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"When your 10 year old spontaneously gets himself a pen and paper, sits down after dinner with the entire family and says "Grandma, give me any two numbers and I'll divide them!" Blessed! Thank you!!"

Year 5 Maths Tuition

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Academic History

Sept 2011- July 2012 Institute of Education, University College London, PGCE

Sept 2006- July 2009 Queen Mary University of London, English BA Hons (2:1)

Sept 2004- July 2006 Woodhouse Sixth Form College, A Levels: English Literature (B) Government and Politics (B) Drama and Theatre Studies (B)

Sept 1999- July 2004 St Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls, GCSEs: English Language (A*) English Literature (A*) Religious Education (A*) Citizenship (A*) Maths (A) Double Science (AA) History (A) Drama (A) Contemporary Dance (B)

About Me

I am a self-motivated, energetic and enthused qualified Primary School Teacher, graduating from the Institute of Education, UCL, London, with a music specialism. Having worked as a class teacher for 6 years, in education for over 7 years and with children and young people for over 11 years, I have extensive experience in creative, stimulating and child-centred teaching, planning, marking, monitoring, evaluating, coaching and training. I have experience teaching the UK National Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and the West African Primary Curriculum in Sierra Leone. As well as teaching in the UK and Sierra Leone I have also taught in the UAE and India. Throughout my career in teaching and tutoring I have also taught a number of children with ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. I am very used to differentiating my lessons to cater to the needs of these children, helping them to work at a pace that they can engage with and continue to access their learning.

Living and teaching in linguistically diverse settings has strengthened my resilience through invaluably learning how to adapt to change. Whilst teaching in India, particularly, I had to often think on my feet and adapt lessons to cater to logistical changes in the day and the needs of the children. It has also given me an incredible insight, compassion and understanding for people, especially children. My experience has provided me with the ability to encourage and support children in developing their academic and social skills in a happy and secure environment. I am very caring and patient and I understand the importance of humility, respect and empathy when working with children and various stakeholders in schools such as, parents, other members of staff and governors. I believe maintaining a good relationship with parents/guardians is integral to the progress and attainment of children.

My main specialist subjects are English and Mathematics. In addition to this, I am also a confident teacher of Humanities and Science at Primary Level. I am an extremely creative individual and so my passion for sports, singing, dancing and drama seeps through in my teaching and keeps my lessons child-centred, fun, stimulating and inquiry based. My enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring, bringing out the full potential of all individuals. I encourage children to discover their talents, supporting and nurturing their development into confident, self-guided and self-disciplined thinkers in a global society.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my recent tuition experience:

Residential, Cannes (Two months)

I tutored two siblings, a 13 year old boy and an 11 year old girl. I mainly tutored English and Maths, Monday- Friday. I tutored the 13 year old boy for 1-3 hours a day as part of a home-schooling set up, this would also include some outdoor activities. The work was based on the National Curriculum so I used texts and books that would engage the 13 year old, I also encouraged him to write reports on topics that interested him. We would look for fun and interesting ways to research information and learn through experience. I tutored the 11 year old girl on an ad hoc basis. She attended a day school so we mostly concentrated on her homework which reflected a wide range of subjects from English and Maths to Science and Art.

Homeschooling, Maths and English

I homeschooled a 5 year old, a 7 year old and a 9 year old for 2 years. I mainly tutored English and Maths, but we also incorporated Art, Science, Sports/games, History, Geography and Music in many of the lessons. I tutored the three children in person on a one-to-one basis for an hour a day on Monday-Wednesdays and on Thursdays I carried out a group lesson for an hour and a half where I would tutor all three siblings together. If the group lesson required the children to all be participating in the same activity, the activity was usually more hands-on. On some occasions, the children would carry out individual tasks during the group lesson. On these occasions, I would facilitate lessons so that the children had tasks they could get on with independently whilst I assisted when and where necessary. I would then also work my way around so that every child got some one to one time with me. This was very similar to a classroom set up in a school.

SEN Dyslexia Experience

I work regularly with students from Reception age to Year 6, in a school setting. I support them in a one-to-one capacity and use different techniques such as developing symbol imagery through phonics activities, games, association activities, songs, rote repetition and aids such as coloured paper, flash cards and tangible letters and objects.

Reception Maths and English – Classroom experience

I have worked as a supply Reception teacher at a range of primary schools, providing English and Maths support to classes of up to 30 4 and 5 year old students. I always work to make my classes engaging, hands on and practical to help keep the students motivated.

Year 1 Maths and English

I worked as a supply teacher, regularly teaching Year 1 classes. We focused on phonic based work, such as fun reading activities and song based activities. We worked on stories and I helped the students create their own aspects, and blend them successfully into our work. For Maths, we worked with practical, physical objects, such as Play-doh to support hands on learning.

