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Rosie D

"I believe I have learnt more in these two hours of tuition with Rosie, than I did in two years!"

Beth M, Biology and Psychology A Level student

  • A Level

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Maths

  • Oxbridge Applications

  • Personal Statement Support

  • Physics

  • Psychology

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

  • 2018 – 2023: PhD Imaging Science student at Washington University in St Louis
  • Sept 2016-Sept 2018: Imperial College London, MRes in Biomedical Imaging, Grade: Distinction, class rank 1st.
  • Oct 2015 – Oct 2016: Durham University, MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, Grade: Distinction, class rank 2nd.
  • Sept 2014 – Jan 2015: Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Short course: Understanding Hinduism, Grade: 2.1.
  • Sept 2012 – June 2015: St George’s University Medical School, BSc in Biomedical Sciences, Grade: 2.1.
  • Sept 2010 – June 2015: Kingsbury High School, A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Young Enterprise.
  • Sept 2005 – June 2010: Alperton Community School, GCSEs: Applied Science, Applied ICT, Business Studies, Core Sciences, Citizenship, English Literature, English Language, French, Functional Skills, Mathematics, Religious Education.


  • Outstanding Performance on MRes in Bioimaging Science, Imperial College London (2019)
  • Highest Result: MRes in Cognitive Neuroscience (2018)
  • Second prize: MRes in Bioimaging Science Course Conference (2018)
  • Second place: Masters 3.60 competition: MRes in Bioimaging (2018)
  • Union Colours: Imperial College Union (2018)
  • Second Highest Result: MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience (2016)
  • First Place Prize: Critical Analysis Poster Presentation (2015)
  • Result recognition: 80%, BSc Biomedical Laboratory practical rotation average (2012-2015)

*Attaining distinction in all academic essays within my BSc, MSc and MRes, with some essays (i.e. Critical analysis and Research Techniques) used as sample essays within the Durham University Psychology Department.

About Me

After tutoring in London for many years, I am now based in the US, completing my PhD in Imaging Science at Washington University in St Louis. I also lecture in Computer science, Python and MATLAB, and teach regression and statistics at the Olin Business School. I work in the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I help students start businesses on campus and won the award for Excellence in Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which recognised three students who have greatly impacted and improved entrepreneurship ecosystem at WashU. I regularly consult undergraduate students on campus and use business practices. My work with students in the UK is now primarily online and focused on University admissions, both at undergraduate and Master’s level and some A-Level and GCSE tuition.

My specialist subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Psychology up to University level, including GCSE/iGCSE, A-level and IB across all exam boards. I also teach Physics, RS, and Mathematics up to GCSE/iGCSE level, and have extensive experience with several boards. I teach a number of other subjects at KS3/KS2 and below inclusive of English, ICT, RS.

I have seven years of teaching experience inclusive of private tuition and several other formally held positions e.g., my job as an Anatomy Demonstrator at St George’s University of London Medical School which required me to teach the anatomy of superficial and deep structures to medical, biomedical, healthcare scientists and physiotherapy students.

Recent Tuition

I prepare students for the  7/8+, 11+, 16+ examinations, resulting in many gaining places at a range of selective schools including Ibstock, Westminster, St Paul’s, Whitgift, Emmanuel, Kings Wimbledon and St Paul’s Juniors, South Hampstead, Channing, Francis Holland, Godolphin and Latymer, Queens College, North London Collegiate, St George’s College, JAGS, Highgate, Henrietta Barnet and Latymer upper.

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

7+ Preparation – I worked with a student for 6 months in the run up to assessments for Highgate and North London Collegiate. We worked together to improve upon exam technique, maths, English and reasoning skills. The student was successful in passing all of their assessments.

11+ (Dyslexia) – I have also supported several students with dyslexia in their 11+ preparations. I used techniques such as mind mapping, and really focused on personalising the topics to encourage the students to compare their situation and the stories themselves. This increased retrieval of different vocabulary, scenes and settings which can be then be used in the exam.

KS2 English and Maths (ADHD/Dyscalculia/Dyslexia) – I have worked with a young girl in Year 6 for the past year, helping her to keep on track with her English and maths and build her stamina for concentration. She has just been accepted into St. Marylebone C of E School, and we are now working together to help her prepare for her new school and get one step ahead for September.

Year 9 English Literature – I worked with a Year 9 student for 3 months, helping them to consolidate their knowledge of their curriculum set texts for the year.

GCSE level English and Maths – During my 8 years as a Kumon assistant, I have worked with students up to levels H, I, and J with both English and maths (equivalent to GCSE/A-Level standard).

A-Level Biology – I worked multiple times a week with this student for the final 6 months before her A-Level exams. Due to her ADHD she found it very difficult to work independently and remember concepts. We used a lot of flashcards for repetition, to help her feel more confident with the topics.

A-Level Biology – This student was at Wycombe Abbey and we worked together for both years of her A-levels. She achieved an A* in Biology.

IB Biology (HL) – I supported two students over the course of two years on a weekly basis, with both getting accepted into the top universities of their choice (SOAS, NYU). Lessons including going through the whole syllabus, note taking, exam preparation, developing exam techniques and general confidence building.

