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"We wanted help for daughter with her mathematics for the 11+ exam. Sheyi got her into the school she absolutely wanted, Francis Holland. Our daughter had multiple offers from other schools, which was very pleasing. Sheyi took a very methodical and rigorous approach towards the maths, whilst always ensuring that our daughter found it fun. We would recommend her to anyone looking to get the best possible result in the 11+ for their child."

Maddy, 11+ Exam Tuition

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  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

History and Politics Degree 2006-2009 (SOAS – School of Oriental and African Studies) University of London. BA 2:1

2006 – A’ Levels:  History (A), Included topics such as China 1900-2000, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, The Korean War and Votes for Women in Britain. Drama and Theatre Studies (A), Music (B)

2004 – GCSE’ Levels: Spanish (A*), Drama (A), English (A), English Literature (A), German (A), Religious Studies (A*), Biology (A), Chemistry (A), History (A*), Mathematics (A), Music (A*)

About Me

My specialist subjects are 11+ and 13+ Maths and English, and History and Politics at GCSE and A-Level.

I am an enthusiastic, friendly tutor, with a passion for the subjects I teach. I believe I have many techniques and relevant advice for students, particularly for those needing help with essay writing skills and historical and political analysis. Essentially, I have the skills to identify potential, increase understanding and inspire confidence in students, enabling them to use their skills more effectively and assuredly.

In terms of the 11+ and 13+, I have the ability to establish and maintain a friendly but firm working relationship with children of that age. I am able to gain their trust and so I am therefore able to work with them easily, especially in areas where they are lacking confidence. I have now taught the common entrance for 4 years running, and have always had great results. I know what standard is needed in order to achieve the level set.

Recent Tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

Recent tuition – I have over 1,500 hours of tutoring experience a variety of different students. Below is a selection of recent work I have done. I am currently preparing students for 11+ entrance exams in 2016 and 2017 and have several GCSE and A Level students preparing for exams in summer 2016.

11+ work

I had at least 10 pupils per week who I worked with on the 11+ the last time the exams took place. There was great variety in each child’s strength and weaknesses. I was able to identify this quickly, and also direct the parent to ways in which they could help their child also. Francessca for example was extremely strong at Maths, however her English creative writing was not as strong. I spent a lot of time building up her confidence in this area, as well as using creative writing exercises to give her important skills. Francessca got into all 5 of the schools she applied for, including The Lady Eleanor Holles School, Godolphin and Latymer, and Latymer. Olivia however just needed help with Maths. Her basic skills were good, but she lacked confidence with fractions in particular. By the time we finished our sessions Olivia was excellent at fractions. She comfortably gained a place at Godolphin and Latymer.

13+ Work

I have worked with many students in preparation for the 13+ common entrance, and all of my students have gone on to secure places at their chosen schools. I pride myself that on two occasions I have continued working with my 13+ students beyond their exams, and went on to support their siblings through the common entrance as well.

A Level Politics Students

All have different issues, ranging from essay structure, question analysis, knowledge gaps and others. I am able to address all their needs individually and work with them on a case by case basis. For example I worked with Hannah for a year on her Politics A Level. When I first started she was only achieving C’s and D’s. Her result this summer was an A, despite the fact she had to do both her As’s and A2’s at the same time. I was able to make the subject more interesting for Hannah, and she found our discussions useful. I also did a lot of work with her on exam technique and essay structure. Susanna however was different, and simply wanted to get a high A on her politics exam to make sure she got to go to her first choice university. We mainly did practise essays and questions so that she could see where she could improve. Susanna managed to achieve a high A also.

A level – Edexcel – Working during a students Christmas holidays to help him with his Government and Politics work, focusing on 8 topics and exam technique.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Singing –Taught singing classes at First Steps Academy in Fulham.
  • Belonged to a Gospel Choir for over a year and have done much performing as a solo act.
  • Frequently attend political debates at SOAS, such as the late April hustings debate between all major political parties, in preparation for 1st of May 2008, Mayor for London elections.
  • Member of the University of London’s women’s basketball inter-league. Regular first team player.
  • Active dance participant at London Pineapple Studios.
  • Travel – Recently visited Hong Kong and Cuba

Client Testimonials

Eleanor P – 11+

Sheyi tutored my daughter Eleanor in preparation for the 11+ entrance exams in English from June to October 2011.

