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Rosie S

"We are thrilled with Sebastian’s time with Rosie. She is magnificent and we think Sebastian benefits greatly. We adore her and she worked wonders with our son. "

K Williams, Year 2 School Preparation Tuition

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Academic History

PGCE Primary Education, Sheffield Hallam

BSc Environmental Science (1st) University of East Anglia

Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School, A Levels – Biology (A), Geography (A), Spanish (A)


About Me

I have been tutoring since 2017, and am a qualified primary school teacher. I specialise in tutoring the primary curriculum along with Entrance Exams up to 11+.

As a qualified and experienced primary teacher, I have an excellent knowledge of the primary curriculum and how to teach it in an effective and engaging way. Having taught across the key stages, I have a good understanding of a child’s development; I know where they have come from and where they need to end up. I am able to confidently assess a child’s abilities and make a plan to meet their needs. My tuition is methodical so that I ensure that all the necessary objectives are met, but with the overall aim of developing a child’s love of learning. When tutoring a pupil, I believe that forming a strong, positive relationship with them is the first step to achieving success. I endeavour to make my lessons as engaging and creative as possible to ensure children are enthusiastic about their learning. To me, it is vital that children enjoy their learning to ensure long-term success. When teaching creative writing, I may base a task on a child’s favourite book, film or computer game or around their personal interests and experiences. When teaching maths, I incorporate games and fun activities as much as possible and relate the maths to real-life situations.

Recent tuition

I have over 150 hours of tutoring experience with students in Key Stage 1 and 2. Please see a snapshot of my tutoring experience below.

Age 5 Early Reading and Phonics Support.

Student B had recently moved from the US to the UK and was preparing to join a new school as a year 1. Student B’s reading and writing levels were below the expected standard for his age group and his parents were concerned that he would be behind his peers and lose confidence. I worked with Student B intensively over a few weeks, and our sessions included phonics, reading and letter formation. The phonics sessions included lots of games and activities, and the books were tailored to his humour and interests, to keep Student B engaged in his learning. Over our time together he made excellent progress, moving through the phonics phases and book-band levels. He entered year 1 with increased confidence and we have continued to work together.

8+ Creative Writing.

Student T was struggling with creative writing and lacked independence. I have worked with Student T on a weekly basis over the last few months and we have worked on the different aspects of story writing; structuring a story, developing characters and settings, using writing techniques, punctuating speech etc. We’ve analysed some of Student T’s favourite books to provide inspiration/ example and used images, films and storybooks to provide a stimulus for writing. Student T has really found the enjoyment in creative writing and the quality and quantity of her writing has improved hugely. She will sit the 8+ exams in January and stands a good chance of success.

Year 2 Home schooling

Student K had complex special education needs. Her parents made the decision to take her out of school as they felt her needs would be better met through home school provision. I worked with Student K on a daily basis for several months (the family then moved abroad) and was responsible for delivering tuition for all core subjects. Student K was struggling to find the enjoyment in her learning and really lacked confidence. Having assessed Student K and liaised with her parents, I put together a plan that would cover the national curriculum objectives and match her interests. For example, our first literacy topic was based around the setting and characters of Frozen, her favourite film. By the end of our time together, Student K was really enthusiastic about reading and writing and was very proud of her progress.

9+ Maths.

Student A was finding maths difficult and his parents were concerned that it would be a barrier to him passing the 9+ entrance exam. We worked together intensively over the summer and will continue to tuition on a weekly basis over the Autumn term. Together we have worked through the national curriculum objectives, covering number and place value, addition/subtraction, multiplication/ division, fractions, measurement, shape/space and statistics. Where possible, I have incorporated games and the use of ICT to engage Student A. So far, Student A has made excellent progress and is now confident with most of the objectives on the curriculum. He will take the 9+ exam in January and stands a good chance of success.

Year 6 Home schooling.

Student R’s family had relocated to the UK from Dubai. Because she had moved between schooling systems, Student R had several gaps in her learning and was struggling to keep up at her new school, so the decision was made that she should be temporarily home schooled. I worked with Student R for several hours per week, with the aim of filling in the gaps in her maths knowledge, so that she could return to school in year 7. We worked methodically through the KS2 curriculum, ensuring that Student R was confident in each objective before moving on. After several months, her confidence had really improved and she was achieving very well in KS2 assessments. Student R will re-enter the schooling system in September.

Hobbies and Interests

I play the saxophone in a band, which I love and which gives me the opportunity to socialise with lots of interesting people. I play netball for a local team, which is great exercise.

Client Testimonials

“We are thrilled with Sebastian’s time with Rosie. She is magnificent and we think Sebastian benefits greatly. We adore her and she worked wonders with our son. ” K Williams (mother of a student preparing to enter Year 2 at a new school).

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