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Romy has worked with Simply Learning Tuition for three years and has delivered over 1000 hours of tuition. We receive consistently excellent feedback about her teaching and her rapport with students.

Simply Learning Tuition

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2014-2019, King’s College London: PhD English.

2014-2014, King’s College London: MA, Early Modern English Literature (Distinction).

2008-2011, University of Warwick: BA, English & Comparative Literary Studies (1st).

A-Levels: A-C grades

GCSEs: A-B grades

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2018. I specialise in tutoring English Literature and Language. My experience of teaching undergraduates at King’s College London has given me a firm grounding in expanding students’ intellectual horizons alongside preparing them effectively to meet exam criteria in assessed work. I bring these elements of my pedagogy to one-to-one tuition, encouraging my students to think critically and creatively about the texts we read and the world around them.

I work with students of very mixed abilities and have experience in adapting my lesson plan to suit the mood of a student on a particular day. I am committed to developing my students’ emotional and social skills, as well as their academic ones. My sessions build on interview techniques, personal presentation skills and creative thinking, as well as advancing students’ ability for comprehension and critical written work. I aim to make my students take pride in expressing their ideas with clarity and confidence whether in discussion or written work. I am conscientious in my preparation of resources, choosing texts that will appeal to the student, and have a personable, sensitive manner which creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Literature is the record of the human experience and my passion for the subject permeates my teaching, whether at reception or university level. I have relied on achieving academic excellence to fund my postgraduate studies and aim to instil my students with a sense of how advantageous a record of success in education can be.

Recent tuition

Please find a selection of my tuition experience below.

Reception English

I worked with Maxim to develop his skills and ensure that he had a good foundation knowledge. His first language was French and he had a slight speech impediment. During our weekly sessions I worked to build up his confidence in reading and speaking. We used illustrative books, this enabled Maxim to point to pictures, demonstrating his understanding. During our sessions he grew in confidence, knowledge and skills.

Year 1 English (SEN Dyslexia)

Effy had severe dyslexia and she was being supported by a SEN specialist. Her parents contacted me to help improve her concentration and engagement in school. Effy has an incredibly active imagination and I let this lead the start of our sessions. We used toys to create stories and then make posters that represented the stories she had created. This led to writing letters to each character. Immersive play was a great way to use here imagination and develop sustained engagement. She was much more confident by the end of our time together.

Year 2 English

Baptiste was excelling in Maths but was not performing so well in English. His parents wanted a tutor that could stretch and challenge him in English. Building on the logical side of his brain I used fact books to engage his attention. Baptiste loved finding out about historical explorers and we used these texts to build comprehension and practice information retrieval. This developed to writing stories about the explorers incorporating and developing skills related to plotting a story. By the end of our sessions Baptiste was much more confident in his ability to write stories.

Year 5 English

Eliza was a very bright young girl however recent SEN testing has shown her reading ability was below age expectations. I was tasked with improving her reading skills and cognition. We used texts that were rich in illustrative detail moving to more text rich text as she grew in confidence. We would cut out the different events that happened in the story and at the end Eliza would arrange the events in chronological order. Eliza made excellent progress.

Year 7 English

Benjy was attending an independent school in London. He was delighted to secure his place at this school and his parents were keen that he maintain his position by stretching and challenging his English skills. Our main focus was Shakespeare, we started looking at more modern texts that followed similar plots. Following this Benjy was able to access the complexities of Shakespeare more confidently.  Benjy thoroughly enjoyed writing letters to the characters of the play.

Hobbies and Interests

I engage with literary and dramatic culture in my free time by reading (there’s always a new book in my rucksack) and going to the theatre and different museums. I sing in a church choir (which I have done since I was eight) and in a bigger choir, The Thomas Tallis Society. I love cooking and eating, particularly with friends, and shop locally in independent shops which use minimal plastic and responsibly sourced produce. I swim and do yoga and have just started cycling. I enjoy walking in London’s parks, I’m from Greenwich so that park will always be my favourite.

  • Fully Vetted