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“Sam is a very good teacher. He reviewed my son’s personal statement and the comments were very detailed. We are really happy with his help. I will definitely recommend him to other students.”

Personal Statement Tuition

  • A Level

  • Oxbridge Applications

  • Psychology

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Sociology

Academic History

2017-2018, University of Edinburgh: MSc Performance Psychology

2012-2015, University of Cambridge: BA Psychology & Sociology (1st)

2009-2011, The Henley College, Oxfordshire: A-Levels

–           English Literature & Language (A*)

–           Human Biology (A)

–           Sociology (A*)

About Me

I have been tutoring since 2015 after graduating with a First from Cambridge. My main subject specialisms are Psychology and Sociology. I also support students with general study skills and interview technique.

I was never a naturally ‘gifted’ student. Learning and getting good grades never came easily to me, I have a couple of learning difficulties, which I have learnt to overcome throughout my time in formal education. I am able to empathise with students of all abilities because I too have experienced lengthy periods of feeling overwhelmed, challenged, and ill-suited to thriving academically. The environment I set up with my students is one whereby many mistakes can be made without judgement. I exercise patience and break down concepts in ways that are meaningful and understandable to the individual student. Progress comes through continual self-reflection and recap so that students are seeing their progress week-in, week-out.

I specialise in study skills and exam technique after undergoing a dramatic transformation in how I approached studying myself during my third year of university. After two years of being a low-mid 2.1 student at Cambridge I changed my entire approach to study through developing a number of study tips/tricks/hacks. This shift in my mindset led me to studying fewer hours, being less stressed, and ultimately graduating with a First-class degree. From my personal experience, and from also tutoring other students, I have found an almost universal trend – students who often need tutoring are not those lacking in intelligence. For many not reaching their true potential it is their mindset and approach to learning that lets them down. This is where I come in, through sharing the exact techniques I utilised, I help all my tutees positively change their relationship with learning and education. My tutoring is just as much about coaching, I simply provide them with the tools to make dramatic changes and challenge them to apply these techniques themselves.

Recent tuition

I have worked with over 50 students in a 1-to-1 setting providing support from Key Stage 3 to Postgraduate level. Below is a sample of my tutoring experience.

A-Level Sociology AQA (SEN ADHD)

This student struggled with his first year of Sociology, receiving a D overall in his end of year school exams. I began weekly sessions with him to build his confidence and enhance his understanding of the exam board’s marking criteria. He was having a number of issues with his school and his parents decided to have him removed to become home-schooled until his final A-Level exams. From this point we held three sessions a week, which focused on elaborate discussions about the topics in the syllabus; this suited his learning style due to his diagnosis of ADHD. He achieved a B in his Sociology A-Level and due to our wide-ranging discussions, he has decided to apply for Psychology undergraduate programmes in Canada.

A-Level Sociology AQA

Vanesa was struggling with her essay writing in Sociology when we began working together. She was incredibly knowledgeable of the syllabus’ content yet her essays lacked structure and often failed to answer the question at hand. We held a weekly session until her final exams. We repeatedly honed in on the idea of engaging with the question title through a number of structural devices and this resulted in Vanesa achieving an A* in her final exams. She is now studying Law at the University of Southampton.

A-Level Psychology AQA

This student found his first year of Psychology incredibly difficult at Esher College, which resulted in a C grade in his end of year exams. For the entire academic year we held a weekly session either in person or via Skype. The focus of these was to improve his understanding of the most complex topics and also to deeply review the weekly practice essays I set him. Each week we set goals of implementing specific structural devices and features into his writing and this resulted in him achieving an A grade in his end of course exams. This helped him get onto the Politics and International Relations university course he initially felt he wouldn’t achieve the necessary grades for.

A-Level Psychology AQA

This student contacted me to work with her only two months before she was due to sit her end of course Psychology exams. She was panicked about the inconsistency in her practice tests at school, which were ranging from a low C grade to a low A grade. We worked together on precision and concision of answers so that she attained full marks in as few words possible. Our time together resulted in her achieving an A* grade which included two papers receiving 100%.

Undergraduate Psychology Degree (Open University)

This student reached out to me in as she was looking to improve her assignment grades on her Psychology course. We held a few initial essay writing sessions to help her build her repertoire of clearly demonstrating critical analysis and evaluation of psychological concepts. With each assignment we introduced new structural features to continually refine her essay writing skills over a period of two years. This culminated in her receiving a Distinction as her overall degree grade.

Hobbies and Interests

I’m a keen runner and usually clock around 30 miles a week. For me, this is the best form of release to escape everyday stresses and to energise me for the day ahead. I’m also a keen reader and try to fill every spare moment I have with a quick flick through a chapter on my Kindle – it’s a great way to fill time that would otherwise be lost.

Client Testimonials

“Sam is a very good teacher. He reviewed my son’s personal statement and the comments were very detailed. We are really happy with his help. I will definitely recommend him to other students.”

Parent of student applying to university

“Sam has just spent 3 sessions with my son, who failed an end of year exam at university.  My son has just sat the re-sit and is confident that he has passed. Sam helped him with an overview of his essay structure and provided clarity for him. He reviewed an essay plan, and his feedback will be valuable for my son as he enters Year 3. Sam was punctual, and my son felt relaxed and at ease with him. If necessary, we will ask Sam again for help as the finals come up. Many thanks!”

Parent of undergraduate student

“Sam gave me really useful feedback on a Psychology Qualitative Report for University, quite close to the deadline. Sam replied to emails really quickly and I was able to improve my report as a result of his feedback that meant I was happy with my submission. He was also relaxed and helped reduce my stress.”

Undergraduate student

  • Oxbridge Specialist