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Sarah D

'Sarah has shown fantastic commitment to our child and he's made fantastic progress in the year that she has been tutoring him. We are so very grateful to her for all of her hard work.'

Mrs X, Maths Tuition

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Academic History

2011-2012:    London South Bank University PGCE Primary: Outstanding

2007-2010:  Sussex University, Economics Bsc (hons),

2004-2006: Alleyns School, A-level, Maths, Business Studies, Psychology

1999-2004:  Alleyns School, 9 GCSE including A and A* in English Literature, Maths and English Language,

About Me

As a teacher and tutor I seek to provide a creative, challenging and engaging curriculum. I ensure that I meet the learning needs of the children in my care through providing differentiated, interactive and scaffolded lessons, with lots of opportunities for open ended investigations and discussions, that challenge and motivate pupils to engage with their work. This enables me to develop confidence, independence and persistence in the children that I teach.

My specialist subject is maths, a subject I studied to A-level and continued to study at university whilst completing a Bsc degree in Economics. I am fully trained in ‘Singapore maths’, a highly effective teaching strategy that uses problem solving as a strategy for teaching mathematics. I use this CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) approach in the vast majority of my teaching especially where there are sufficient gaps in a child’s knowledge and understanding. I also tutor English for all levels up to Year 6, and have extensive experience with this subject.

I am a qualified Primary school teacher and have experience teaching in preparation for 11+ and grammar school entrance exams. I’ve taught as a class teacher in years 1 to 6, in both state and independent schools, and as a result I am able to teach in all areas of the curriculum and have training and experience working with children who have special education needs such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. I’m currently the maths lead in one of London’s top independent prep schools and therefore have up-to-date knowledge of the expectations of London secondary schools with regard to 11+ entrance exams.

I go to great lengths to ensure my lessons are stimulating and tap in to the interests of the children in my care, taking the time to get to know my children and working collaboratively with their parents to ensure maximum progress. Above all I have high expectations of children and am committed to seeing through what I start.

I have been tutoring for many years and receive most of my jobs through recommendations and from pupils I have taught.

Recent Tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

Year 1 girl – early reading and phonics help. This little girl had not settled well in ‘big’ school and her enthusiasm was very low. Helped to build her confidence back up and help her find a love of learning again.

Boy aged 8 working below average for his ‘ top set’ in maths and was going to be moved down. He is now working firmly within the top quartile if his year and will now stay in the top set for the coming academic year.

Year 1 & Year 3 Maths (face to face and online)

I am working with a young boy in Year 3 on maths. He is a high ability student, and we are working to keep his levels of understanding and abilities progressing. I also work with his sister, Year 1, who needs help with number bonds and visualising numbers, using a CPA approach which is working very well. These students have now relocated to the USA, and we are continuing with our lessons online to help them keep on track and up to date with the UK curriculum.

7+ preparation – I am currently supporting S. (Y2), who is sitting his 7+ exams for KCS, St. Paul’s, and Dulwich in 2017/2018. S struggles to put his ideas to paper, so we are working to fine-tune his writing and comprehension skills in particular, as well as giving his exam technique an overall boost in these final months.

7+ and 11+ revision sessions – As a class teacher and maths leader at my previous school I ran after school booster sessions for 7+ and 11+ candidates applying to competitive local schools (including Alleyn’s, JAGS and Dulwich College). Children were explicitly taught how to achieve exam success in maths, writing and reasoning papers. Gaps in understanding were identified and targeted and children gained support in how to work efficiently under time constraints.

9+ Preparation – I have worked with 3 students on their 9+ exams in the past 2 years. Two of them gained entrance into Dulwich, and one was placed on the waiting list for Alleyns.

Year 3 English and maths

Support for a young boy to keep him on track with his Year 3 curriculum.

Year 3 English (SEN)

Focused English support for a boy in Year 3. He has dyslexia, and is really struggling with his reading, writing, and literacy. We are working closely together to gently help him to develop his skills and catch up with his peers in school.

Year 3/4 English (reading, writing) and maths:

I worked with an 8 year old Hungarian girl, who was new to the UK. She had significant gaps in her reading, writing and maths due to the different education system in Hungary that starts formal education (mark making) at age 7, rather than ages 5. She was very bright and adjusted quickly to a level where she was able to keep up with the daily curriculum.

Year 4 Maths:

Maths help for a 9 year old girl. She had fallen behind due to long term illness and needed to catch up as there were significant gaps in maths. She has made excellent progress and is no longer as far behind, her recent assessment levelled her as average for her year group.

