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"Shahid has been an excellent tutor for our daughters. Shahid has tutored our two daughters both Maths and Physics, one at A-Level and one for her GCSEs, for two years. Both girls felt more confident in their abilities after meeting regularly with Shahid. He has been very reliable, polite, and helpful in his work with the girls."

Jennifer, Maths and Physics Tuition

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Academic History

2011-2012 MSc Photon Science University of Manchester

2008-2011 BSc Physics University of Bath

2007 A Levels Maths (B), Chemistry (B) Physics (C)

2005 GCSEs 8 A’s 3 B’s

About Me

My specialist subjects are Maths and Physics, which I can tutor to all ages. I also tutor Chemistry and Engineering in particular cases.

With 1000’s of hours of tutorials delivered, I have taught almost everything in Maths and Physics before. I have tutored students taking every syllabus possible and I am familiar with the requirements of every exam board. After having tutored students taking GCSEs, IGCSEs, A Levels, International A Levels, IB HL and SL, AP, foundation year and undergraduate students, I do not think there is anything I have not taught before. My previous students have included secondary school students as well as university students. I think it is relatively easy to tutor a secondary school student, because you just need to look up what they need to know. However, tutoring a university student is much harder, as you need to know everything in Physics and Maths and communicate it to them and make sure you fill in all the gaps in their knowledge.

Additionally, I am good at explaining complicated things by reducing them to simple theories. I am frequently told by my students that what makes me so good at explaining things is that I talk to them rather than at them. I do not rely on powerpoints, instead I write and draw (poorly) to communicate key points to students.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience. 

GCSE Maths and Physics – I tutored a student who had taken some Physics exams and failed them, achieving U’s. He was also given a D in a Maths mock. I tutored him in Maths and Physics and helped him achieve A*’s and gain entry into a top local sixth form.

GCSE Maths – I tutored a student who was on a D but needed to pull up to a minimum of a B so that she would be able to take A Level Chemistry. I started tutoring her when she was in year 10 and continued to tutor her until she completed her GCSEs. I also helped her with Physics and Chemistry. She achieved an A in her GCSE Maths.

GCSE Maths – I have been tutoring a student for a few months, originally I tutored his older sister from year 11 to year 13, but I started tutoring him a few months ago. I have been teaching him topics which he has missed due to moving up a set, but also giving him extra work to do during the week which is boosting his confidence and improving his retention. At the moment, he is in year 10, but he has moved up a set.

GCSE & A Level Physics – In November 2016 I spent four weeks covering Physics lessons at an independent school. This involved teaching three GCSE classes, two separate science classes and two A Level Physics. As the students had been falling behind, I focused on teaching material to push them forward. I did a really good job and was offered a permanent position.

GCSE Maths, Physics, Chemistry and A level Maths and Further Maths – I initially tutored Annabel for her GCSEs and she had no interest in taking Maths, she was working towards a C or less. However, working with her, covering the entire GCSE syllabus for Maths, and covering parts of the Physics and Chemistry syllabus, she achieved outstanding grades. She then decided to take A Level Maths as it would leave her options open for University, and I tutored her for this. Her A2 grades were slightly below what she had expected, but she had struggled during her second year. She also wanted to take Maths and University and felt her best option was to take Further Maths. Through a mix of self-study and tutoring, she did very well and went on to study Maths at Leeds.

A Level Physics – I taught a student last year who was retaking his AS modules alongside sitting his A2 modules in Physics, Maths and Chemistry. I tutored him for the duration of the year (in Physics) and he ended doing quite well despite his workload. I went through the AS course with him first, going over the key topics and ensuring he could answer questions on those, before moving onto the A2 topics. He went on to Manchester for Electronic Engineering.

A-Level Physics and maths (Residential) – I have stayed with this family on 2 occasions, each time for 3 days, at their home in Gloucestershire. I was working intensively with a student preparing for their Maths and Physics A-Levels in the summer of 2016. We re-covered topics to test their knowledge, and did extensive exam practice together.

A Level Maths with Mechanics and Physics – Imhotep had two D’s for his AS exams, which were before I met him. As he wanted to go to study Engineering, he needed to bring those grades up, and I worked with him through his A2 year so he could resit his AS exams and then he took his A2’s the following year. I taught him the entire Physics and Mechanics syllabus from scratch, and took over Core Maths (C1-4) from another Maths tutor. He gained an A in Maths.

A Level Maths – James was a rugby scholar at an independent school, and I began tutoring him in his second year. He was over worked as he had to retake almost every module from his AS exams, as he had a concussion during his AS exams from playing Rugby. I tutored him for his AS retakes and also continued the following year. The following year, he was home schooled so he could resit his A2 exams and I tutored him throughout the year in Core Maths, Mechanics, and Statistics. He gained an A in Maths.

IB Physics – Last year I tutored a student for HL Physics. He started his lessons quite late, but he was quite comfortable with the material already. I started by going over a few topics that he struggled with, but we quickly moved on to past papers. I did find that he was struggling with the imaging option, so I covered this area again in more detail. He was accepted to Colombia for Economics to begin in September 2016.

IB Physics – I tutored a student in 2015 two weeks before her exams started. She was in danger of loosing her university place as her Physics grade was so low that it was dragging her IB results down. She was taking SL Physics and she was on track for achieving a 2. I covered the key topics with her, filling in lots of gaps in her knowledge as she had moved to a Swiss school from a Brazilian school. She did not take the IGCSE beforehand, she had taken the generic Brazilian curriculum and was completely unprepared. We sped through what topics we could cover in that time, as well as going over as many past papers as possible. She ended up with a 6 and she went on to a management course at LSE.

