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"Ritchard is a highly committed tutor. He is engaging, patient and interested in what his students think, helping to integrate the learning in a way that is meaningful for them. He helped my daughter immensely with her assessed A level English Literature coursework and I highly recommend him."

Parent of A-Level English student

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Academic History

Imperial College, London: BSc Material Science & Engineering

American International School of Budapest: International Baccalaureate, A*/A

American International School of Budapest: IGCSEs A/B

About Me

I started tutoring in 2014. My main subject specialisms are Maths, Science and Economics. In addition, I am able to support students with Computer Science and Social Sciences.

In line with Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset philosophy, I believe that all students are capable of growth and development and my primary role in that is to catalyse their passions. My strength is the enthusiasm and holistic approach I bring to learning. I start by getting to know the student, understand the reason for their performance and organise a revision plan for the coming weeks or days. In my experience a majority of students require guidance in exam technique and enthusiasm for the subject. Through that focus I am able to help student deal creatively and effectively with problems and essays.

Recent Tuition

I have tutored over 50 individual students, working with students at Pre-School age to A-Level. I have provided below some case studies below to illustrate my recent experience.

11+ Maths and (Non)-Verbal Reasoning

I tutored a student last year for her entrance examinations. Whilst she was apprehensive and hesitant in the beginning, I worked to help her become a more enthusiastic, motivated, and curious thinker. I saw her confidence and curiosity grow and I learned by watching her learn. She was quite a strong student but her reasoning improved and she was able to gain acceptance at competitive London Independent Schools including St. Pauls Girls, Latymer, and City of London.

GCSE Chemistry and English (Edexcel)

I have been teaching this student once a week since the start of the academic year. I focus on explaining subjects in a straightforward way that is relevant and interesting to the student, something that is hard to do in a classroom. I also employ active recall techniques that push her to retrieve weaker memories that is scientifically proven to be the most effective learning strategy. She has made progress in terms of her enthusiasm and mastery of the content. She is happy and engaged in Chemistry, a subject that she wasn’t interested in before. She is also really assimilating active recall and has improved in her tests, moving from a C to B.

GCSE Home schooling

This student was suspended from school and suffered from ADHD and dyslexia. When I met him he was in dire straits for his examination. Due to his condition, he often felt marginalised by his teachers and as a result disengaged from the school process. As a result, his academics suffered. Nonetheless, though my work with him across GCSE maths and sciences (chemistry, biology, and physics), we were able to get him exam ready and he felt more confident going into the exams. He needed intense guidance, which was made more challenging due to his ADHD, but through my enthusiasm and belief that students should be met where they are, I was able to help him maintain focus for four hours across and intense month of study. His feedback was that he felt empowered because he could constantly ask questions and we moved at his pace.

A-Level Maths (AQA)

I have tutored this student for a year now in preparation for his Maths A-Level exams next year. I have focused on helping him understand topics in a clear and concise manner and expanding the range and depth of tools he has in problem solving. There is a clear structure to all his lessons, which has helped him optimise the use of time in all our sessions. Through the benefits of the active recall techniques, he has improved from a D grade to a B grade. With an emphasis on cognitive effort and problem discrimination, Luca has become a much better learner.

A-Level Psychology (AQA)

I worked with this student for over two years to get his Psychology grade improved. This was an intensive program where we systematically broke down the course, and developed mnemonics, and research studies so that he could effectively address the past paper questions. He also struggled with ADHD, so sessions had to remain engaging and fun. Therefore, I tried to make it relevant to his life. To counter memory loss, we utilised a lot of mini tests to ensure he was engaged and could remember. It was tough going at the beginning, but he came into his own.

A-Level Psychology (AQA)

A student came to me to prepare for his finals specifically around Research Methods and Psychopathology. For research methods, we had to drill the tests as well as provide many cases of how they could be used. For psychopathology, my tried and tested mnemonics were used to simplify the load of memorisation and to remember the required research.

A-Level Biology and Chemistry (AQA)

I tutored this student during revision week in Biology and Chemistry at A-level, both very demanding subjects. During that time, I focused on the interconnection between Chemistry and Biology in an effort to make the content more relevant and to optimise her learning. She said that it was a massive help having to be able to swap between subjects and levels so easily and it benefited her. She got an A Biology and B in Chemistry.

A-level Business Studies

I started work with a student earlier this year and we have set about improving her grades. We worked on organisational structures, growth and evolution of businesses, production methods, and motivation within firms. We have worked to help her become more confident in addressing questions in an exam setting whilst also making connections to everyday life.

