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“Rob gave tutoring lessons to my son for his English GCSE. He got 9 in both English language and literature, which is 1 and 2 grades higher than his mocks. We could not have been happier with Rob.He only worked with my son 6 or 7 times. He is brilliant! They got along really well. Thank you so much Rob for your help in achieving this amazing results!”

Mrs Escoffier, GCSE English tuition

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • 7+/8+

  • Drama

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • History

  • Maths

  • Philosophy

  • Religious Studies

  • Science

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2012-2013: Drama Centre London

MA(hons) Acting – Merit

2007–2008: The University of Sheffield

MA(hons) Theatre & Performance Studies – Merit

2004–2007: The University of Sheffield

BA(hons) Philosophy – II:i

1996–2003: The Latymer School, London

10 GCSEs: English Language, English Literature, French, History A*; Double Science, Maths, Geography As; Music Tech, Business Bs.

3 A Levels: English Literature, RS, History – A

1 AEA Level: Philosophy & Ethics – Merit

About Me

My specialist subjects are English, History, Philosophy and Geography. I also specialise in 7+/11+/13+ (Maths, English, Reasoning, Humanities and Science). I tutor a number of other subjects in addition, such as RS, History and Theatre. I believe that tutoring is first about personal connection. Any learning can only be achieved given a certain level of trust, which must be established in order to create a solid platform from which further learning can then flourish. Younger students are most open to absorbing information and should have the chance to take academic information and guidance from a range of people. This enhances the educational experiences and broadens the horizons of a student.

Having myself struggled with some poor teachers or an unwieldy subject matter in school, I know that with the right teachers, certain subjects can really come alive. More clinical approaches to tutoring further separate students from the learning process. Having experienced one-to-one tuition myself, I have seen the many positives and potential pitfalls the system can bring. These experiences galvanize me and help me in my own tutoring. I relish taking what I have learnt, and the exciting methods by which I have learnt it, and passing that on to other students.

Regardless of the level taught, it is impossible to make real progress unless the student first has engagement and interest in the subject. I see my task as tutor as a process of invigorating the material for those studying.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

  • Member of many exclusive and highly rated tuition agencies with 10+ years tutoring experience and hundreds of hours tutoring.
  • My specialist subjects are 7+, 11+ and 13+. Other subjects include English Language, English Literature, R.S., Philosophy, History, Gov/Pol, Geography, Speech, Drama, Acting, Entrance Exams, Critical Thinking, Essay Technique and most primary subjects.
  • I have tutored students from ages 4 to 26 in all abilities; including adults and teenagers, GCSE’s and A-Levels, as well as Common Entrance, younger pupils, and pupils with learning difficulties.
  • Experience preparing students for Entrance to Top schools including Eton (King’s Scholarship), Westminster, Tonbridge, King’s, Latymer, Godolphin & Latymer, Hampton, Mill Hill, Highgate, UCS, Merchant Taylor’s, Harrow, Whitgift, Dame Alice Owens, Alleyn’s, Dulwich, Highgate, Emmanuel, Putney High, LEH, Haberdashers, Wellington and City.
  • Consistently high admission rates into schools; consistently high grades in exams
  • Multiple scholarships gained for students
  • Have taught residentially in England, as well as Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Dubai, Zurich, Gstaad, St. Tropez and Delhi.
  • Have taught via Skype and online.
  • References and results available upon request.

What follows is a selection of past clients, representative of my experience.


  • 7+: Interview prep for Zahra for entrance to South Hampstead School. She was successfully admitted.
  • 7+: Weekly Numeracy and Literacy for Elektra, who has problems concentrating, but is really coming out of her shell, and is now reading at a level a year above her schooling.
  • 7+: Intensive prep with Harper to pass the entrance papers and interview day for Latymer, which he did.
  • 7+/8+: Preparation tuition for Charlie. She improved dramatically over the course of the year, until the family moved to Devon where she got into an excellent school and is doing very well.
  • 7+/8+: Preparation for UCS and Dulwich with Claudio working on English and Maths