Both Eleanor and I were very pleased with the tuition.  Sheyi used interesting materials which built on Eleanor’s existing skills, but which also challenged her by covering skills and content which her own school did not cover.  Sheyi’s approach covered reading and writing skills, and developed Eleanor’s technical abilities as well as giving her confidence in her own imagination and creativity.  Sheyi was particularly good at showing Eleanor how to develop ideas: she showed how the use of different sentence and paragraph structures could help to extend thought as well as to express ideas more clearly.

Sheyi’s warm and lively personality made a real impact on Eleanor, who was very fond of Sheyi and also inspired by her.  Eleanor felt very comfortable with her.

Sheyi was always reliable, friendly and professional.  We were very sorry that the long travelling time meant that the lessons could no longer continue.  We would certainly recommend her as a tutor.

Olivia L – A Level History Student

Sheyi helped me improve my writing skills hugely such as being able to evaluate and analyse a question rather than narrate historical facts.

She also helped me with the structuring of my essays, how to order and layout an answer; using planning techniques.

Furthermore, after my time with Sheyi, I was able to write an answer to an exam question to the best of my ability within the time frame given, which I previously struggled with. We did many practice essays and we discussed revision techniques.

My tutoring sessions built up to my History exam and I felt very confident going into it after the help she gave me.

Alex R –  13+ – January 2015

Sheyi has been tutoring my 13 year old son for a number of years, most recently to help him prepare for the 13+.  She has particularly focused on maths since he is at a French Lycee and the curriculum there differs to the English curriculum.  By way of example, he had not yet started algebra at school but needed to be able to answer algebra questions in the exam.  He has always enjoyed his tutoring sessions – I have never had a single complaint or whine that he didn’t want to do one – and he has even asked to continue with Sheyi even though he no longer has an exam to work for.  She prepared him thoroughly for the exam and he felt confident that he would be able to answer the questions.  He clearly did well as he was offered the place we had hoped for.  I have found Sheyi to be entirely reliable and a joy to have in our house.  My daughter will be starting her 13+ preparations with Sheyi shortly and I am confident that she will be equally well prepared by the date of the exam.

Beth and Emily C – 11+ and 13+ – 2015

We engaged Sheyi at the beginning of the Autumn term, to help our two daughters prepare for London day school entrance examinations at 11+ and 13+, which take place early in the New Year.

Sheyi was able to tailor her teaching to each child’s individual needs, honing their examination techniques in both maths and English, culminating in offers at all schools applied for.

We would not hesitate to recommend Sheyi, she certainly helped to make a particularly arduous process much smoother.

Jasmine  – 11+ – Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning specifically

In September 2011 we were informed by the school Headmaster that there is a Wandsworth test, which is verbal and non verbal reasoning and that the school does not teach this subject.  The test was held in November 2011.

Sheyi had to start from scratch with my daughter who had no idea at all how to do non verbal and verbal reasoning.  We soon found out that schools were also asking for this for their school entrance exams.  Our first choice of school for our daughter also had the verbal and non verbal reasoning exam.  I am pleased to say due to Sheyi’s hard work and good teaching that my daughter achieved 76%, a pass mark that enabled my daughter to go to her first choice school.  In her own words she said “I could not have done it without Sheyi”.

Niki  K – 11+

Sheyi worked with my daughter Niki in a very productive manner, making sure to address all the weak learning areas the child had such as comprehension.

She went about it in a diligent, industrious way, establishing a very good learning bond between student and teacher, something that paid dividends with the child progressing substantially in its understanding of the subjects taught.

Niki was very happy in the way Sheyi went about in teaching her, addressing all the difficulties the child had with the learning material taught to her while at the same time making sure that Niki was not over-saturated and was progressing in a manner in accordance with her needs and our wishes. The end result of her efforts was that Niki passed to a secondary school of her choice and we could not be any more pleased.

