1-1 relationship, so it’s crucial to establish a productive dynamic. I’m friendly, humorous and approachable; from my experience, this has worked wonders for my tutees.

It’s also important not to try and force a tutee to work in a way that is not suited to them – the goal is for them to learn, after all. Instead, I tailor my style and pace to them and their needs, identifying what styles they respond best to and constantly providing encouragement.

Thirdly, I believe in building confidence in, and engagement with, the subject, rather than being a ‘taskmaster’ or having my tutees rote-learn material. Not only does this foster a deeper understanding of the subject – and reduce the chance of being surprised by a question in the exam – but it also encourages critical thinking in students, allowing them to apply their knowledge and understanding to the wider world (which is ultimately what matters most of all).

Recent tuition

Please find a snapshot of my experience below.

Maths, GCSE (Edexcel)

This student needed 1-1 support to improve her grade from a 5-6 to a desired 8. We worked at her pace, employing the use of lessons, homework, and intense half-term sessions to rapidly improve her knowledge and understanding. As a result she achieved an 8 in the final exam and went on to take Maths A-level.

Economics, A-level (AQA)

This student, though bright, was struggling to follow the syllabus. Over eight months we gently worked through the syllabus, going through each topic in detail and focusing on the areas he found more challenging. We also worked on exam technique. He became much more confident and interested in the subject. He went from a D to an A grade and even went on to read Economics at Bristol University.

Economics, A-level (AQA)

This student was struggling to engage, under a lot of pressure with his grades, and had had previous tutors to no avail. His school was raising the prospect of having to drop Economics. I focused on building a rapport with him, and we worked intensely over several months to improve his understanding of the course material, focusing on applying the theory to the real world to help him engage. He was able to continue with the subject and secured a B in the exam.

Economics (Edexcel), A-level

This student was struggling with economic theory and its application as well as exam technique. He was considering dropping the subject. We worked intensely to grasp and then reinforce the core topics, with regular recap sessions, while boosting his confidence and building a rapport with him. Ultimately, he secured a high B and went onto study his desired subject at Leeds.

Maths (Edexcel) and Economics (AQA), A-level, and Cambridge admission (Economics)

This student needed some support with Pure Maths and exam technique for Economics, as well as her Cambridge admissions process. I helped her with the ECAA and then her interview, giving advice and running mocks. She was successful at interview, after which we worked on the A-levels, working to cement her understanding in Pure Maths and perfect the exam technique in economics. She secured A*s in both went on to read Economics at Cambridge.

Maths (OCR) and Economics (AQA), A-level

This student was operating at B level and wanted to improve to A/A*. We focused on his weaker areas for both subjects, pushing his knowledge and skills to A* level through challenging exercises and questions that deepened his understanding. He secured an A* and an A and went on study Economics at LSE.

History, A-level (Edexcel)

This student was having difficulty with essay writing and source analysis. We worked through example questions and past essays, focusing on deepening his historical analysis techniques in essays, engaging with history, and creating a standard approach to tackling source questions. He went from borderline C/D to a strong B and secured his first choice of university at Nottingham.

History (AQA) and Politics (Edexcel), A-level, and Oxford admission (History)

This student wanted some extra support to guarantee his grades and for his Oxford admissions process for History. We worked on his personal statement, I advised on the written work to submit, and supported him through the History Aptitude Test and interview. He secured an A* in History and an A in Politics, and his place at Oxford. I went on to provide consultation during his time at Oxford.

Hobbies and Interests 

Reading about history, politics and economics; going to exhibitions, Museums and debates; going to the Opera and recitals; and learning Arabic. Being exposed to different perspectives and immersing oneself in culture is how we grow as individuals and come to appreciate what it means to be human.

Client Testimonials

“Hi Tom, just wanted to let you know that I got an A overall in Economics. I’m so pleased – not bad considering I started at a D! Got an A in Maths too. That means I got into Bristol, my first choice! Once again, thank you for all your time and effort.”

A Level maths and Economics student

“You were absolutely brilliant with O– and completely turned his lack of confidence and ability at the time around to a genuine love for economics. Without your great teaching – and endless patience – he may not have got the grade he needed to make all this a reality. We will be forever grateful.”

Parent of A Level Economics student

“Your support with the HAT and interviews were invaluable, Tom – I really couldn’t have done it without you. You were so engaging and conveyed what I needed to do perfectly. Thanks to your help I got the place at Oxford, which I’ve dreamed about for years. Thank you so much.”

Parent of A Level student

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