  • 9+: Intensive Prep for Tej looking to apply to Kings’. Working long sessions over the holidays for a commited period of time resulting in Tej scoring highly on his tests and being successfully admitted.
  • 10+: Weekly lessons over a 4 month period with Zeb ahead of his exams for Hampton and Whitgift. He was lacking confidence with his work so we worked to make sure that he was feeling comfortable with his preparation, both inside and outside of school. He was successful in gaining a scholarship place at Whitgift.
  • 10+: Weekly sessions for Hugo for two years, and the following year for his younger brother Laurie in Maths, English and Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning. Both of them successfully gained admission into Emmanuel.
  • 11+: Weekly sessions for Ben in English, Maths and Non-Verbal reasoning. Ben has recently moved from the US and is unfamiliar with the UK school system, but is settling in nicely now, and is a frighteningly quick learner. After a couple of years private tuition, and a setback at 11+, he eventually got into UCS for 13+.
  • 11+: Intensive sessions over a two week period with Angelos, who has ADHD and Dyspraxia, to prepare him (successfully in the end) to enter Latymer.
  • 11+: Weekly two hour sessions in English and Maths for Alessandro, with successful pre-tests for Latymer, Wesminster, and City schools.
  • 11+: Residential placements in London and Kuala Lumpur over two months for Omar and Amir, who successfully pre-tested for Tonbridge, Westminister, Eton and Harrow.
  • 11+: Weekly Maths & English sessions with Michael who eventually passed his entrance exams to Merchant Taylor’s.
  • 11+: Intensive Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation with Opheme for entry to Summer Fields and Kings, Canterbury.
  • 11+: Fortnightly sessions for Sasha and Henry, two friends who are a handful but incredibly bright and aiming for top schools next year.
  • 11+ and 13+: Weekly English and History lessons for brothers Caius and Aldous. Improving vastly upon a difficult situation, over the course of 3 years Caius got into Latymer and Aldous’ scores got up high enough to get him out of the local comprehensive and into Dame Alice Owen’s.
  • 13+: Weekly two hour sessions in English, mainly Comprehension, for Sean who suffered from a lack of confidence but is testing well again and looking to apply to St. Paul’s and Winchester.
  • 13+: Weekly tuition for Caspar in English, Drama & R.S.: He was offered scholarships at both Alleyns and Emmanuel.
  • 13+: Weekly tuition to Max across a variety of subjects. He is applying for Eton in the coming year.
  • 13+: Tutoring Benjy and Jojo, both of whom are preparing for their entrance exams for Eton next year. We are focusing on English, Maths and History


  • GCSE English Literature: Weekly session for Valerie to focus on pushing her to move from an A to an A*, studying in-depth the texts and poems that would be on the syllabus. She achieved an A*.
  • GCSE History and Geography: Thrice-weekly sesssions for Fahad who had fallen behind in these two subjects and had received an E and a C in his mocks. With regular, focused sessions, he got those grades up to a B and a C.
  • GCSE (AQA, Edexcel) History, Geography, English, and Drama: Weekly general tuition for Solomon, who had parents with very busy lives and had begun to fall behind at school. With regular tuition we got his focus back and he finished with 3 A*’s and 6 A’s
  • GCSE Science focus: Weekly sessions for Nader to prepare him for his GCSE’s – in all subjects, but mainly science – who is aiming for A’s.
  • iGCSE (OCR) English: Weekly alternating sessions with Luchna, who is now predicted A*’s in both subjects
  • GCSE (OCR) Geography & History: Weekly alternating sessions with Luchna, who achieved A*’s in both subjects
  • GCSE (OCR) RS and Theology: Weekly two-hour sessions with Sara, who was predicted a B, but achieved an A.
  • GCSE RS: Cosima and I worked long sessions for a week before her exams and she was rewarded with an A*

Sixth Form Entry:

I have prepped students for sixth form entry, or 16+ exams for Latymer, Emmanuel and Westminster. They have all attended their school of choice.