We can only recommend Sheyi very highly, as a tutor and as a caring educator.

Ted J – 11+ – January 2013

Sheyi was absolutely brilliant with our ten year old. He thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and never once quibbled about doing extra work (which is probably half the battle!).

His English and reasoning improved noticeably over the six months he saw Sheyi and he passed all his exams. So thanks Sheyi!

Simon R  – History A2

2 hours for 4 days covering all the topics of History (French revolution and Modern Britain 1951-2007)

What I found helpful was repetitive essays being done to get into the flow of essay writing. We worked on various essay techniques which suited my style. The most useful technique I learnt and took into the exam was the plan we did before every essay and how I was going to structure it, by spending a few minutes. Also Sheyi advised me to circle key words from the essay title which gave me a better understanding on what I was going to write, what arguments etc. This helped me improve my main weakness, which was going off topic from the essay and referring to irrelevant information which had lost me marks on previous essays and exams.  These various ways helped me tremendously in the A-level exam I took. I was previously struggling on the ‘C-D’ boundary.  I managed to bump up my grade to get a solid ‘B’ for History at A-level.  A very good tutor which I recommend to anyone. Thank you very much!

Daniel R  – Politics A2 – Summer 2012

My son Daniel received tuition from Sheyi for his AS politics exam. He had found the subject not particularly well taught at his school and in his February report had been predicted a C grade. Sheyi’s approach brought the subject to life and she helped Daniel focus on essay technique and timed answers. She was very well versed in what was required to get a good grade in this subject as well as having a lively, engaging manner. Dan achieved a comfortable grade A this summer and we were delighted. He worked hard to achieve this result, and always had that potential but Sheyi was definitely a key component in his success.

Sophie  C – 11+ – January 2013

“We engaged Sheyi to prepare S for sitting a range of 11 plus entrance exams.  The aim was to get her Maths and English up to the required level.  S is a bright girl, not particularly stretched at her current primary school and was quite resistant to the extra work involved in tutoring!  Sheyi handled this very well, and adapted her teaching and homework plans to take this into account, with the result that S came to enjoy the sessions.  They covered a lot of ground in the lessons, and by the time of the exams, S was very well prepared for all the questions that came her way.  We are now in the happy position of choosing between several excellent schools and that is in large part because of Sheyi’s work.”

Daphne M – AS Level History – Summer 2013

Sheyi is simply brilliant! Thanks to her excellent teaching, style, experience and personality, not only did our daughter achieve more than 90% in the relevant AS subjects but also gained the confidence to believe in herself and try to achieve even more.

Jude and Luke – 11+ – January 2013

Sheyi was a tutor for our 11 year old twin boys from September 2012 to January 2013, as they prepared for their 11+ pre-test entry examinations for Hampton School and St John’s School Leatherhead.  Sheyi came to our house on a weekly basis and gave joint 1 hour tutorial sessions, focused on Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning and general examination technique.

Sheyi was a great success!  Not only did our boys pass all their entry examinations, but they actually seemed to enjoy Sheyi’s sessions – no mean feat when dealing with boys!

We feel that the secret to Sheyi’s success was her ability to quickly establish a friendly, yet challenging rapport with both boys.  She worked them hard during each session – in a friendly and effective fashion – which meant that they both responded in a positive manner.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Sheyi as an academic tutor to anyone faced with approaching 11+ pre-test examinations.

Mahna K – A Level History – Summer 2013

Sheyi has been a wonderful tutor for my daughter, Mahna.

Mahan was struggling to understand the core idea of argumentation in the A level paper, with detail explanation of the argument module as well as suggestion of very right history books, Mahna understood it all really well.

The result was amazing, my daughter got to her first choice University, SOAS to study International affairs.

Hannah F – AS level and A Level Politics – Summer 2013

Sheyi worked with my daughter Hannah for a year from July 2012 to June 2013. Hannah was studying A level politics and had struggled throughout the first year of the course. She did not enjoy the subject and her marks were poor, mainly Cs and Ds. I had tried tutors before but they could not engage in the subject.  However, Hannah immediately liked Sheyi and enjoyed her lessons.  Sheyi helped her with every aspect of the course; they went over topics studied in class, homework, exam technique and examples to use in answering exam questions.  Hannah took her A levels in June 2013 and she got an A in politics.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sheyi.  She is an excellent tutor.

