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Sean N

“I have been very impressed with Sean’s professionalism and clear communication at each stage of the process. He does a plan for each session, and is careful to move at the pace of the student. He is friendly and encouraging but keeps the lesson moving along. A highly recommended tutor!”

Imogen, English and Maths Tuition

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  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2003-2005  Cleveland Institute of Music, M.M. in Orchestral Conducting (3.98 GPA out of 4.0 possible)

1998-2003  University of Rochester, B.A. in Music (3.97 GPA out of 4.0 possible) Summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Senior Scholar, Take Five Scholar

1995-1998  South Burlington High School (VT, USA) (4.0 GPA out 4.0 possible) Co-Valedictorian, National Merit Scholar, Advanced Placement Scholar with

Distinction, Studies in Literature Award, Middlebury College Book Award; Score of 1600 (highest possible) on American SAT university aptitude exam

About Me

As a professional tutor (and former teacher) specialising in Maths and English, I help students take their skills to the next level, achieve exam success, and truly fulfil their potential.  I pride myself on my ability to discover what each student truly needs in order to reach their goals.  I also understand first-hand what it means to want your child to have every chance to succeed, as my wife and I are fortunate to be the parents of a wonderful daughter.

In addition to Maths and English, I also teach:  Entrance Exams, Science, History, Geography, and Music (at various levels depending on the subject).

My own academic record is of sterling quality, including graduating university with highest honours; during my studies, I received many academic awards.  My background as a classical musician has helped me become a good listener, collaborator, and communicator, skills which I apply in my tutoring.  Furthermore, it has given me insights on how to focus my mind and hone a craft in a disciplined way over time – insights I am always working to convey to my students.  My diversity of life experience also helps me to connect with all kinds of people; I have lived in a variety of interesting places, from Los Angeles to Paris to Boston and beyond!

I am very focused on assessing the needs and goals of each individual student, as well as on inspiring students to be lifelong learners; I want each student to feel the same joy of new knowledge and skills that I feel.  I like to think of my approach as balancing friendliness with honesty and realism – being both encouraging and direct.  I am constantly evaluating myself to assure that I am effectively communicating concepts and skills to the student.  I can also advise on test-taking techniques more generally, having had considerable success myself in that area; as just one example, I received the highest possible score on the American SAT (university aptitude exam.

Recent tuition

I have extensive experience as a tutor and teacher, including as a lecturer at the University of California at Santa Barbara, teaching calculus during my own university years at the University of Rochester, and through tutoring a wide variety of private students in English, Maths, Science, Geography, and Music, both in the UK and US. Since 2016, I have tutored over 70 students in the UK.

Selected Case Studies

Jacqueline, SSAT preparation, English and Maths – helped her improve her score from 80th percentile to 98th percentile (175-point score improvement)

Eva, SAT preparation, English and Maths (30 hrs):  intensive subject matter review and test strategy improvement – Eva’s score improved by 130 points in the test following our work.

Misha, SAT preparation, English and Maths (40 hrs):  addressed test techniques, knowledge gaps, and motivation; Misha improved his score overall by 140 points.

Joseph, 11+ preparation:  long-term work to build fundamental mathematical understanding, ability to decode questions, and test-taking techniques.

Borja, 11+ preparation:  2-week half-term course in 11+ English and Verbal Reasoning, focusing on exam strategies, grammar elements, verbal reasoning problem techniques, and reading comprehension approaches (results TBD).

Eze, 11+ preparation:  recent arrival in the UK from Spain, intensive work in English and Maths to prepare for UK-style entrance exams – work ended when he returned to Spain.

Zain, ISEE preparation: helped him improve his ISEE score and gained admission to the Kent School.  Zain had substantial English learning difficulties and had an ADHD diagnosis.  We particularly focused on improving his written English and reading comprehension.

Raffi, Key Stage 2 Maths: Raffi had a diagnosis of slow-processing disorder.  We worked to improve his maths across all topics, with particular focus on developing strategies to overcome his existing challenges.

Oscar, English GCSE preparation: helped Oscar improve in English Language from a 3 on his mock paper to a 6 on actual GCSE, and from 1 on mock to 5 on actual English Literature.

Hugo, English Literature GCSE preparation:  helped Hugo improve from a failed mock to a 6 as his final result.

Hugo, Maths GCSE preparation:  helped him improve from 2 on Mock to 5 final result.

Damien, Maths GCSE preparation:  Damien was advised by his school to sit the Foundation paper, but with my tutoring, instead pursued the Higher paper, achieved a result of 6.

Anya, Maths GCSE preparation:  Anya had failed the Maths GCSE 3 times before beginning work with me; with my tutoring, she successfully passed her next resit.

Lola, Maths GCSE: Lola had a diagnosis of OCD.  We worked to improve her fundamental mathematical understanding, going beyond just rote memorisation of methods, and emphasised developing algebraic fluency.

Milla, KS3 Maths:  helped Milla turn Maths from an area of concern into her strongest subject, achieving higher marks at school.

Hobbies and Interests

I love spending time with my wife and 2-year old daughter, exploring the outdoors and the world of art and music.

Client Testimonials

“Incredible SAT tutoring…Sean was a really great teacher, and I found that I’m much more prepared to take the SAT.” Eva

“Sean is a brilliant tutor – just what my son needs to lift his level.” Deborah

“Sean puts our son’s needs at the heart of his focus. Antony understands and more importantly remembers what he has been taught.”  Stephen

“My daughter has only had one session and already she is feeling more confident. Sean is very professional, organised and personable.”  Sarah

“Very focused and flexible – quickly understood my son’s current level and needs.”  Andrew

“Sean has settled my son in quickly and got to work. My son is a reluctant student so this is no easy achievement. Thank you, Sean, for your continued encouragement and expertise.”  Elaine

“I have been very impressed with Sean’s professionalism and clear communication at each stage of the process. He does a plan for each session, and is careful to move at the pace of the student. He is friendly and encouraging but keeps the lesson moving along. A highly recommended tutor!”  Imogen

  • Entrance Exam Specialist