A Level:

  • AS/A2 (OCR) Level RS and Ethics: Weekly two-hour sessions with Connie in all topics, from Practical and Applied Ethics to major Philosophical thought. She got an A for her AS and then completed an A for A2, and was awarded her first-choice place at University.
  • A2 RS: Weekly session for Alex studying the syllabus didactically and in-depth, including extra work on essay and exam technique. He scored 100% on his Ethics exam and was awarded an A*.
  • AS History and Politics: Weekly sessions, as well as Residential placements, to prepare Natalya for her AS’. She has already improved from C to B in school tests, and is hoping to progress to an A.
  • A2 English: Weekly sessions for Ruth working through three texts and taking her exams independently. She should achieve an A if she continues to produce at her current standard.
  • A2 Philosophy & Ethics: Weekly in-depth sessions with Alastair exploring the whole syllabus including coursework. Alastair received his first choice university and an A*.


  • Residential: Mainly focusing on English, but also general support for a range of topics, twelve-year-old Stephen was prepping for exams from a number of schools. Eventually he secured a place at Haberdasher’s Aske’s.
  • Residential: 13+ Common Entrance tuition for Isiah during the Christmas break for preparation in Maths, English and Science for entrance to Eton, Wellington and Tonbridge.
  • Residential: 7+/11+/13+ for three siblings for two weeks in St. Tropez, to prep for their various exams.
  • Residential: Support in English and Maths for a pair of 6 year old twins in Moscow.
  • Residential: GCSE/A-Level for Fahad and Norah in Dubai and Gstaad to prepare for their exams.
  • Residential: Help with speech, English Language and exam technique for ten year old Premesh in Delhi.
  • Homeschool: Outdoor Activities, Sports and Social Interaction for little Alex whose speech delay meant he had been taken out of school for a while. With thrice-weekly sessions, we were able to both have fun and help him prepare for reintegration into the education system, which he did ahead of schedule.
  • Homeschool: Twice weekly sessions for Marco preparing iGCSEs in Geography and History.

KS3: Weekly Maths sessions at Cardinal Pole school in East London.

  • SEN ADHD: Salim was falling behind at school and his attendance was very patchy. He was able to benefit by finding fun in the classroom and improved his conduct both at home and in school.
  • Speech: Tutoring over Skype for support for a 24 year old PHD student Anna who wanted to improve her accent, dialect, vocabulary and pronunciation. Through using the International Phonetic Alphabet and a number of TEFL core values, she made significant progress over the course of 6 months.
  • SEN: Mentoring and support for a boy with a rare severe chromosomal condition, requiring lots of pastoral support and play therapy
  • SEN Autism: Ongoing monthly tuition for 26-year-old Elektra who has severe Autism and bi-polar. I tutor her in Acting, public speaking, and writing. This involves assisting her with learning about her favourite subject and performing in a safe environment where she is able to feel confident. I have also helped her to write and record plays.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a professionally trained actor. I have written for numerous publications, with stories and poems published regularly. I was the editor of my school and university newspaper. I am confident with public speaking, and have been performing in diverse venues for nearly 10 years.

I have professional training in elocution, pronunciation as well as accent and dialect work. I am quick to pick up languages. I am a keen footballer, and believe in the importance of keeping fit and eating healthily. I also love to read fiction and philosophy, travelling, gardening, fixing computers and watching and critiquing films and theatre.

Client Testimonials

“I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Robert Jones. Robert tutored our two eldest sons, now 11 and 9 years old in the year leading up to their 10+ entrance exams and interviews. Both of our sons were offered places to their preferred secondary school at the first attempt and I strongly recommend Robert as a tutor who can get the best out of children and give them the tools to successfully negotiate entrance exams.

“Jude got an 8 but he found he was 1 mark off a 9! So we are going to get it remarked to see if we could eek out a 9. Thank you so much for all your help. As he is going to A level Maths, we most probably will be giving you a shout from time to time to help!
iGCSE Maths (Edexcel): I just wanted to say a massive thank you from all of us for your help with Bruno. He got a 9. His teacher at school wasn’t the greatest so that’s very much down to your teaching!”

Parent of GCSE AQA Maths student

Robert has great qualities that are needed to tutor children – clearly very patient, gives constructive feedback and homework and inspires confidence in the kids (and parents!) that they can succeed When we decided to enter our children for 10+ entrance exams, it was by no means certain they would pass, however Robert quickly identified the children’s academic strengths but, more importantly, their weak spots and is able to successfully address any issues – a skill I definitely would look for in a tutor. He was always on-time, well prepared for the tutoring session and very personable which meant the kids were always keen and up for each lesson. I would thoroughly recommend Robert as a tutor

Janet Kelly

“Rob gave tutoring lessons to my son for his English GCSE. He got 9 in both English language and literature, which is 1 and 2 grades higher than his mocks. We could not have been happier with Rob.He only worked with my son 6 or 7 times. He is brilliant! They got along really well.