Year 3 SEN English and Mathematics (Autism and behavioural difficulties)

I worked as an LSA for one year teaching a pupil in Year 3 with autism and behavioural challenges. I worked with him in a classroom setting and also outside of class for one- on-one structured periods supporting him with his English and Mathematics. A typical day would consist of supporting him with his reading, phonics and comprehension. We would then move onto number work and space and shape. Due to his needs our work together was very practical and hands on. We used things like games and breathing exercises to help keep him calm and relaxed. Together we covered topics including reading, phonics, spellings, story writing recounts, place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Year 5 SEN/ Global Developmental Delay – Online English and Mathematics 

I am currently tutoring a lovely girl in year 5 who has a delay in a number of areas. Some of the main areas that are impacted are her speech, cognitive skills and her social and emotional development. I have worked with the parents and school to build lessons using the student’s interests. Although she is in year 5, she is working at year 3 level. I have therefore tailored the work so it is appropriate for her level and needs. The online lessons are very visual and allow time for new or consolidated learning and then time to practise this learning. We may break a Power Point down together or watch a clip, pausing at appropriate moments to digest, discuss and give examples to the learning. We then take time to practise the learning and will often do theses through exercises and games. 

Year 5 and Year 3 English

One-to-one tutoring to two siblings at their year and ability level. We work through areas including word reading, reading for comprehension, spelling, handwriting and composition.

Year 5 Mathematics

One-to-one tutoring for two students in Year 5. Together we worked through topics such as multiplication methods; ordering and comparing fractions; improper fractions and division methods with remainders.

GCSE/Year 11 Maths

One-to-one tutoring to a student in year 11. We worked through topics including percentages; powers and roots and trigonometry.

Maths for an adult learner

I successfully tutored maths for one year to another adult learner (the parent of an 11+ student) who found the lessons incredibly helpful as they supported her in building her confidence in the workplace. She worked in HR and was taking on a more senior role where her lack of confidence in maths was having a negative impact on her. During lessons, the student brought work related problems to me and we would discuss them, break them down and find the best possible solutions to tackling them. We also worked on basic maths skills and methods she could use to support her arithmetic.

7+ Preparation

7+ Streatham and Clapham Preparatory School

I worked with a lovely young girl for two years who needed to be challenged and prepare for her 7+ exams. We covered general maths and English and exam skills and techniques. She was successful in her exam.  

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School 7+

I worked with a studious boy for two years leading up to his 7+ exams . We covered general maths and English, non-verbal and verbal reasoning as well as exam skills and techniques. He was successful in his exam. 

St Paul’s Junior School

Successful 8+ exam. I worked with a bright boy for 2.5 years leading up to his 8+ exams.  The school offers both 7+ and 8+ plus as children mature academically at different rates. After discussion, the 8+ was better suited for this student. We covered general maths and English, non-verbal and verbal reasoning as well as exam skills and techniques. 

11+ Preparation

I have successfully tutored children for their 11+ exams. Some of the schools the children have applied to have included: The Latymer School; Godolphin and Latymer (The London 11+ Consortium); St Olave’s Grammar School; Newstead Wood School; City of London School for Girls; Westminster; City of London School; Kingston Grammar School; Tiffin School; North London Collegiate; Forest School; The Henrietta Barnett School and Downe House School. All children have gone on to make great academic progress at their chosen schools and felt exceptionally confident and prepared for their 11+ exams. I focus on a mix of  past papers; NVR; VR; vocabulary; longer creative pieces of writing; persuasive and argumentative writing; new mathematical concepts; applying previous knowledge; working out what the questions are asking; multi-step worded questions; speed and confidence.

11+ Sydenham High School; Croydon High and Streatham and Clapham High School

Successful 11+ exam for  year 7 admission to GDST schools. I worked with a student for two years who needed extra academic support and exam preparation. We covered general maths and English, non-verbal and verbal reasoning as well as exam skills and interview techniques.

Hobbies and Interests

As well as teaching I am also a freelance writer. Most recently I have written articles on film and mindfulness for Dazzle Magazine, in the UAE. I also attend a Creative Writer’s meet up group where I have the pleasure of sharing my creative writing with talented individuals. Acting is an art from that I have always been incredibly passionate about and I currently train, part time, at Identity School of Acting and Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop. I have been fortunate enough to perform in plays and have also written, produced and directed my own short film.  I run regularly with a running group and have rewardingly completed We Run Dubai, sponsored by Nike and the Colour Run. I am also very passionate about singing and have sung at St Mark’s Cathedral, in Venice and The Royal Albert Hall with the Young Disciples Gospel Choir.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much for suggesting timed exercises; his teacher says it is working so well in school!”

Year 3 Parent, English

“K– was buzzing with excitement and beaming with happiness. She couldn’t stop talking about her first lesson with you the whole way home; she spoke so highly of you. It made me so happy to see her like that. Thank you.”

Year 4 Parent, English

“Both boys are now at grade level! Hooray!!! I can’t stop smiling! You have been a dream!”

Year 2 and Year 5 Parent, English and Maths

“It feels so good to finally get stuff! Thank you!”

Year 8 Student, English and Maths

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