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Sarah L

"Sarah is very patient and encouraging, she is helpful and uses a well structured lesson plan. She explains concepts well and always makes sure I fully understand everything before moving on."

A-level Biology student

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Academic History

Imperial College London: PhD in Infectious Diseases

Lancaster University: MSc in Biological Sciences (2:1)

A-levels: Biology (A), Maths (B), Physical Education (A*)

GCSEs: Maths (A), English Language (A), English Literature (B), Biology (A*), Chemistry (B), History (A), H.E. (A), Spanish (B), Religious Studies (B) AS level: Biology (A), Maths (A), Physical Education (A), ICT (B)

All awarded from Antrim Grammar School, Northern Ireland

About Me

I believe that a confident student is a successful student and because of this I make sure to never humiliate or belittle, I only encourage constructively and nurture the student’s abilities. I am constantly assessing student’s during our lessons to ensure I am using the correcting teaching style/correct resources for that student on that day to maximise their attention, enjoyment and learning capacity. I enjoy using a variety of resources such as PowerPoint presentations, videos, quizzes, and exercises and over years of tutoring have a bank of resources which I can use at short notice. I am an agile and flexible tutor as I am aware that not only is every student different, but every day is different for each student.

Recent tuition

Early Years Tuition

I worked with R during the school holidays for 1 year during year 4 into year 5. At this point her school started to teach individual subjects and she was struggling with confidence with the increase in workload. We used fun exercises with interactive videos and games to cement what R was learning in classes. By the end of our year together her parents were much happier with her progress and showed me her report from her teachers which stated she had improved drastically in ability and confidence.

Key Stage 3 Biology, Chemistry and Physics

I tutored N (Ruthin School) in Key Stage 3 Biology, Chemistry and Physics (AQA). We have worked together for 3 years now. When I started with N he was moving to an English school from Taiwan, therefore, his English was limited and this was our biggest challenge (especially with so many new terms in Science anyway!). He needed tuition to improve his English and Science knowledge which required a lot of repetition and word banks. Since 2020, N has improved tremendously in both confidence and ability and recently achieved 70-80% in his Science Key Stage 3 end of term assessments.

Year 10 entrance exam and interview prep for Queen Margaret’s School for Girls

I assisted K during Year 10 interview and entrance exam preparation for 4 months. K was a high-achieving student in exams, but lacked confidence and speaking ability. For this reason, we focused mainly on the interview prep and on building her confidence in her abilities. This came from mostly conversational work and encouragement. K received an offer from Queen Margaret’s and has thoroughly enjoyed this academic year there.

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

I assisted O (Belfast Royal Academy) during his GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics for 1 year. O was predicted 9’s in all of her Science subjects and was a very bright student. However, he had started to feel overwhelmed with the amount of subjects he had to learn during GCSE and with the pressures of his extracurricular activities and achieved 7’s in his mocks. His main issues were retaining all the knowledge for each subject and translating that knowledge into exam answers. Therefore, we worked on making sure to note the amount of marks for each question and how to articulate answers with good written skills. O got his predicted grades back up to 9’s in all three Science subjects and was very happy with all of his exams this summer. We are also waiting for his results in August.

A-level Biology

I assisted A (Ballyclare Secondary School) during her A-level Biology (CCEA) for two years. A was predicted a B in A-level Biology, she was an extremely hard worker but lacked confidence due to her dyslexia. We worked alongside her lessons in school to make sure she never fell behind throughout the two years and did extra lessons during he holidays to cement this knowledge from each term. When exam season arrived, we made sure to practice exam techniques to make sure A had confidence when entering her exams. We are still waiting to hear what her results were, but in her predicted grades from mocks throughout the 2 years had risen to an A and she was happy with how her exams went this year.


I am an avid reader and love to switch off to a good book, I recently started a book club with my friends here in London! I also love playing and watching sport, including hockey, rugby, and cricket. Being outside and active has always been a love of mine and my inner kid loves to make this fun!


“Sarah was a great tutor, she helped O build confidence throughout the year in all three of his Science subjects. She was flexible with timings over the year which suited us well as a family and I felt a lot more confident about O’s ability during exams because of her. She transitioned well from covering content into exam technique as the year progressed and O felt extremely well prepared for all of his Science exams.”

GCSE Biology, Chemistry, and Physics student

“Sarah is very patient and encouraging, she is helpful and uses a well structured lesson plan. She explains concepts well and always makes sure I fully understand everything before moving on. She allows you to go at your own pace when needed and gives great coaching on exam technique. I would highly recommend her as an A-level Biology tutor!”

A-level Biology student

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