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“Rosemary has tutored my son for the last year and it has been a life changing experience. He's grown into a confident eleven year old, with a sense of humour and the confidence to ask questions and be continually inquisitive. The lovely Rosemary even made touch trying enjoyable for him! Thank you!”

Age 11 English Tuition

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Academic History

2023: Completed SLT Foundation Training in SEND

2016-2018: BACP/CPCAB Therapeutic Counselling: Level 4 Diploma

2010-2011: Queen Mary’s University of London, ltiMSc Freshwater Studies

2003-2006: Brunel University, BSc Hons Environment Studies (2:1)

A Levels – Maths (A), Geography (B), History (B)

 About Me

I have been tutoring since 2013 and specialise in English, Geography and History tuition. I regularly prepare students for the 7+, 11+ and 13+ exams.

Having myself been diagnosed with dyslexia, I understand the need to develop a specific learning plan tailored to an individual. I believe that creating a positive, inspirational and creative learning environment is hugely beneficial for all. It allows children to become independent learners and build on their skills and confidence. I always bring humour, energy and enthusiasm to my sessions and I am used to using a multi-sensory approach.

I understand that working with children requires special attention, patience and understanding. My excellent communication and counselling skills minimise anxiety whilst giving positive reinforcement develops confidence in the student’s ability. Therefore, I always change and adapt my approach as needed to suit my student’s needs.

Recent tuition

I have over 1000 hours of tuition experience from primary school through to A level. Please see a snapshot of my recent tuition experience below.

Year 1 Maths and English (SEN)

Thist student was an energetic little boy with mild autism. He was very good at recounting information verbally but found it difficult to understand concepts and expressing himself. The school moved quickly through the curriculum and he found it hard to keep up. Therefore, sessions focused on revisiting concepts using a mixture of visual and kinesthesis techniques. We were able to consolidate his learning as well as boost his self-confidence and worth. 

Age 5/6, EFL English and play therapy

This kind young student who had lived in numerous countries, but found it challenging to communicate in any language. Furthermore, she found the transition and adjustment to the British education system overwhelming so my position developed into a teaching and mentoring one. I designed a lesson programme centred on practical activities as well as introducing new topics and themes every week. I designed numerous games and songs to encourage her to speak and interact. We went on many excursions including museums, galleries, zoos, parks, etc. learning and using new vocabulary and tenses. This student and her family have now fully settled into the UK and she is now happily thriving at school.

11+ Maths

This bright vibrant student wanted help in her Maths to get into Ibstock, Francis Holland and Latymer. Her understanding was already solid but she lacked confidence in her ability. Therefore, we focused on exam strategies and revision techniques which included looking at marks available for a question to estimate the amount of time she should use, editing and checking her work, as well as booster activities outside of the lessons. Her hard work and determination paid off and she achieved her first choice place.

Age 13 English and Maths (SEN)

This bright and caring student was home schooled due to health and confidence issues. She was far behind her peers and struggled with her dyslexia which caused a lot of anxiety and worry. I designed a long-term programme of study based upon her hobbies and interests varying from art to space. I had to be flexible based upon her health and therefore used clear communication and structure to maximise lesson time. This student quickly became enthusiastic about her English and Maths and is now flourishing at school getting ready to take her GCSEs.

17+ English and Maths (SEN)

This kind young man suffered from a variety of SEN issues including global delay, dyslexia and dyscalculia. He had trouble recounting information and writing his thoughts down on paper, especially under time pressure. I developed a visual and test base programme of study to help him with his memory techniques as well as recalling specific information and terminology. Resources were specifically made to engage him in his subjects while boosting his confidence and enjoyment. This student had now passed both his English and Maths GCSE and we are now working towards his business diploma.

IGCSE Geography

I currently teach five year 11 students, with different abilities completing their IGCSE geography exam this year. I have worked with them throughout the whole course and have helped prepared them for their exams. We use google classroom for all topics (using PowerPoint, videos, worksheets, and games).

GCSE Geography

I have successfully tutored two Year 11 students who completed their IGCSE (Edexcel) exam last year, with all gaining high marks (8 and 9). We reviewed content, case studies and exam techniques. I helped them become confident with the syllabus and apply their knowledge to the exam.

A Level Geography

I helped prepare three students for their AS and A levels last year. I assisted with their coursework, content and exam structure. We reviewed numerous past papers, debating ways they can maximise their exam time to gain high marks (all gained A and A+).

A Level Geography

I am currently teaching a student who is unable to attend school. We have covered the curriculum in detail, minimising any gaps which he may have had. We have reviewed and learnt the syllabus and focused on any weak issues he has, so he is able to gain maximum marks in his future exams.

Hobbies and Interests

Arts and Crafts – I have helped to design and build numerous theatre sets and props during the pantomime season as well as her summers.

Environment – since 2012, I have helped to monitor our rivers and meadows for a variety of species including fish, amphibians, insects and her personal favourite butterflies.

Travel – I have travelled and worked in numerous countries including; Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, USA, France, etc. I find travelling a great experience, as it has helped broaden my cultural, knowledge and awareness.


“Rosemary has tutored my son for the last year and it has been a life changing experience. He’s grown into a confident eleven year old, with a sense of humour and the confidence to ask questions and be continually inquisitive. The lovely Rosemary even made touch trying enjoyable for him! Thank you!”

Age 11 English Tuition

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