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Thomas L

‘'Thomas has an in depth understanding of Latin grammar, vocabulary and mythology which has allowed my son to achieve rapid progress."

13+ Latin Tuition

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Academic History

2012-2016, University of Oxford: BA Literae Humaniores (2.1)

2007-2012, Magdalen College School, Oxford:

A-Levels: Maths (A*), Latin (A*), French (A*), Chemistry (A), Further Maths (A)

GCSEs: Latin (A*), Ancient Greek (A*), Maths (A*), English Language (A*), English Literature (A), French (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*), History (A*)

About Me

My main subject specialism is Classics (including Latin and Greek). In addition, I tutor Maths, English (including 11+ Common Entrance exams). I have been working as a private tutor since 2015.

In my sessions I aim for an engaging and personalised tutoring style. Over the first few lessons I work out the best way to approach teaching each student. I then tailor lessons to suit them by relating things to their interests or experience. Clarity is always very important, I come to each session with a clear lesson plan in mind which aims to improve on an area of weakness. However, I am always sure to maintain my flexibility.

I am able to build a good rapport with pupils, this leads to a greater level of mutual respect, and yields better results. I am genuinely interested in improving my pupils’ ability, and this allows me to sincerely encourage them to succeed. I am reliable while also being flexible, so can work around clients’ availability and provide consistency. 

Recent tuition

Year 1, Phonics & Maths

This student was struggling with basic phonics and reading, as well as basic addition and counting. I worked with him for two hours per week, with good progress in both areas. Our sessions involved learning the sounds different letters make through games, physicalising counting and mathematics with objects, and reading together. Breakthroughs included getting him to finally be able to count to 10 confidently.

Year 4, English

This student was falling behind his peers in English and was losing confidence in the classroom. While undiagnosed, he displayed a lot of markers of dyslexia. I worked with him through the English syllabus, strengthening their primary areas of weakness which included spelling. What began as a tricky assignment soon become a very enjoyable one as the student became more comfortable working with me and began making progress. He went from pretending to have lost the books I left him to read, to proudly showing the books he had brought back from school which he was going to read (even if they were a bit too tricky for him at times). His spelling and handwriting both improved greatly.

Year 5, Back to School Revision

This job, taking place over seven consecutive week days, aimed to refresh the student’s memory before he headed back to school. He was an energetic boy, and maintaining his focus meant that I needed to adapt to his rhythm. I made sure that as much of the learning was as non-sedentary as possible, to great effect. The student genuinely enjoyed our lessons and made some great progress, especially with his English comprehension.

11+ Entrance

These lessons were designed as an all-round approach to help a student study for their 11+ exams. While we did look at all the subjects, and I was able to help her in all fields, we focused especially on the subjects which she found most tricky: maths and verbal reasoning. By working through the topics which she struggled with the most, while also raising her overall level, I was able to make a positive difference on her exam preparation.

13+ Latin, St Paul’s Scholarship

Our lessons usually comprise of working through exam papers to practise Latin ability and exam technique. The exam papers regularly reveal areas of weakness which I will then take a detour to explain. The student made big strides in his exam scores ahead of his final exam, his recent mocks put him at second in his class which I am told is big improvement.

Year 9, Latin & Greek

This student is at Westminster and has been studying Latin for a while but needs some help with the more complex topics. He has also recently started learning Ancient Greek. I have been working with him to plug some of the gaps that have appeared in his Greek knowledge due to him regularly missing school due to illness. By approaching the Greek at his pace I have been able to help him clarify various topics which he sometimes felt were not adequately explained in class.

A-Level, Classics (OCR)

I provide general help with this student’s Classics exam syllabus. I cover the literature and history, usually alternating the focus each week. I encourage the student to recount what they know about each topic and I then provide a deeper dive on certain aspects. This has helped to both broaden and deepen her understanding of the topic. We also look at exam technique and how to plan essays. This combined work helped her achieve an A*.

A-Level, Latin (OCR)

This student required some last minute help with specific aspects of Latin grammar and translation. Despite only having a few lessons before her exam, we were able to make good progress and improve her Latin translation greatly.

Residential: English as a Foreign Language

This month-long residential involved teaching two students of different ages (11 and 16) who had Russian as their first language. The main aim was to improve their spoken English, as well as to set them up for the upcoming school year. By tailoring lessons to their individual needs I was able to produce a marked improvement in their English reading, as well as their speaking. I also helped the 16 year old prepare to take GCSEs next year, introducing him to some English literature.

Residential: A-Level, Classical Civilisation (OCR)

This short-term residential required a focused and applied approach in order to produce results in only a few days. By focusing on locations of weakness and identifying possible growth areas, I was able to help the student a lot. The residential focused on both exam content and technique, and left the student feeling a lot more confident about his upcoming exams.

Hobbies and Interests

My primary pursuit outside of tutoring is acting which I do semi-professionally. Performing in front of audiences large and small has made me understand the importance of connecting with people on multiple levels, inviting them into a character’s personal sphere, making them forget that they are actually in a room full of other people. In my lessons I try to capture some of this, especially with Classics. I bring my students into the world of ancient Rome or Greece with stories that fuel their interest in the subject as a whole. If I can make a pupil feel like they are working towards a goal of understanding this fascinating world, I find that it helps them engage with what can otherwise be rote and mundane processes like learning vocabulary and grammar.

Client Testimonials

“Thomas has an in depth understanding of Latin grammar, vocabulary and mythology which has allowed my son to achieve rapid progress. We appreciated Thomas’s efficiency and his ability to provide tailor-made lessons, gradually increasing the pace as my son’s level increased.  My son increased his level dramatically, eventually earning an academic Scholarship at St Paul’s.”

St Pauls 13+ Scholarship student

“Thomas came to stay with us to help my son Toby with A level Classical Civilisation revision post an operation. Toby felt that he was very good at explaining the subject and prompting him to think around the subject. Thomas used the time available very efficiently. Thomas was also a pleasure to have in our home.”

Classical Civilisation A-level, short-term residential

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