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"Tanveer has taught my son Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Edexcel Pearson for a year. He knows all three subjects equally and guided my son in not only understanding basics, but also with an emphasis on practice problems. He has unique methodology in tackling complex problems."

Parent of A Level student

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Maths

Academic History

2023 Teaching and Learning Qualification, University of Alabama, US

2011 Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK Dissertation Title: Nano surface mechanical properties of semicrystalline polymers

Intermediate (Equivalent to A Level) Mathematics A+ Physics A Chemistry A

Matriculation (Equivalent to GCSE) Mathematics A+ Physics A+ Chemistry A+ Biology A+

About Me

Tutoring is an enhanced one-to-one learning experience. A tutoring session provides an edge to the student in terms of the lagging learning sessions as well as understanding study materials. The tutoring job is versatile in nature as there is not a single methodology to be adopted. A number of possibilities exist for tutoring sessions based on the student’s learning needs and the time of year of practice. My teaching methodology is to access the student’s learning needs in the first sessions and then prepare a complete plan for the term. It includes preparation of cognitive and psychomotor explaining videos for the understanding of basic concepts if the sessions have been planned from the start of the class. Finally, practising the previous exam questions and active discussions on the topics of the subjects for clarity. My students have commented on the positive impact they had based on the subject discussions and solving problems. I am a science teacher, so I solve complex problems by breaking them into smaller portions to enhance subject understanding. My students have earned good grades based on fractional approaches for the problem solution.

Recent tuition


I tutored a student who was struggling with her O Level Mathematics course. Her major issue was solving algebraic equations. We have practised exam questions and she is now comfortable solving those questions.


I taught Chemistry to this student. He needed to score an A in Chemistry to take up Chemical Engineering Course at Imperial College London. I have discussed the Chemistry questions with examples based on industrial processes and solved past exam problems. He has been able to achieve the results with optimal practice times.

Undergraduate Teaching

My first assignment as a lecturer/lab demonstrator at the UET was to conduct the Process Dynamics & Control laboratory for final year undergraduate students. I thoroughly covered all the possible experiments based on the course curriculum and facilities available. I have divided the students in smaller groups and persuaded them to design new experiments along with conventional experiments. I also taught an undergraduate course in Engineering Materials to the first year students. My major focus in the course was not only on the properties of materials but also the applications and newer developments. I received marks of 26/30 (category A teacher) in the teacher evaluation by students. Based on the student feedback and observations, the head of department has nominated me to act as a junior member of committee to develop course curriculum for a new undergraduate program of Polymer & Process Engineering. This exciting assignment has introduced me to the curriculum development which involve many factors like industrial requirements, professional accreditation bodies considerations and further education scenarios. I also taught Introduction to Polymer Science & Engineering and Polymer Rheology to Polymer & Process Engineering students.

During my PhD studies at Imperial College London, I demonstrated Heat Transfer and Basic Chemical Engineering Laboratory Practice to first year and second year Chemical Engineering Students. This has been a great experience because the demonstrator has to explain the student basic procedure and then guide them for some innovative experiments. I also tutored Process Dynamics and Control to a group of five students. I taught Engineering Mathematics to undergraduate foundation and Process Simulation to third year students at the London Southbank University (LSBU), UK as a visiting teacher. In contrast to Imperial College students, the LSBU students were the ones who returned for studies after some years, therefore, it has been a different experience.

I have been taking three subjects a semester at the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore for the past four years. Mainly these courses are core chemical engineering subjects like Chemical Engineering Plant Design, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Separation Processes and Chemical Engineering Mathematics.

Postgraduate Teaching

I have taught multidisciplinary courses at postgraduate level like Energy Conservation, Clean Coal Technologies and Process Economics. In all these courses student response has been great with positive feedback. Although I prefer to deliver lectures on blackboard, I also use technology to show interactive maps and flow diagrams for better understanding of processes. I have been involved in the curriculum revision of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. As a committee member for curriculum revision in the Chemical Engineering, I proposed to adopt the Outcome Based Education model in our department.


I have enjoyed my experience as a mentor to undergraduate and postgraduate students. I have had pleasure of mentoring eleven undergraduate design thesis and thirteen postgraduate research projects. As an advisor, I have enjoyed meeting regularly and engaging with the student over the course of their design and research projects. The design and research projects of my students have always been acknowledged by the examiners.


My hobby is to watch cricket and football matches. I take this as an opportunity to see how coaches and players prepare strategies. My interest is to see where a game has been won and lost and then see the opportunities created by players.


“Tanveer has taught my son Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Edexcel Pearson for a year. He knows all three subjects equally and guided my son in not only understanding basics, but also with an emphasis on practice problems. He has unique methodology in tackling complex problems.”

Parent of A Level student


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