Residential placements – Teaching in the South of France and Germany. Subjects include: biology, chemistry, physics, maths (GCSE level), maths and English (KS2/KS3 level – Singapore syllabus).

UCAS/Personal Statements/Interview technique – Having previously worked with St George’s University admissions team and coupled with my further academic study and teaching in the USA, I am familiar with various university admissions processes and requirements of prospective students. I provide teaching and guidance with course choices, personal statements, research proposals, UCAS and interview technique.

Undergraduate Dissertation Support – I worked with a student from Warwick (BSc Biochemistry) on his final year dissertation, helping to analyse Ebola data using SPSS.

Postgraduate assignment – I have worked with a student on an essay regarding multi-drug resistance for a global health disease.

Revision planning – Katie: We created a detailed plan for each week inclusive of aims regarding what topics to complete- this would involve revising content, notes and using exam questions to consolidate knowledge. The plan helped her move from a B to achieving an A in her exams.

BSc, MSc and recently PhD interview techniques – University applications include Oxford, Imperial, York, St Georges, UCL, Kings, Leeds and Durham – all successful.

SEN – I have tutored in a variety of settings, inclusive of individuals with psychiatric/mental health conditions, dyslexia, autism, visual impairments short-term memory issues, working memory issues, dyscalculia and ADHD.

Adaptability – Recently, I have completed a placement tutoring in an in-patient unit for the NHS. This role required me to teach an individuals with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. I was required to adapt to various situation inclusive of students leaving the classroom during lessons, loss of focus and confidence and other issues in relating to specific conditions.

Hobbies and Interests

National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery:

I have been volunteering as Ward Volunteer at The National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery (UCLH) for the past 3 years where I provide assistance to staff and patients on the ward. I have been placed in several units inclusive of the rehabilitation centre, the cancer ward and a private ward to name a few. I have also assisted several patients with numerous conditions and am adaptable, adjustable and flexible in many situations.


  • Times/Sunday Times: Brand Ambassador (2018-2019)
  • BBC Bitesize Careers: selected to partake in a short blog on Science communication to inspire young children. (2018)
  • Science Editor: Felix, Imperial College London, Student Newspaper. (2017-2018)
  • Event coordinator: Pint of Science: Beautiful Minds. (2017-2018)
  • Organising committee: Imperial’s Centre for Doctoral Training Science festival. (2017-2018)
  • Organising committee: C3NL Frontiers in Traumatic Brain Injuries Conference. (2017-2018)
  • Sub-committee member: Imperial’s Neuroscience society. (2017-2018)
  • Science content: Meat awareness campaign, Durham Uni Vegetarian & Vegan society. (2015-2016)
  • Science content: Hex Magazine, Trevelyan College Durham. (2015-2016)


  • Current Science editor of Felix (Imperial’s student newspaper published weekly): Responsible for sourcing writers, editing articles, layout and design, attending press releases and journalism.
  • Former bi-annual national magazine Editor-in-Chief: Magazine distributed in over 50 universities cross the UK, with an outreach of 5000-6000 students.

Client Testimonials

* Rasa C (11+): “We have been studying mathematics with Rosie every day, for over 2 weeks in preparation for the 11+ examination. Our daughter said Rosie was able to explain the tricky word problems clearly; helped her to gain speed; and guided her on how to work smoothly without spending a lot time on difficult questions. Rosie also helped with verbal, non-reasoning and interview techniques. Due to Rosie’s help, our daughter has received a place in her school of choice and we cannot thank Rosie enough! I very highly recommend Rosie for the preparation of 11+ examinations.”

* NHS Unit (GCSE – Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Chemistry): “Rosie has tutored a Gifted & Talented Year 11 young person with complex mental health and social needs. She has demonstrated flexibility, sensitivity, enthusiasm and the ability to manipulate her vast knowledge to meet the individual pupils’ needs. The success this student experienced whilst working with Rosie has given him more confidence in his own abilities and he wants to focus on independent study as he prepares to move on to his next school placement, outside of hospital.”

* Sally P (GCSE – Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics): “Rosie has worked well with Adam in ensuring that he understands the underlying concepts as well as the approach and specifics required in answering examination questions. She clearly has a very in-depth understanding of the subject areas and is very prepared. Adam has a high opinion of her knowledge and tutoring skills.”

*Laura M (A Level – Biology): “Rosie has recently been tutoring my daughter Macy in the subject of Biology. Macy is partially blind and has a number of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. On many occasions, she’s has left the room abruptly, thrown tantrums, and lost focus; consequently, Rosie is very much acquainted with dealing with this scenario. More recently, Macy has been able to express her emotions in the first instance, as opposed to leaving the room. As a result of the rapport Rosie has established, Macy is able to concentrate for just over an hour now, and is able to focus for longer periods of time, this has contributed greatly to Macy’s results, and we are grateful for Rosie’s patience, perseverance and commitment.”

* Beth M (A Level – Biology, Psychology): “I believe I have learnt more in these two hours of tuition with Rosie, than I did in two years!”

  • Multidisciplinary

  • Online Tutor

  • SEN Experience

  • University Lecturer