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Sarah S

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed having Sarah as a tutor. I think that she was always up for doing it. I just loved learning English as well as having fun with Sarah. I am extremely grateful to Sarah for teaching me and helping me pass the 11+. Thank you!"

11+ Student

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Academic History

University of Cambridge: Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psycho-therapeutic Counselling (current)

University of Cambridge: (Bachelor of Education ) Geography with Education (First class honours)

A Levels: Textiles (A), English Literature (B), Geography (B), General Studies (B)

GCSEs: English Literature (A), English Language (A), Textiles (A), Geography (B), Science (BB), Theatre Arts (B), French (B), Maths (C)

About Me

My tutoring style depends upon the age, academic and emotional needs of each child. I believe that spending time getting to know a child and building a positive relationship with them is an essential first step. I try to make lessons stimulating for each child by basing them on topics and subjects that they are interested in. If learning should is fun, varied and interesting it should be motivating. I have high, yet realistic academic expectations and I make sure that the lesson content is manageable, building on incremental steps. I believe in modelling and working with the child, for example, shared writing experiences are particularly beneficial in helping to develop creativity and an understanding of descriptive writing. I am happy to learn alongside the child and model good learning practices. It is important to involve the child and their family in the learning so that everyone understands the next steps and ensure a shared, cohesive approach.

I am a qualified teacher and have taught primary, pre-prep and prep-aged children in schools. I am a strong believer in the importance of play when working with young learners, and am currently studying to become an art- and play-based child psychotherapist. I also have extensive experience working with children with SEN and disabilities, both when working as a teacher in an inclusive primary school, and through my work as a private tutor.

Recent tuition

I prepare children for most independent London schools, including Emmanuel, St Pauls, NLCS, KCS, South Hampstead, Wetherby, Kew House and Latymer (7+ and 11+).

Year 1/7+ English

I am currently working with L, a Year 1 pupil who will sit 7+ examinations in January. L is an incredibly capable pupil who requires stretch in both reading and writing. I have involved L in planning the topics of the next few weeks of lessons so that the themes match her interests: Harry Potter, Winx fairies, Budapest, Cats, etc. I am making sure that she has a firm grounding in Year 1 skills but also drawing upon activities from Year 2 and 3 curriculums to ensure that she is working at the level most appropriate to her needs.

7+ English

I tutored L for just over a term in the run up to the 7+ exams. L is a capable pupil but required support in several areas but particularly handwriting, spelling, grammar and creative writing. We went through a number of 7+ practice papers to ensure that L was as familiar with the tests as possible. I also incorporated a number of fun and practical activities into the lessons to inspire and motivate L. Latymer School was L’s parents first choice of school, where she was offered a place and now attends.

11+ English and Verbal Reasoning

I tutored E (attending a local state school) in English and Verbal Reasoning for just under a year. E is naturally creative but was struggling with the technicalities of English and needed support in understanding how best to structure his writing. E was also very nervous about the 11+ examination process and found the mock exams difficult so it was also essential that I provide him with emotional support and build his self-belief. Whilst preparing him for the 11+, my aim was also to foster a love of English. E was offered places at Wetherby, Kew House and St. Benedict’s.

11+ English

I taught A for six months in preparation for the 11+ exams. He is a bright student but doesn’t particularly enjoy English. I was able to motivate him through shared learning activities and by basing the content of lessons on themes that interested him such as tennis and Brazil (where his family are from) and by using recent experiences as themes for writing. A made very good progress and was offered places at Belmont, North Bridge House and St. Benedict’s.

SEND support: English and Maths

I tutored T, a 16-year-old boy with Downs Syndrome online for eight weeks as part of the National (Catch Up) Tutoring Programme. T’s parents contacted me again some months later and asked me to tutor T whilst a suitable school place was sought for him. I tutored him for 4 hours a week for 3 months. T had missed a lot of school and we needed to go back to basics in terms of both phonics and basic maths skills. I made sure that the themes/content of the lessons were suitable and interesting for a 16-year-old boy whilst also being at the appropriate academic level. T made good progress in these subjects and I was also able to boost his self-esteem through the use of small, manageable activities and certificates to celebrate his progress.

Year 1 ADHD

I am currently tutoring A, a girl in Year 1 with ADHD. We incorporate a lot of movement and play breaks into our sessions to help her stay engaged. We also do a lot of learning through her toys – using her toys to illustrate and reinforce the topics we are covering in the tuition. I have been delighted to see A make great progress since I started working with her.

Autism and ADHD home schooling

I have recently home schooled two teenage boys, B and N, who have autism and ADHD. They had been taken out of mainstream school as their needs, as laid out in their EHCPs, were not being met in school. I worked with them to prepare them for a return to school, focusing on developing their core academic skills, working on study skills, and preparing mentally and emotionally to re-join the school environment.

Hobbies and Interests

I am naturally very creative so therefore enjoy design, drawing, painting, cooking, clay modelling etc. I also find these pursuits relaxing and fulfilling. My fitness is important to me. I attend the gym regularly and I love to dance. I also enjoy taking my dog for a walk/run. I enjoy reading and writing. I completed a children’s picture book writing course and I would like to begin to write children’s stories. I am especially passionate to foster positive mental health in children and young people and I am currently pursuing a diploma in ‘child and adolescent psycho-therapeutic counselling’ at the University of Cambridge.


“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed having Sarah as a tutor. I think that she was always up for doing it. I just loved learning English as well as having fun with Sarah. I am extremely grateful to Sarah for teaching me and helping me pass the 11+. Thank you!”

11+ Student

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