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"Rory is a patient and committed tutor. His explanations are clear and concise and he's capable of explaining concepts in so many ways that it is easy to understand. Rory helped me raise my A-level maths grade from a B to an A*, scoring 98 in C3 and 87 in C4."

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Academic History

September 2013-2015: Guildhall School of Music & Drama MMus (Merit)

September 2010-July 2013: King’s College London. BSci Hons Mathematics (1st Class)

September 2007-July 2009: Colchester 6th Form College. A-Level: Maths (A), Music (A), Politics (A), Critical Thinking (A). AS-Levels: Economics (A), General Studies (A).

September 2002-July 2007: GCSEs: Music (A*), French (A*), Physics (A*), Religious Education (A*), ICT (A*),  English Language (A*), English Literature (A*), PE (A*), Maths (A), Biology (A).

 About Me

My specialist subject is Mathematics. I am a  graduate of King’s College London with a first class degree in mathematics and over five years experience as a professional maths tutor. I am an enthusiastic and patient teacher who is passionate about helping students realise their full academic potential. I’ve always found helping students to understand and enjoy maths an extremely rewarding experience, particularly if they have previously struggled with the subject.


I try to personalise my teaching approach to reflect the individual goals, strengths, weaknesses and learning styles of my students. In mathematics, there are often many different ways to explain a method or concept, it is the tutor role to find the way most suited to the student. In my experience, keeping students well motivated by setting clear goals and tasks is key. After covering material in detail, I like to break each section down to just the essential formulae and methods, I find this avoids students becoming overwhelmed and is great exam preparation.


A good tutor should build the student’s confidence by explaining ideas slowly and clearly, and always offering lots of encouragement.

Recent Tuition

I have a wealth of experience tutoring GCSE, 11+, 16+, Pre-U, IB, A-level and AS-level mathematics and further mathematics, working with students of varying abilities both in one-to-one contexts and group sessions. I have experience working both privately and as a specialist maths tutor in schools.

Alex (Pre-U Maths): An intensive revision course during the half term break (14hrs). Alex was struggling with some of the parts (most notably calculus) of the PreU math- ematics syllabus. After our initial sessions were successful additional hours of tuition were requested. In these lessons we covered: proof by inductions, integrations by substitution, reduction formulae, hyperbolic trigonometry, inverse trig, exam technique and much more. I continued working with Alex for over two years, and he received an offer from Princeton University, USA to study engineering.

Samantha (A-Level): Samantha came to me ahead of her Maths A-level retake, need- ing an A grade to meet her offer from UCL. We worked through all aspects of the C3, C4 and M1 with a clear focus on exam technique. Samantha worked very hard in our sessions and in her homework and we worked formed an excellent working relationship. She achieved an A* in her final exams (scoring 98% in C3 and 89% in C4)

Christopher (GCSE Maths): Weekly GCSE maths sessions with Christopher, with a primary focus on ensuring that he has fully understood the concepts covered in school that week. I worked with Christopher’s parent to help fill some important gaps in his mathematical knowledge, in particular learning his timetables and number bonds thoroughly. Christopher went from a D/E grade to successfully achieving his target grade of a C.

Eliza (GCSE maths & GCSE statistics): Eliza is a very bright student who, though very capable, lacked confidence in maths, her weakest subject. Her parents sought a tutor who would support and encourage her but also challenge and push her. We have worked together in weekly session over the last two academic years. Eliza’s progress has been excellent and following our sessions her end of year school report singled out Maths as an area of strength. Eliza achieved A* grades in both GCSE Statistics and GCSE Maths.

Laura (11+): I am currently working two hours a week with Laura preparing her for upcoming 11+ exams. Laura is a bright and capable girl who, though having good knowledge of the majority of the maths syllabus, has a few important gaps in her knowledge. I’ve identified these and have been writing her personalised problem sets to better prepare her for the exams. Laura’s previous maths tutor knocked her confidence and so our sessions have focussed on building confidence; she is a very capable student but not always sure of her own abilities.

Annabel (16+): An intense course (approx. 20 hours) preparing Annabel for entrance exams to some of the more competitive London Schools. Annabel was educated outside of the UK so many areas needed covering with reference to the UK syllabus. Annabel worked very hard and had a good aptitude for maths. Over the two weeks we worked together her practice test results improved from scoring around 50% to 70%+. Annabel was accepted at St. Pauls and Godolphin and Latymer.