Thank you so much Rob for your help in achieving this amazing results!”

– Mrs. Escoffier

“I think you have been very effective with tutoring both my boys ahead of their 11+ assessments this year. Some of the things you have done very well include:

  • Your ability to quickly assess each of their strengths as well as areas to further work on, taking into consideration their personalities and individual learning style
  • Your way of making the lessons enjoyable and engaging for the boys. It is not easy to have them work during the holidays but the way you mix the different subjects, have little ‘games’ in between and the jokes you share have all been helpful
  • The interview practice and tips have been valuable and I know both boys have applied some of these during their actual interviews
  • Your flexibility on timing and willingness to come out to Kuala Lumpur to tutor them – I truly appreciate this!

Thanks so much for your help. I would not hesitate to recommend you as tutor to others!”

Mrs. Nor Razal

“I highly recommend Robert an an excellent tutor of of English and English Literature subjects. He has deep knowledge on those subjects and helped my daughter a lot with both style and substance. He had a conversational style of tutoring, which made learning very easy for my daughter. She felt that she learned a lot whilst enjoying the process.

I recommend Robert without reservation. If you have any further questions regarding his approach and expertise, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Mr. Ostroumov

“Robert has been tutoring my eight year old son for a few months:he is infectiously enthusiastic and his lessons most enjoyable.His imagination renders it possible for the education to be at the same time oblique and focused.

I am sure he would bring his innate intelligence and creativity to any job he undertook ”

Mrs. Peart

“Just to say that you have formed a very good rapport with Elektra, who is a young woman with complex autism. It does take her a long time to trust people as she finds relationships difficult but she came to feel at ease with you quickly. She enjoys her drama sessions with you and they encourage her to express herself creatively, which she finds fun and also therapeutic.

I would be happy to recommend you for any potential tutoring job.”

– Mrs J. Deslongrais

“Robert was extremely patient and importantly, made the tutoring fun for my daughter, which really helped her engage and definitely increased her confidence. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

–  Mrs D. Brooking (7+)

“Salim’s home Maths and English tuition was very helpful, and is helping him stay on track at school”

–  Mr A. Solemani

“My twelve year old son has had many tutorials with Robert, I can say that he is an excellent tutor for my son. He is patient, sensitive and supportive. Robert has given my son the confidence he needs to write creatively. He is highly recommended.”

– Ms H. Carton

“Just wanted to let you know we had our final lesson with Robert on Saturday. Thank you for sending him, Alessandro loved his approach and found him fun to work with, which is a bonus! From my point of view Rob seems very capable and certainly noticed a few points with Ally that were holding him back. We’ll see if it’s all been worthwhile in January!

Thank you and I’ll let you know how he gets on,”

–  Mrs J. Lyons

“Tom was thrilled with Robert. Robert inspired him with confidence and was a fantastic help. He made Tom feel like Tom could do it.”

– Mrs. E. Newton

“I would really like to thank you so much for your energy and input. You really helped me in many levels in a very difficult time for me. I can tell that you are a very talented and bright person, and wish you all the best with your life! thank you for your patience, and for the very interesting lessons!”

–  Miss A. Mertziani

” I also want to thank you for your work with Angelo because he has improved immensely. He shocked all the teachers with the SATS exams. He got 5s in all the exams. But the best was maths where he got 99%. One was 20/20 another he got 40/40 and last got 39/40 . Very proud of him. Thanks again Mirna”

– Mrs Theosopholous

“Hi Robert. Ben got Mill Hill and UCS ( 1 of only 5 who did, not even headmasters son got it!!) he didn’t get Highgate but did get personal written message from head master and no one else did!! Any way he’s a UCS dude always was so I am ecstatic and if you saw Ben now you would be so proud of him! He is excelling in school and loving it!! So positive and confident! Thank you!!”

– Mrs. Berkshire

  • Multidisciplinary