A-Level Economics

This bright student was studying Maths, Economics, English. She had very specific concerns that her school was not able to address specifically in the international economics unit on the Marshall-Lerner condition, Ricardian comparative advantage and different developmental theories. I was able to provide more depth on those conditions and enrich her learning with my own reading in economics. In addition, I identified gaps in her understanding and gave her heuristics to help her better answer questions.

A-Level Physics

I met this student as he was preparing for his final A-level exams and he was without a doubt the brightest student I have encountered. His secret was his exceptional planning and motivation to understand and address physics past papers. In this case, my role as a tutor was simply to refine his strategies especially for longer answer questions so that he could gain more points from those. Furthermore, I felt that even though he was talented, he did not do enough to push himself into physics as a subject. Therefore, I highlighted, wherever I could, more advanced material and helped him gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

Maths A-Level

This year 13 student needed support with his Maths A Level. Finding maths quite hard due to his dyspraxia and a little reluctant to ask for help in school, he was looking to boost his confidence and understanding in the lead up to exams. Through high-level lesson plans, offer flexibility and a good understanding of his weaknesses, I was able to push him to achieve his best potential. I believe that as a tutor, it is my role not just to teach but also provide students with emotional support and guidance, which in turn is seen through an improvement in their learning. My focus is always on each individual’s needs and in this way I have helped numerous students make sense of subjects that were previously a mystery to them. Patience and enthusiasm were all important to help this student to work effectively.

Pre-U Physics

This student planned to study Economics at university. She needed help to brush her knowledge of the course including electricity, relativity, mechanics, and kinematics. During February half-term and exeats in March we were able to create a plan for her study and worked on past papers to ensure she could handle difficult topics.

IB Physics HL

This student studied an eclectic mix of subjects for his IB higher levels, including Physics, History, and Economics. No doubt talented, he was not as confident mathematically in his physics. The job here was to focus on mathematics and ensure that he was able to utilise his mathematical skills to solve physics problems. Furthermore, he was dissatisfied with the pace his school had set which would have meant he would be behind his studies. He set out to change that and we managed to help him understand the higher level content in ahead of schedule and in depth.

IB SL English Literature and Language

I worked with a student to prepare her IOC as well as to prepare for the final exam in IB English SL Language and Literature. In terms of her IOC, she needed help with structure and planning what she should address as well as the relevant context to enliven the pieces. This is something I helped her with as well as analysing texts more critically. In preparation for her final test, we worked on annotation skills for unseen prose, advertisements, and other text types. This was to ensure she was well prepared for any text that the IB could throw at her and she could structure a cogent and consistent response.

SAT/ACT Science

I helped this student with both his SAT and ACT science. He did not take any mathematical or science based questions and therefore both the SAT maths and ACT science components were difficult. The ACT was especially so since the science component references particles physics to materials to electricity. My goal was to get him familiar with the wide variety of question and how he could employ his reasoning skills to address the questions.

Hobbies and Interests

Reading non-fiction books.

Client Testimonials

“Ritchard came to tutor my daughter, S–, for A-level Maths in the Easter holidays. Ritchard was always punctual and was able to be flexible on times of lessons. S– found him to be very good at listening and ascertaining where help was needed. He then went on to be extremely attentive and helpful during lessons, even taking away problems to solve and emailing them back. S– felt that the tutoring she received from Ritchard was extremely helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a Maths tutor for A- level.”

Parent of A-Level Maths student

“Ritchard has been a wonderful tutor who has provided excellent and consistent service to my son in his IB studies in Chemistry and Biology. My experience with Ritchard was always positive. My son has commented that lessons are creative and that Ritchard is very supportive of his ideas and questions. Furthermore, Ritchard was very compassionate and sensitive to the social, emotional, and physical needs of my son. This attention has developed my son’s capacities in Chemistry and Biology thanks in part to Ritchard’s sessions.”

Parent of IB Chemistry and Biology student

“Richard has been tutoring my daughter in IB English, Maths, and Physics. I find him a well competent and reliable tutor. My daughter has learnt a lot from Richard and I am truly grateful to have him tutor my daughter and would definitely recommend him to others.”

Parent of IB English, Maths and Physics student

“Ritchard is a highly committed tutor. He is engaging, patient and interested in what his students think, helping to integrate the learning in a way that is meaningful for them. He helped my daughter immensely with her assessed A level English Literature coursework and I highly recommend him.”

Parent of A-Level English Literature student

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