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"Sankalp is a one-in-a-kind tutor, who unlike any other tutor I have encountered, knows the syllabus inside-out and does not even use a textbook when teaching! He knows how to make connections between different parts of the syllabus, yet always gives the big picture of how topics are structured."

Economics IB student

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Academic History

2017-2019, London School of Economics: MSc in Management, (Merit)

2012-2015, University of Warwick: BSc (Hons), Economics (2:1)

2008-2012, St. Stephen’s International School, Italy: International Baccalaureate (37/45)

About Me

Unlike many tutors, I do not give out answers to my students. I am a tutor that aims to firstly inspire students to think critically, and truly understand why certain things work the way they do, put differently I help them to learn via enquiry. In the process, as an experienced tutor, I always try to understand where the misconceptions of my students stem from, even if this means having to take a slight tangent from what was originally planned to be covered in class. Indeed, only when the basics are covered and fully grasped, does a student have the possibility to gain the required confidence that is needed to reach their highest potential. This is precisely the method via which I am currently tutoring!

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

IB Mathematics

When I tutored E in Maths, she was entering her final year of high school and taking the International Baccalaureate (IB). She had been away from school due to major surgery for a full two years, and this had caused her to be doing 9th grade work in Maths whilst in her final year of IB. Despite this situation and the school trying to dissuade her from sitting the IB exam in Maths, she and I built a phenomenal rapport, at the heart of which lay trust. She went from scoring 2s to scoring 5s within the space of four months, all as I taught her Maths for the IB from the very basics. She was my student throughout her entire final year of high school.

IB Economics

I tutored DK in his final year of IB Economics in high school. He was a good student to begin with, however was significantly struggling to make that extra step needed to score a 6 or a 7 rather than a consistent 5. His frustration about this was clear, hence I focused the vast majority of my time breaking down the IB mark schemes so that he could recognise the patterns required to systematically and easily score the highest market. DK ended up excelling in his studies, including Economics, and today works for a top finance firm.

IB Maths

FH was a student who always felt she was not good enough to score well in Maths. With her heart set on a career in medicine, she felt her focus should naturally be tilted towards Biology and Chemistry within the International Baccalaureate (IB). Given that she mainly needed the basics to be fine-tuned, as she was a fast and natural learner, we focused a lot on learning Maths from first-principles and put together a plan of action of how she could self-study some concepts and come to class prepared with questions. As her confidence rose, so did her marks.Today she is pursuing medicine at a highly reputable German university!

IB Economics

NC reached out to me just a month before his final exams, panicking that he was completely lost with IB Economics and admittedly had not listened at all in class for essentially two full years. Nonetheless, as an IB Economics specialist, I put together a tailored plan that closely tied itself to the IB syllabus guide for Economics. This gave NC and his parents the confidence and relief that NC would, by following the plan, be ready to sit the exam in a confident manner. We built a fantastic relationship and are still in touch today, as NC studies at an IVY league-level school in the US.

IB Economics

GM was a student who was scoring a 2 in Economics less than three months before his final IB Exam. It was clear that GM was someone who would try to use “common sense” to answer Economics questions, thus not paying any real attention to the importance of terminology in the IB Economics syllabus. Hence, the very first thing I did was get him and his parents together, as I explained in a very honest manner that passing the final exam required not aiming to “fluke it”. A heart-to-heart conversation went a very long way, and GM’s willingness to prove to me that he could study the details correctly to pass the exam with outstanding results, paired with my occasional motivation talks, resulting in GM passing with flying colours!


As an analytical mind, I love playing chess. Thinking five-steps ahead has always been a big plus point about me, reason why I have also mentored many young adults on personal finance and how to grow their wealth over time in financial markets. That said, I am a lover of trying any new sport, yet my ultimate passion lies in playing football and snooker! Last but not least, I am addicted to reading self-development books, as they push me to keep levelling up and trying to achiever greater and more ambitious goals.


“Brilliant tutor, constantly committed towards helping the student. In addition, his flexibility with lesson times is remarkable, and the help with SL Maths, EE and HL Economics has been impeccable.”

“Sankalp is a great tutor. He always makes sure I understand everything and challenges me. I finally understand Economics!”

“I just received my Economics summer exam results for my 1st year on the IB diploma programme, so wanted to take this opportunity to write a review for my IB Economics tutor, Sankalp. Sankalp is a one-in-a-kind tutor, who unlike any other tutor I have encountered, knows the syllabus inside-out and does not even use a textbook when teaching! He knows how to make connections between different parts of the syllabus, yet always gives the big picture of how topics are structured so I know the general direction in which we are headed. But most importantly, the enthusiasm with which he teaches, combined with the fact that he truly takes my studies and performance to heart is very reassuring. Finally, unlike my previous Economics tutor which I had through another company, Sankalp’s way of explaining concepts makes them easy to understand because he knows some subtle concepts which other tutors or even teachers do not know. Indeed, Sankalp’s ability to explain why things are the way they are rather than simply repeating the syllabus to me is how I have truly come to see Macroeconomics as one big and inter-connected chapter.”


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