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Thomas H

“To our amazement, our daughter went from wanting to drop Geography to getting a high B in her GCSE, and this was entirely down to Thomas’s immaculate organisation, consistently positive approach and sensitive support. We had several tutors for our daughter and Thomas was by far the best organised and most thorough of them all.”

GCSE Geography

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Academic History

2014-2018, Loughborough University: BSc Geography and Management (2:1)

2008-2013, Mill Hill School:

A-Levels, Geography (A), Economics (A), Business Studies (A)

GCSEs: Maths (A), Geography (A), Triple Science (A)

About Me

I have worked as a tutor since 2013. I am a multidisciplinary specialist and also provide academic assessments. Some of my subject specialisms at higher levels include Geography and Maths. In addition, I am able to teach Economics, Business Studies, English and Science.

I am a good tutor because I am relaxed. This makes me able to relate more with the student and connect on a personal level, breaking the traditional student/teacher relationship. Having recently been through the education system helps me connect with students, they recognise me as someone who has also completed the exam cycle and therefore understand what the exams are about. This creates harmony between me and the student and encourages stronger working relationships.

Communication is one of my biggest skills. This enables me to vary my method of delivery depending on the student, from relating Maths problems to sporting scenarios or updating English Literature books to current world examples. This adaption makes me a strong all-round tutor. When tutoring I am to offer an interactive and upbeat session for the student, in an attempt to make school work as engaging as possible. I provide varied lessons to ensure the student does not suffer from boredom and I use high levels of interaction to maximise their learning potential. Techniques and methodologies vary from student to student; I often employ the use of metaphors to help students understand complex problems. Furthermore, I like to use diagrams and hands-on tools to vary the learning styles and increase the probability to a student learning and remembering what the session was about.

Recent tuition

I have taught in excess of 800 hours of private tuition. I teach a range of academic levels from Prep school through to A-Level, including home schooling.

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

11+ Preparation

I spent six months working with a student for a family based in London. He was 11 and the aim was to prepare him for the 11+ school entry exams for the private school in Somerset that the parents wanted him to attend. The boy’s subject focus was English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning. He successfully gained entry to the school of his choice and was placed in the top set for Maths and Science at his new school.

13+ Preparation

I tutored a student for a three-week period in the run up to her entrance exams to Bryanston. We worked together for several hours a day, focusing on the core subjects. We were able to make sure she reached her potential using interactive teaching methods such as online games and locational knowledge tests through word association. She was able to get the required grades to gain entry into the school she wanted.

GCSE Geography (AQA)

This student was successful at GCSE level with high predicted grades across all subjects except Geography. When I first met her, it was clear that she had a passion for school but disliked Geography. During my time teaching her, I had to work on helping her to find enthusiasm for the subject. I used a lot of visual aids and made every lesson different to avoid becoming predictable to her. These methods kept her engaged throughout the year. This higher level of engagement meant that she was able to retain more knowledge during our sessions. She was predicted a D for Geography GCSE, but she was able to achieve a B in her exams.

IGCSE Economics

I had the privilege of tutoring this student in Economics. He exhibited a strong foundation in the theoretical aspects of the subject, often performing well in classroom settings that focused on textbook concepts. However, he faced challenges when it came to practical applications, particularly in understanding the dynamics of international trade and the impact of exchange rates. Our primary objective during our tutoring sessions was to bolster his comprehension of these two crucial areas from a C grade level understanding to an A grade proficiency. It was evident from our initial discussions that he had a grasp on the basics of trade and exchange rates but lacked the confidence to apply these concepts to real-world scenarios, often getting muddled when discussing the balance of payments or the effects of appreciation and depreciation on an economy.

GCSE Maths, Biology, Physics & Chemistry (AQA and Edexcel)

This student had been home schooled for the majority of her GCSE cycle, so I was brought in to organise her work schedule, judge how she was performing and teach the more difficult topic areas. For her, subjects such as English came very naturally and the technical subjects were more of a struggle due to lack of interest and understanding. During my time with her, I was able to create a work and revision map to structure her days and work our way through the A and B grade topics of Maths and Science that she couldn’t learn by herself. She went from a predicted Cs to B in Maths, A in Biology and BB in Physics and Chemistry.

GCSE Multiple Subjects

This student was struggling at school when I first met him. He had moved from Switzerland to England at the beginning of the GCSE cycle. As such, he was having problems with the change in school systems and knowledge gaps between his new school and old school. I was brought on board as a live-in-tutor over the Easter Holidays to solve the problems he was facing, including teaching any areas he had not learnt, teaching exam technique, overcoming language barriers and covering any areas of the subjects he was struggling to learn. We focused a lot on exam techniques as this was one of the hardest transitions for him at the new school. He had a predicted 2 B’s, 4 C’s and 2 D’s at GCSE but achieved 3 A’s and 5 B’s.

GCSE Multiple Subjects (SEN Dyslexia & ADHD)

This student was struggling at school as he was unable to concentrate in that environment – meaning he had fallen behind in the syllabus. I was brought on to find the best method of teaching and work with him to catch up and be prepared for his exams. I started working with him for one afternoon a week in January and by the summer I was working with him full time leading into the exams. Working together, we found a teaching method that worked for him and a way of revising that enabled him to retain more information. We used less conventional methods of working as this seemed to increase his enjoyment and learning potential. He had failed his GCSE Christmas mocks, but achieved 2 A’s, 6 B’s and 1 C in his summer exams.