Year 4 boy, reading, writing tutoring, working below average for his age and showing signs of ADHD, assessment from educational psychologist taking place in the next academic year. Strategies include; small staggered goals and instructions, ‘talk for writing’ to improve focus, no more than three instructions at a time, 5 minute breaks within an hour lesson (where we will play a game with a learning focus such as spelling, grammar, descriptive writing or phonics, where possible all lessons are tailored to his interests.

Year 5 Creative Writing and Maths:

– Support for a 9 year old boy Boy with Maths and creative writing. He is working at expected levels for his age, however he will be sitting for some of the top competitive schools at 11+, and so is working hard to gain a head start in preparation for his exams.

Year 5 Maths

Support for a 9 year old boy who really struggles with his maths. He is 2 years below the expected levels, and finds it very hard to concentrate. I have been using the Singapore maths and CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) approach to help him understand and enjoy maths. This means that he is not so reliant on memorising methods, which have proved unreliable for him in the past, and is instead gaining an understanding that he is able to rely on. He is making fantastic progress and is improving each term in his school assessments.

Year 5 boy with ADHD and dyslexic tendencies. At least two full school years behind his peers. Maths tutoring using Singapore maths. Fantastic progress in the last 12 months. Focus was on understanding ‘number’ and problem solving and teaching ‘the maths behind the method’. He has shown a much improved ability to retain his understanding and apply it to different contexts. Daily work set around weekly sessions to encourage independent thinking.

Year 5, 11+ girl looking to gain scholarship access to Alleyn’s, Jags, Streatham and Clapham high school. Weekly lessons in maths- problem solving the main focus.

11+ ISEB Pre tests for a student who is going to be sitting exams for Epsom College, Brighton and Kings College Wimbledon. He is extremely bright, and working very hard in the run up to his exams.

11+ Maths/literacy tuition classes – hourly weekly booster sessions with 11+ students. All children gained acceptance to their preferred London prep schools (Alleyn’s, JAGS, Whitgift, Royal Russell)

11+ Scholarship preparation

Boy aged 11. Maths scholarship tuition for the 11+. Has just been offered a place and a scholarship at 1st choice school! (Dulwich College)

Year 5/11+ maths:

Support for a 10 year old girl with her Maths. She is working at a level expected for her age but is keen to gain entry to one of the more competitive secondary schools (Alleyns, JAGS). She is struggling with particular topics such as problem solving and fractions, which we are focusing on together.

Year 6 11+ Exam Prep – math, english and reasoning. Boy sitting for Emmanuel, St Dunstans, Cedars and Royal Russell.

Year 5 Girl, Thomas’s London working towards 11+. Maths tuition for child with dyslexia, who is working roughly a year behind her peers.

Year 5 girl – Working towards 11+ scholarship at Alleyn’s and Jags, maths and english, she will also sit for Streatham and Clapham, prep for Precis paper included.

Year 5 11+ support, bright girl aged 10, needs support with preparation for the very competitive independent schools entrance exams next academic year. Making fantastic progress and working safely in the top quartile of her year.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time I like to keep fit and healthy and play netball in a local league. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and enjoy trying new cuisines and testing different recipes. I also love to travel and see different cultures and places.

Client Testimonials

‘I’m so glad I found Sarah! She is brilliant and really committed.’

‘Sarah has shown fantastic commitment to our child and he’s made fantastic progress in the year that she has been tutoring him. We are so very grateful to her for all of her hard work.’

‘It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Sarah, we approached her for extra tutoring after hearing what a wonderful teacher she was from a friend who had a child in her class. She has helped our daughter to build confidence in maths and it’s now her favourite and strongest subject. Our child has just gained entry to her top three secondary schools choices, and chose JAGS (which we were very pleased with). We thank Sarah for allowing her to gain confidence and showing her that maths can be fun once you understand it! ‘

‘Sarah is a very caring a nurturing tutor. Our son was struggling with maths at school and it was starting to affect his confidence. Sarah was recommended to us by a friend and has been working with us for nearly a year now. She gives lots of praise and always pushes him to be the best he can be and shows real belief in his abilities. I think this is important and something hard to find in a teacher/ tutor. She always takes the time to discuss his progress and advises us on how best to support him at home. We feel very fortunate to have found her and are more than happy to provide a recommendation for her. ‘

‘Sarah is a dedicated and hardworking tutor, she is able to understand my son, and help him to focus. We have seen excellent progress in not only his maths and writing but also his behaviour and general opinion and attitude towards school. He seems confident and excited about learning- this makes us very happy! Thank you Sarah.”





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