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Rory M

"Rory has helped me a lot with improving at Science. He is a passionate, patient and professional tutor. I now find the fun in Science because of him."

Year 9 Science student

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  • Science

Academic History

1st class MEng in Mechanical Engineering with Study Year Abroad (in Colombia) from the University of Bristol

Secondary Science School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) with QTS and PGCE from the Cabot Learning Federation and the University of the West of England

A Levels: Maths A*, Physics A, Psychology A, AS Level Economics C

IGCSEs: Maths A*, Physics A*, German A*, Religious Studies A*, French A, Biology A, Chemistry A, English literature A, English language A, History A

About Me

Each learner has specific strengths and weaknesses and learns in a different way and at a different pace. My sessions are adapted to the learner’s needs and are structured as follows. During the first session, I use an informal assessment to understand the learner’s goals and aspirations. Together, we establish how we are going to achieve these goals and aspirations by considering the learner’s preferred method of learning and prior knowledge. Normal learning sessions involve the use of diagrams, videos and real life examples to understand scientific and mathematical theory. This will be followed by an ‘I do, We do, You do’ activity, which provides scaffolding for the learner to approach exam questions with increasing independence. Revision sessions involve the use of mind maps, quizzes and exam questions to cover topics in a concise and efficient manner. I encourage a high level of learner engagement and check frequently if any information is unclear and what they like and dislike about the sessions. This helps me tailor the sessions for the learner.

I have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). I bring the techniques honed during my time in the classroom to make learning effective in my tutoring sessions. I have a Masters (MEng) Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Study Year Abroad in Colombia and I have worked as a Renewable Energy Engineer. I encourage learners to go beyond the curriculum and explore how Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) can be applied to real world issues such as climate change.

Recent tuition

Maths KS3 and GCSE

I am currently tutoring a year 9 Maths student online. He is a grade 9 student across all of his subjects apart from Maths where he is trying to move from set 2 to set 1. I am stretching him and practising lots of AQA GCSE exam style questions to improve his ability to access and answer exam questions. He is making great progress and will be tested in school at the end of this term after which a decision will be made about which set he will continue with.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology KS3 and GCSE

I taught a top set year 8 Science class. I stretched and challenged the whole class by introducing them to Edexcel GCSE before they entered Year 9 to give them a head start. I supported the quieter students to build their confidence and contribute to class more. The class average score in their end of year exam was 90%. The large majority remained in top set for their following Year 9 studies.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology GCSE

I taught a bottom set Year 10 Science class consisting of 19 different first languages with some students capable of getting a grade 9 while for some students anything above a U would be a great accomplishment. I differentiated the learning for the students by providing relevant extension sheets for the more capable students while I spent some more going over the basics with the lower attaining students. The more capable students were successful in their end of term exam and moved up into the top set with other high attaining students.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology GCSE

I tutored a group of 10 year 11 students. They were all struggling with foundation Science. With a focus on revision for their Edexcel Science GCSEs, we met twice a week for 6 weeks leading up to their exams. They all at least met their predicted grades with more than half of them surpassing their predicted grades.

Physics A Level

I acted as a subject specific teaching assistant for an A Level Physics class for a month. During this time I provided one-to-one support for a few of these students in the lead up to their exams. One student I worked closely with achieved his target grades to attend the University of Birmingham in Civil Engineering.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a performing saxophonist with two bands. I love communicating with people through music and writing songs collaboratively. The icing on the cake is being able to share this with others by playing out to crowds. I am active and explore the outdoors during my free time. This is a great way to learn more about nature and science. I mostly do this though hiking, climbing and mountain biking. I love to explore solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. This combined with my engineering career is where my interest in working with renewables was born.


“Rory has helped me a lot with improving at Science. He is a passionate, patient and professional tutor. I now find the fun in Science because of him.”

Year 9 Science student

“Rory is communicative and supportive, and is giving our son excellent tuition and advice for his Physics A level – he already feels more confident after just a few sessions.”

Parent of A level Physics student

“My son is really enjoying his lessons with you – thank you for making them interesting and keeping him focused.”

Parent of A level Physics student

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