IB Geography

I taught a student for 18 months during his two Sixth form years. After achieving very highly in Cambridge IGCSE’s for Geography, he had lost interest and enthusiasm for the subject and was finding his other options easier. My job was to help him regain the passion and help him catch up on the topics he had missed. Alfred was predicted a low C when i first started tutoring and he ended up securing an A. He is now studying Human Geography at Exeter University.

This student was halfway through his A-Level cycle when I started tutoring him. He had a real enjoyment for the subjects and wanted to study them at University. I was tutoring him to ensure that he gained the highest grade for his potential. We achieved this by pushing his understanding of the subject and the highly advanced areas of the curriculum to assure he had the widest range of knowledge for the exams. This enabled me to use a wide range of resources to maximise the amount of knowledge I could transfer to him. He was predicted A / B for Geography and Economics. He achieved AA in his exams – with Geography only being 2 marks off an A*. This student went to Loughborough University to study Economics.

A Level Economics

This student was achieving high marks in Micro and poor marks in Macro unit tests. The aim of the tuition was to improve the Macro from a D to a B which he was successfully able to do. The student understood the core economic principles but struggled to see how these related to governments and the economic “big picture”. In order to achieve this, we used the current UK government and applied the economics principles he had learnt to understand why they were making their decisions for the Budget.

A Level Maths

I am currently tutoring a student that needed help with her Maths. When we first started working together, she had lost confidence in her Maths ability and wanted to drop the subject. It has been my job to re-build her confidence and highlight that she is naturally talented in Maths. We have been working together for three months and raised the grade from a D to C – she is predicted to achieve a B in her January mocks.

A Level Business Studies (AQA)

I have taught numerous students at A-Level and University in Business. I most recently taught a student who has predicted a C (after achieving poorly in his mocks). In the six months we worked together, we were able to improve his grade to an A (81%) in his summer exam. The most important method I used to help the student was to link business concepts and ideas to businesses that he was familiar with. So, for him, it seemed more tangible and made it easier for him to understand.

PE A-Level (OCR)

I taught a student through both her Edexcel GCSE PE and OCR A-level PE. The student scored an 8 at GCSE and an A at A-level. This student was a gifted athlete but struggled with the coaching and technical side of the curriculum. In order to help her achieve the high grades, we worked intensively on methods to learn and remember the facts for more than just a few hours. We included memory games and made detailed notes to help her revise.

PE A-Level (AQA)

I taught a home-schooling student an intensive PE course over the duration of three months in the run up to the exam. He had decided to drop Economics at the last minute and pick up PE instead because he was also studying Biology. The student achieved a B in the exam, which was pleasing for everyone, especially considering that he had to learn the course in a short period of time.

Residential Tutoring

Murren, Switzerland

I was hired to work as a full-time teacher and career for two children (aged 8 and 12) for a period of three months. My job was to prepare the older child for entrance exams into a well-known London school. For the younger child it was to teach him KS1 and KS2, due to him dropping behind in school and had holes in key subject areas. I was also tasked with keeping the children entertained when not tutoring. This involved taking them skiing and explore the local area of Murren and its key attractions.

Lausanne, Switzerland

I spent six weeks working as a residential tutor in Switzerland with an iGCSE candidate. I was his teacher for all subjects including Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I lived with him and his family during the Easter holidays and the exam study leave period, I implemented a structured working day that helped organise the revision and increase his work efficiency. Working together we were able to raise his grades from the predicted C / D level to A / B in his exams.

Norbiton, Surrey

I spent a year working with a 15-year-old boy in the run up to his GCSE exams, he needed help with his Science, Maths, English and History with the aim of getting into a Private School Sixth Form in the Autumn. I worked with him for four hours a week for three months, before becoming a full-time tutor for two months in the run up to the exams. This boy had Dyspraxia, meaning so I had to change my method of teaching to keep him engaged throughout the teaching time. The boy gained 2 A’s and 4 B’s in the subjects I taught and was able to attend his sixth form of choice.

Hobbies and Interests

I am very sporty, which enables me to get out of the classroom and enjoy some fresh air. I’ve played cricket and baseball at a national age group level. This ability to escape for short periods of time, means that I can re-enter the classroom refreshed and able to deliver a high class lesson every time.

I also do some volunteering. I have spent time at Great Ormond Street Hospital and this allows me to work with children in a different scenario where they are more dependent on me. Not only do I find this work challenging and rewarding it also helps me develop my core skills needed as a tutor.

Client Testimonials

“Thomas immediately grasped the scale of the problem and created a schedule of weekly sessions which would systematically revisit the entire syllabus from the very beginning and recap two years’ work in 5 months.”

“Thomas not only created the schedule but worked out preparation and follow-up work to accompany each of the twenty or so sessions they had together, identifying relevant videos on YouTube and other resources for her to watch prior to a session, and then identified mock exams questions for her to do as follow-up to each session.”

“Not only was Thomas extraordinarily thorough and diligent in creating this complex schedule, but he always arrived on time and with bags of enthusiasm for the subject. He not only taught her the subject but he managed, with sympathy and tact, to win our daughter round from hating the subject to becoming genuinely interested and even excited about it.”

“Thomas has shown the qualities needed to be a tutor and has been an example of professionalism since day one of the one-on-one tutoring work he has undertaken with our son. He is always on-time and prepared with lessons and homework. Thomas is an energetic self-starter and always looks for new and innovative ways to make the material more exciting. His enthusiasm and creativity is an inspiration to our son who had been struggling from problems at school, and definitely what I would look for in a tutor.”

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