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"Shormee helped me to secure an offer for PPE at Oxford! She really understood the process and helped me throughout the entire process from picking my course to my college choice."

Oxford Admissions student

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Academic History

University of Cambridge: (BA) Human, Social & Political Science, 2:1

A-Levels: Philosophy (A 98%), Economics (A), History (A),  Classical Studies (A), Maths AS (A)

GCSEs: English Language (A*), Religious Studies: Philosophy & Ethics branch (A*), English Literature (A), Media Studies (A), Physics (A), Spanish (A), Biology (B), Chemistry (B), Maths (B)

About Me

My approach to tutoring is to tailor my lessons to the individual as every student has their own needs, requirements and unique ways of learning. One size does not fit all. The goal will always be the highest of grades or admission into a top university, however, the journey and approach for each student are different. I taught myself my A-Levels and from that, I understood the value of broadening one’s views and intellect beyond the academic syllabi. I teach my tutees how to do this and have resources and advice on hand for optimal results in going beyond the classroom where needed. Our sessions will always be interactive and structured – I have now tutored and mentored for ten years where I have sought to capture the diversity of each student, providing a platform for each individual to excel in their academic journey.

Recent Tuition

Primary: English, Maths, Writing Skills

The parents of M (age 10) sought my help in prepping him for future private school entrance exams and felt that he had a gap in his grasp on the subjects. Whilst he was very smart, M was not a native speaker and required additional support to aid in his fluency, as well as his maths skills. I tutored M for a year where his English, maths and general writing skills went from barely a pass grade to standing out compared to his peers. He grew in his confidence, articulation and the ability to convey his points well.

RE & Philosophy GCSE

I tutored L in RE & Philosophy for her GCSEs (OCR exam board). She was struggling with conveying her answers in the correct manner and as a result, was not predicted the best GCSE results as she would often run out of time in her answers, or her answers were imprecise. I helped her articulate her points better and provided her with the relevant exam techniques and knowledge. She went on to achieve 9s in the subjects above and continued her journey towards her A-Levels.

Oxbridge Admissions

I tutored S for Oxbridge admissions, providing support from start to end. S was unsure which of the two to opt for and I helped her navigate these choices, based on her own goals and academic background. We explored subject choices, college choices and where she would fit in best, as all these choices matter in the likelihood of receiving an offer. In the end, S received an offer from Cambridge.

Oxbridge Interview Preparation

I have mentored many students who come from under-represented backgrounds for Oxbridge interview preparation, with many going on to receive offers. These applicants do not have support from their schools and so I sought to be the bridge there and walk them through the interview process. Having worked with the admissions teams during my time at Cambridge and in my own college there, I have a good sense of what the tutors are looking for. I use this knowledge to prepare my students accordingly.

HSPS and PPE Subjects Preparation

We covered what may come up at undergraduate level, but it also intersected that with the current A-Levels of the students at hand. I tutored a small class of four students on HSPS and PPE preparation over an intensive six-month period. I created classes that covered topics that may be explored in those subjects at a first year undergraduate level. I created the class to mimic the tutorial/supervision styles. The students came to me as they wanted help with both their A-Levels, which centred around the social sciences and humanities, as well as being best prepped for these courses given that they were offer-holders. I know the paper guides for both HSPS and PPE and used my own experiences to tailor informative, engaging and interesting classes where the students all went on to meet their offers and achieve As and A*s in their A-Levels. They studied a range of A-Levels from Economics, Philosophy, Politics to Sociology – all of which are relevant to HSPS and PPE.


Reading dystopian novels – I really enjoy the intersection of technology and what it may lead to in these novels (Handmaids Tale, 1984, Brave New World, etc.); Gaming – exploring new worlds, strategies and experiences; Photography – I love capturing moments, the good, the bad, the seemingly mundane because I can look back at them and be transported to the exact, memory and location by just one image; Art & Henna Art – Going to galleries and creating content allows me to be creative. I really enjoy the arts and exploring them is one of my favourite past times; Exploring London (& other cities) – escape rooms, culture, history, food etc. – I love exploring both my own city and others and experiencing all the multi-faceted aspects that it can offer; Reading, debating and engaging in topics on: technology, politics, economics – the intersection between them & our future.


“I am not a native English speaker and struggle with putting my points out there. Shormee was very patient with me and really helped me in improving my academic reading and writing skills in my A-Level subjects in the social sciences. She also helped me choose which UK university to apply for given my interests.”

Writing, reading, speaking English in essays and interviews

“Shormee really helped bridge the gap that I had in my A-Levels due to missing a lot of school. She structured her lessons very well and held them like tutorials so I always felt engaged and challenged. She also took into consideration the fact that I have ADHD and provided the needed tailoring.”

A-Level: Philosophy, Economics and HSPS preparation

“Shormee helped me to secure an offer for PPE at Oxford! She really understood the process and helped me throughout the entire process from picking my course to my college choice. She was very knowledgeable and tailored everything to my own aspirations, needs and points of improvement. I really valued her honest feedback and advice.”

Oxbridge admissions, gap-year student post sixth form

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