Katerina L – 11+ Preparation – January 2015

I wanted to let you know that we have now received all results following Katerina’s 11+ exams.  She applied to four schools and received offers from Godolphin & Latymer, Putney High and Surbiton High and was put on the reserve list for Wimbledon High.  G&L was always her favourite and she was absolutely thrilled to receive an offer from them.

I wanted to thank you for finding us Sheyi who worked brilliantly with Katerina and made her a lot more prepared for the exams.  We could not have done it without her!

Bella and Alex – 11+ and 13+ – January 2016

Sheyi has been a tutor for our family since March 2013, initially for my son (now 14) and then my daughter (now 12).  She assisted both with their preparations for the 13+.  She particularly focussed on maths with them both since the children were moving from the French Lycee where the maths syllabus is different to that followed in English schools and she needed to teach them some topics from scratch to ensure they were prepared for the exam.  She also worked with them on English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and interview technique.  The tutoring sessions have always been a pleasure for the children and each in turn asked to continue with Sheyi even when their exams were over.  She prepared them thoroughly for the exam and both were offered the places we had hoped for.  I have found Sheyi to be entirely reliable and a joy to have in our house.

Emily – 11+ – January 2016

Sheyi started working with Emily in April 2014 when Emily was in Year 4. At that stage, Emily was experiencing some difficulty with maths, and Sheyi helped Emily with her grounding in this subject as well as 11+ preparation over the course of the next 18 months. Sheyi developed a positive relationship with Emily and ourselves, and was always fair in her feedback and recommendations. She supported Emily through providing regular homework as well as through weekly sessions, which ranged from 1 hour to 2 hours prior to the 11+ exams. At all times, Sheyi was able to hold Emily’s attention and keep her motivated to perform at her best in these sessions. Emily attended a mock-exam morning arranged by Sheyi and Simon, which assisted her in experiencing what the actual exam may feel like. Emily applied for 4 schools, with careful, impartial advice from Sheyi, and we were delighted that she was offered a place at each of these. She has decided to attend Godolphin and Latymer, and we believe that the support that Sheyi has provided over the last while has helped Emily to realise her potential, and we are very grateful. We can highly recommend Sheyi as a tutor and wish her every success going forward.

Isabella – 11+ – January 2016

We have known Sheyi since 2013 when she started tutoring Isabella once a week in maths. We wanted Sheyi to identify the gaps in her knowledge and consolidate what she already knew. By autumn 2015 Sheyi also started to prepare Isabella in navigating the English exam. Sheyi is a very astute and confident teacher who readily identifies the strengths and weaknesses in her tutees. She developed an excellent rapport with Isabella and was instrumental in Isabella’s success at 11plus.

Sheyi fully understands the dynamics of the highly competitive 11plus system and is extremely well versed in all the exam papers of the most sought after schools. Through a combination of past papers, targeted teaching and well placed mock exams she boosts the child’s confidence and gets the very best out of them. Sheyi is highly empathetic and cleverly adjusts the pace and tempo of the lesson depending on how the child is feeling. Sheyi also rigorously prepared Isabella for her all her interviews, whether they were of an academic or general knowledge variety.

During the summer before Isabella’s exams Sheyi came to Greece to complete 10 days residential tutoring, it was extremely valuable she came armed with a wide variety of past papers and a very defined schedule. She was an instant hit across the household. Isabella will be attending Godolphin and Latymer in September which was her first choice. It would not have been possible without Sheyi.

Maddy 11+ – Janaury 2016

“We wanted help for daughter with her mathematics for the 11+ exam. Sheyi got her into the school she absolutely wanted, Francis Holland. Our daughter had multiple offers from other schools, which was very pleasing. Sheyi took a very methodical and rigorous approach towards the maths, whilst always ensuring that our daughter found it fun. We would recommend her to anyone looking to get the best possible result in the 11+ for their child.”

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