Charlie (IB maths higher level): Revision course, taking place over a week, for a student studying maths higher level at a British International School. Charlie had a good basic understanding in most topics, however some weakness in his algebra and calculus (in particular) was holding him back from scoring the higher marks. Charlie was bright and very hardworking, he scored a level 6 in his maths and went on to studying Chemistry at university.

Paula (IB maths standard level): Paula had been off school due to illness and had an exam the following day. She had done an impressive job of learning most of the contents of the test herself but was confused on a few areas. In particular, finding equations and intersections of straight lines. We covered these in detail with lots of reference to practice exam questions.

Jessica (AS-Level and A-level maths): Jessica was behind and a lacking in confidence in maths having missed school due to illness. Over the two years Jessica and I worked together, she went from wanting to drop maths because she found it too difficult, to scoring 80%+ in all her past papers (and declaring maths her strongest and favourite subject!). Jessica worked incredibly hard and it was great to see her confidence improve. She achieved an A grade in A-level maths and is going on to study occupational therapy at university.

Fin (GCSE): I worked with Fin over his school holidays to help him improve his predicted grade in his Maths GCSE. After accessing his strengths and weaknesses, I tailored a program of work to give him a boost in a number of areas.

Walworth Academy: Tutoring a small group of GCSE students at Walworth Academy on a weekly basis to help prepare them for their Maths exams. The students all have target grade C.

Brit School (GCSE maths, foundation level) – In the run up to last years exams I taught a number of exam focused revision sessions at the Brit School in Croyden. The students were taking the foundation paper and had a target grade C. I kept the sessions positive and exam focussed to build the student’s confidence ahead of their exam. The students were great to work with and always engaged with the lesson. I received very positive feedback from the school and was asked to continue tutoring long term in the next academic year.

Abigail (Maths A-level): Abigail and I worked together face-to-face during her summer holidays and then continued with skype lessons during term time. Abigail worked very hard, and we used our skype sessions to go through all past paper questions she’d been stuck with during the week. We covered C3, C4 and M1 together. Abigail achieved an A* in Maths, with 98 in C3, 84 in C4 and 91 in M1. She is now study at Princeton University (USA).

Richard (A-level): I worked with Richard during his A-level maths course, over this time we developed a great rapport. After a somewhat disappointing AS-level result, we carefully planned a work and revision schedule together leading up to his final exams.  Richard is a bright student but could be a little complacent and tended to shy away from his weakest areas. Together, we tackled them head-on and used a spreadsheet to track his progress. He stayed motivated and worked hard. Richard achieved an A in A-level maths with a 90% average across the modules.

Max (A-level – Home school S2): Max wanted to take the module Statistic 2 (with aspirations to study Economics at university he believed it would be more useful than Mechanics). Unfortunately, his school didn’t offer it as an option. I taught Max the S2 module with weekly lessons and supported him in his pure modules too. Max achieved an grade A in A-level maths.

Francis (GCSE): I taught Francis over the course of two years.  Francis was an able student but lacked in confidence in her mathematical abilities and there were some key gaps in here knowledge. We worked on these areas together, and then moved on to past papers and question packs comprised of harder GCSE topics. Francis got a Level 7 in her Maths GCSE.

Hobbies and Interests

I play saxophone and have a masters degree from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. At university, I was the director of the college big band and I have taught saxophone privately. In addition to tutoring I work as a professional saxophonist, regularly performing across London, and the rest of the UK and Europe.

Outside of listening to and playing music, I enjoy reading.

Client Testimonials

“Hi Rory, Jessica got an A in Maths. So Happy. Thank you so much for all your help and support. you’ve been a fantastic tutor to Emma. She couldn’t have done it without you :)” – Jessica (A-level

“Rory is a patient and committed tutor. His explanations are clear and concise and he’s capable of explaining concepts in so many ways that it is easy to understand. Rory helped me raise my A-level maths grade from a B to an A*, scoring 98 in C3 and 87 in C4.”

“Eliza got an A* for maths. Thanks so much for your input, I think it really helps” – Eliza (GCSE maths)

“Hi Rory, I got an A* in Maths!!! I got 98 in C3 and 84 in C4 and 91 in M!! Thank you so much for all your  help I can’t believe it!”  – Abigail (A-level)

“Thank you for your kindness and patience, Sarah enjoyed her lessons with you greatly, you have been outstanding” – Sarah (AS-level maths)

“Thanks once again for helping tutor Francis all the way to success in her GCSE Maths exam. You are a great tutor!” – Francis (GCSE maths)

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