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“I have been very impressed with Sean’s professionalism and clear communication at each stage of the process. He does a plan for each session, and is careful to move at the pace of the student. He is friendly and encouraging but keeps the lesson moving along. A highly recommended tutor!”

Imogen, English and Maths Tuition

  • 13 +

  • A Level

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • Philosophy

  • Religious Studies

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2009-2011, Durham University:  B.A. Philosophy & English Literature, 1st.

2007-2009, Radley College:

–           A-Levels English (A), History (A), Religious Studies (A), Art (A).

–           GCSEs A*/As

About Me

I began working as a private tutor in 2012. My Speciality subjects are Philosophy and English Literature, but I also teach Religious Studies and Geography, and am a trained Career Mentor.

As an uncle to 11 nieces and nephews relatively close to me in age, the opportunity to tutor has not been scarce! I first began tutoring by using skills I’d picked up volunteering as an assistant teacher at Mary Hare school for deaf children to help my niece improve her comprehension skills for her English GCSE. Since then I have tutored a variety of pupils, from pre-GCSE to University level and, most recently, pupils in the arena of applications and career mentoring.

For me the appeal of tutoring springs from sympathies born out of my own transition from a boy on the brink of expulsion from prep school – with little academic confidence, and absolutely no appetite to learn – to a genuinely engaged and passionate academic with a 1st from Durham. Most pupils that require tutoring do so because they haven’t found a reason to try and overcome what they believe is an innate weakness re the subject in question.

I am passionate about helping pupils find that reason, and build confidence in their ability to calmly approach unfamiliar subject matter as they do the familiar. Positivity and energy are also very important to me: I’m a high energy individual myself and I pride myself on my ability to impart important aspects of this to my pupils so that the experience of our sessions (but, more importantly, learning in general) are positive and fresh. For me ‘success’ is witnessing my pupils develop – with confidence and energy – their own drive to succeed.

Recent tuition

My teaching experience is comprised of a mixture of academic tutoring & coaching, formal career counselling, CV/cover letter/personal statement workshops, and application & interview prep. It also involves professional 1-2-1 training.


English tutor – (confidential): Age 11-12 (12 hours: 2019)

13+ section B focus, looking at structuring imaginative essays


English tutor – Ranvir Amin: Age 12 (10 hours: 2019)

13+ comprehension focus: reading the question, and finding relevant information quickly


English tutor – Lola True: age 14 (6 hours: 2019)

Lord of the Flies, with focus on essay technique


English tutor – Adrian Williamson: age 12 (11 hours: 2018)

13+ with a focus on essay technique, structure, and timing


11+ Pre-test, Year 7, support Spring/Summer 2019

Pre-test help for Radley and Harrow assessment days: online exams and interviews (with successful application):

  • Verbal & non-verbal reasoning
  • Maths (online and written), with a particular focus on long-division and percentages
  • English comprehension
  • Interview practice
  • Discursive writing, and debate


11+ Pre-test, Year 7, Spring/Summer 2019

Pre-test help for Radley assessment day: written paper and interview (with successful application):

  • Discursive writing, and debate
  • Interview practice


Career mentoring – [confidential] Graduate (15 hours, August 2018 – February 2019)

Helping my pupil establish what career would impassion her, and with all aspects of her application


English Literature Tutor – [confidential] GCSE (4 hours, October 2018)

Teaching ‘Lord of the Flies’ in preparation for set essays, and essay structure coaching


R.S Tutor – [confidential] KS3 (23 hours, June – December 2018)

Covering all Christianity modules in preparation for mocks


R.S & Geography tutor – [confidential] KS3/13+ (18 hours, June – August 2018)

Covering all modules (Christianity in R.S) in preparation for mocks


Danone commercial skills workshops: mixed ages (20 hours, August 2017- February 2018)

1-2-1 training across areas of systems & skills expertise; eg. ‘category management’, Excel


CV and application coach – Tom Burton, age 26 (4 hours, 2017)

Transition to Corporate communications role from Academic background (application successful)


English Tutor & Application coach – Amelia Cooper: age 22 (11 hours, 2017)

Thesis consultation and application for Oxford Masters – focus on structure, language, and grammar (1st achieved in thesis, and masters place won)


English Tutor – Daphne Inglis-Jones: age 14 (4 hours, 2017)

Focus on creative writing skills & the process of structuring a narrative


CV and application coach: Marie Haaser: age 21 (8 Hours, 2016)

Coached through several CV iterations + workshops on application questions & interview technique; resulting in successful application to Reckitt Benckiser


CV and application coach – Alec de Beaufort-Suchlick: age 25 (12 hours, 2016)

Coached through career change & CV iterations + workshops on application questions & interview technique; resulting in successful transition into a career in Education Consultancy (from Marketing)


RB commercial skills workshops: mixed ages (13 hours, 2016)

1-2-1 training across areas of systems & skills expertise; eg. ‘the Sales process’


English Tutor – Archie Douglas Millar: age 17 (5 hours, 2016)

Focus on essay structure, timing, and question requirements using past A2 papers


English Tutor – Honor Douglas Millar: age 15. (5 hours, 2014)

Workshops using past GCSE comprehension from language papers + focus on question requirements

Assistant Teacher – Mary Hare School for deaf children: ages 9-11. (120 hours, September 2007- Feb 2008)

Preparing and taking lessons; notably reading/writing (as many of the children were behind in this area). This also included 1-2-1 sessions with struggling individuals.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time I enjoy Surfing, Skiing, Music, Writing, and Art (I was an art scholar at school).

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