"She was an outstanding teacher, inspiring the children with her enthusiasm."

Jennie, Year 5 Teaching

  • Maths

Academic History

2008, QTS, Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

1994-1998, University of Southampton, BSc Mathematics and French (2:1)

1994, Sir Williams Perkins School, A Levels, Maths (A), French (A), Geography B)

About Me

I have been a qualified teacher for 10 years and am now a full-time tutor. I specialise in Maths tuition.

Every student has their own strengths, talents and learning styles. When I meet a student, the first thing I do is to assess their needs to establish what they know and what they need to learn. As a qualified teacher with 15 years’ experience in schools, teaching both whole class and individual learners, I am very aware that understanding the student and building a strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect is key to a student fulfilling their potential. Over the years, I have developed a strong knowledge of pedagogy, of different learning styles and of methods to ensure complete understanding.

I believe that when learning maths, a student’s confidence in their ability is paramount. I work hard to build up this confidence through my positive approach and clear explanations. I have always been passionate about maths and I have a lot of enthusiasm for the subject. As a result, I am a good motivator and confidence builder. I am intuitive, patient and quick to understand the specific needs of the student.

Recent Tuition

I have over 100 hours of tutoring experience and specialise in GCSE and A Level tuition. Please see a snapshot of my recent tuition experience below.

A Level Maths

Grace was stressed and anxious because she found that there was a huge jump between maths GCSE and A-level. In class, she thought that the teacher worked too quickly through examples and she understood very little of what she was being taught. Grace needed extra support and clear explanations tailored to her understanding. Through patient and methodical explanations and practice set specifically for her each week, Grace caught up with what she was being taught in class and she is now on course to achieving an A. 

A Level Maths

Ben was an energetic student who had done very little maths practice over the course of the year. He was quick to learn when maths questions were broken down for him but he needed help with his motivation and discipline. He did not know where to start with his revision and as a result was underperforming. Together, we went through the curriculum and divided it into manageable chunks to help Ben with his studying. Ben needed to do a lot of extra practice, and, once we devised him a manageable timetable, he realised that he could achieve the practice set and he became highly motivated. 

A Level Maths

Holly was very organised with her work and she had clear ideas of what she wanted to revise and when. Holly was on top of her revision, she had autonomy over her learning and she wanted extra help with just the trickiest of questions. She had produced a comprehensive revision timetable but sometimes she came across a question that she could not solve. Each week, she came armed with very specific questions about exam problems that we then worked through together. Solving these problems gave us a clearer idea as to what Holly needed to practise and she would then add this into her revision timetable.

GCSE Maths

Samantha was a bright girl who did not realise how bright she was. She lacked confidence in her ability to do maths. When she saw a question on a page, if she was unable to do it straight away, her mind went blank, leaving her unable to attempt the question. We worked on Samantha’s confidence, encouraging her to stay calm and to approach problems one step at a time. Samantha’s confidence grew when she realised that when taking a calm and methodical approach, she was able to answer the questions.

GCSE Maths

Sean was a maths refuser. He did not like maths, only doing the bare minimum and, as a result, he was on course to fail his GCSE. Once he had somebody to motivate him, to set him targets and to help him see that problem solving is rewarding when you work hard, he began to do the extra work that was needed. As a result of the extra effort, Sean started to enjoy maths and he achieved a level 6 in his GCSE which was a huge achievement.

Hobbies and Interests

I run regularly and I am a member of the Serpentine Running Club, taking part in cross country, track and road races. My running helps me to stay fit and healthy and I have an energetic approach to teaching. I love music and I enjoy playing the piano and song writing. I spend my free time visiting museums and art galleries and making the most of the culture that London has to offer. As a school teacher, I was responsible for Enrichment across all year groups and I have always found that young people benefit from a rich and broad approach to their learning.

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