IB Maths (SL) – Ongoing online support for a student in Year 13 attending an American school in London. He is a bright student, and is aiming to achieve a 7 in his final exams. Together we are working to keep him on track ahead of his exams, and have also worked together on preparing him for his SAT 1 Maths exam, which he has now sat. He is hoping to study Economics at university.

IB Maths (SL) and Physics (HL)- Ongoing online support for a Canadian Student in Year 12. While a new student to me, we have already seen improvement in her school work and attitude towards the subjects. She is hoping to study Medicine at University.

IB Maths (Residential) – I spent 10 days working intensively with a student in Monaco their first year of the IB DP. We worked together for several hours each day, helping the student to consolidate their knowledge.

IB Maths (HL) and Physics (HL)- Provided online summer support for a student in the run up to his IB mocks. He is a highly capable student who did well in his mocks, and will more than likely also have some intensive revision over the Easter break. He is aiming to Study Economics at college in the USA.

IB Maths (HL) and Physic (HL)- Provided short term online support for a student in the run up to his final exams. I tutored him for 4-7 hours a week, covering weak topics and then moving onto exam papers. He did well in both papers, scoring a 7 (Maths) and a 6 (Physics), and is currently studying Economics at Columbia.

Foundation year Mechanical Engineering – I originally tutored a student 2 years ago for his foundation year and first year of Mechanical engineering. His grades massively improved during his time with me, he was on the verge of failing the course when he started, but he began to score more that 70% in all his tests and exams. I tutored him in Maths from complete basics up to the undergraduate level. He contacted me last year to say that he had graduated with a First class degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am expecting around 6 more similar calls this year as my oldest students are now finishing their undergraduate degrees.

Pre-U Physics – I tutored a student intensively for two weeks before his exams. He was attending the Hampton School for Boys, and was sitting A Level Maths and Further Maths, along with Pre-U Physics. The student did very well, achieving a double A* in Maths and Further Maths, and receiving a D1 for Physics. He was accepted to read Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College.

A Level Chemistry – I taught a non-Science focused student Chemistry. He wanted to read Law at University, and under some (questionable) advice he opted to take an A Level in Chemistry. He was very much out of his depth and failing Chemistry, and he would not be able to go to University with two A’s and a D. He achieved a B for his final A Level grade, despite having weaknesses in Maths, and was accepted to read Law at a Russell group University.

IB Maths SL – I tutored a student for two years in IB Maths SL. During the same period, I also tutored him for his IGCSE Maths, and SAT Maths 1 and 2. This was what he needed to get into an American college, and he attended an American school in London. He currently attends Boston, reading Maths and Economics, after achieving a 6 in his IB.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy weight lifting, I tend to go to the gym 3 times a week. I have been kickboxing since I was 12. I enjoy playing video games in spare time.

Client Testimonials

Written by Jas K

Mechanical Engineering with an Integrated Foundation Year

I have known Shahid for over a year now .He tutored me when I undertook my Engineering Foundation year course and continues to do so for the first year of my degree in Mechanical Engineering BSc.

Shahid is a professional with excellent understanding of maths and physics. He is punctual and comes well prepared for tuition; a patient and meticulous teacher, able break down and simplify complex problems, making the time spent with him highly beneficial and enjoyable. His help and guidance was essential for my progression into first year of my degree in university.

Outcome: Progression from Foundation year onto Degree level.

Written by Svetlana F


Shahid has ben tutoring my son for two years. We are very happy with the teaching that he undertakes. He highlights areas where the children need more concentrated efforts and has excellent explanatory methods that he uses.He reinforces explanations with practice exercises.

Outcome: Results so far my son have been good and we are still taking tuition.

Written by Mahan J

Review of Shahid

Shahid has tutored me in A level Physics for just over a year now. He has been very encouraging and helpful with my studies which has enabled me to improve substantially. I had tried out many other tutors before finally selecting Shahid and it is a decision that I feel I have greatly benefited from. I have really enjoyed having him as my tutor and would definitely recommend him to other students!

Outcome: Originally I was at the standard of an E in Physics and through his help I have managed to achieve a B!

Written by Jennifer A

Shahid has been an excellent tutor for our daughters

Shahid has tutored our two daughters both Maths and Physics, one at A-Level and one for her GCSEs, for two years. Both girls felt more confident in their abilities after meeting regularly with Shahid. He has been very reliable, polite, and helpful in his work with the girls.

Outcome: Pass of A-Levels; GCSEs have not yet been taken but our 15 year old has gained a lot of confidence in her abilities and is expecting to achieve at least an A in both subjects.

Sue – Shahid has been tutoring my partner`s son for Physics A Level. He is very professional to deal with. He responds very fast to any emails. He is punctual. Moreover, he has been very good at improving maths skills, explaining general concepts and specific things within the course. I would highly recommend Shahid for Physics and Maths tutoring. He has given Morgan the confidence to deal with difficult exam questions and had helped him enormously.

Harinder – Shahid is a brilliant tutor. He is professional, polite, punctual and clearly knows his subject very well. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Peter – Shahid is a brilliant tutor, who has been of invaluable help to my son in preparation of his AS level chemistry.

From Ahmed (5/5): (A-Level Physics) An excellent tutor. Would definently recommend him. He has been tutoring me A level Physics and has the ability to summarise a whole module in one lesson and can make it very easy to understand. I am confident of achieving a top grade if I continue with him

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