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"Richard has been a fantastic History tutor for my son doing his A levels. He has helped enormously, and we are very grateful. He has a lovely kind manner, easy to work with, very reliable and fully committed."

A Level History Tuition

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Academic History

Institute of Education, PGCE History

Kings College London, MA Early Modern European History (Merit)

Kings College London, BA Hons History (2:1)

Southwark College of Further Education, A Levels, History, English, Government and Politics

About Me

I am a qualified teacher, and have been a full-time tutor since 2017. My specialist subjects are History and Government and Politics.

I have always found that the best teaching should be a conversation between student and tutor, and that the student should always take an active role in their learning. As a GCSE and A level tutor I like to centre much of my teaching around exam style questions, not only so the student gains confidence in planning and structuring answers, but also as a tool for investigating the broader topic in which the question sits. My main aim when teaching is simply to ensure that a student should leave my lessons not only with a greater knowledge and understanding of the subject, but also with more confidence in their own abilities.

If I were to isolate a specific strength that I provide as a personal tutor, then I believe it would be my enthusiasm and passion combined with a real depth of knowledge in the subjects I teach. I have extensive experience of creating schemes of work and resources for the subjects I teach. I ensure that my tutor sessions are varied and engaging, but also that they are structured and targeted to reflect the needs of the individual student.

Recent tuition

I have taught in schools from 2007, and also have over 150 hours of 1-1 tuition experience at GCSE and A Level. Please see a selection of my recent students below.

 GCSE History (OCR)

These students were twin boys whose parents had decided that it would be best for them to be home schooled for their final GCSE year. I taught the boys OCR History from December to May for 4 ½ hours each week. This entailed creating new schemes of work for the topics they had not yet studied, but also, creating comprehensive revision schemes of work as both boys had considerable gaps in their knowledge of the topics they had learnt in year 10. For each session I created structured lessons working on comprehension, understanding, source analysis and extended writing. Each week I would set the twins both reading and extended writing homework to ensure that we covered the entire syllabus while reinforcing their abilities to answer exam questions.

GCSE History

This student is an intelligent and capable student; however, he and his parents felt he was falling behind with his GCSE History and that he was worrying about his exams. Although his content knowledge was generally good, he was having trouble translating this into his extended writing and this was affecting his grades. Over many months Joe we worked together to reinforce his knowledge and understanding of the topics he was studying. At the same time, we worked to ensure that he fully understood the requirements of the GCSE exam questions. Through regular practice with past papers, he became much more confident in his abilities to analyse historical sources and to structure and write developed answers to the various styles of question. I am pleased to say that this student achieved a grade 7 pass in his GCSE.

A Level Government and Politics

This student is a bright and able student who was unhappy with the result of his Government and Politics A Level and wished to it retake during his gap year. Over several months of intensive tuition, we worked together to reinforce his knowledge and understanding of both British and American politics, whilst filling in any gaps he had in these topics. We also concentrated on translating this knowledge into well-structured and focussed answers to past paper questions. I was happy to mark any essays that he produced and then work with him to constructively criticise them and develop methods for improving the structure and clarity of his extended writing. I am pleased to say that this student achieved a A grade in his exam and has gained a place at his first choice university.

A Level History (AQA)

This year 13 student had allowed himself to drift in AQA History during year 12. When I first met him, he was concerned with the pressure of catching up on past work while keeping on top of the demands for year 13, especially his NEA (long essay). He also did not appear to be completing many essays for school and lacked confidence in his writing abilities. With his long essay I was able to help him focus his research by highlighting the questions he should be asking about the topic. I was also able to give him advice on the structure of his essay. Regarding his examination topics (America 1865 – 1975 & Post war Britain), I would send him a list of questions each week about a specific topic. We would use these questions as a springboard into wider discussions of the topic and how it fitted into the wider historical picture. My main focus was on making sure this student realised he already knew more than he thought. We would finish each session by mind mapping and planning an exam question. By using these methods he was able to consolidate his knowledge whilst gaining confidence in his own abilities.

A Level Government and Politics (Edexcel)

This student is a sensitive and nervous student who felt he was falling behind the other students in his Government and Politics class. His essay grades were continually low and he was confused about what he should do to improve them. To help him regain confidence, each week we would pick a topic for discussion on either British/American politics or political ideologies. I would send him a list of questions to focus his reading and thinking and we would spend the first half of each session talking around the topic to enable him to reinforce his understanding and confidence, but also identify areas in need of more clarification. We would spend the second half of each session looking at specific essay questions set by his school and concentrating on the planning and structure of the essay. The main aim of these sessions was to enable this student to identify the key arguments within the question and to structure his answer accordingly. During this process I was very conscious that he should find his own way and that I should act as a guide rather than doing the work for him. I am pleased to say that this student achieved a A grade in his exam and has gained a place at his first choice university.

A Level History

This year 13 student is bright and capable but had been unable to complete her History A level in for health reasons. We worked together on reinforcing her knowledge and understanding of all the topics in her two year course (This included German History 1918 – 89, Mussolini and Italian Fascism, Protest, agitation and parliamentary reform in Britain 1780 – 1928).  By closely analysing the requirements of exam questions, we identified the underlying themes and debates in each topic.  She produced regular essays for me, which we would discuss at length to identify where improvements could be made in both structure and clarity. I am pleased to say that this student achieved an A grade in her exam and has gained a place at her first choice university.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of teaching I enjoy: Reading (novels, biographies, History, Politics and Philosophy). Music – Listening to Rock, Jazz and Classical music. I also play guitar (adequately) and write, arrange and record my own songs. Film and cinema history. Researching family history (especially London branch in 19th century); London past & present. Running & swimming.

Client Testimonials

“Richard has been great! He has given my son the confidence he was lacking before his exams. He has helped him fill in the gaps and how to structure the dreaded source questions. We are now keeping our fingers crossed all goes well!”

A Level History student

“After being put under immense pressure from all of my prior history teachers, I was very keen to find a tutor whom listened to my needs. Richard did just that. In our very first lesson, I explained what I needed from a tutor to do my very best and he fulfilled all of those requirements. On every occasion, he went above and beyond, marking essays in a timely fashion, providing constructive feedback, and always making sure he was fully aware of my exact syllabus. I am absolutely delighted with the grade I achieved, over and above what I needed to get for my first choice University.”

A Level History student

“Richard came prepared and helped enormously. He was very professional, on time and I would recommend him to any student that needs help with history which we needed. Excellent! Thank you . I would recommend Richard.”

A Level History student

“I re-took my Government and Politics A-level and was lucky to have been tutored by Richard. After getting a D at my first attempt, I was able to achieve a high A this year with Richards help. He really cares for his students and put in the extra effort to help me achieve my best.”

A Level Government and Politics student




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