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"Rhea helped A-- immensely with his confidence in English language and creative writing and his teachers and I saw a marked improvement not only in his grammar, speed in practice papers but also in the content of his creative writing essays and sophistication of sentences."

Parent of 11+ Preparation student

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Academic History

MSc Corporate and International Finance – Merit; Durham University Business School

BSc Hons International Relations – 2:1; London School of Economics and Political Science

A-Levels (Foley’s Grammar School, Limassol, Cyprus): English Literature (A*), French (A*), Spanish (A*) and Economics (A*)

GCSE’s (Foley’s Grammar School, Limassol, Cyprus): Maths GCSE (A*), English Language O level (A), English Literature IGCSE (A*),  French GCSE (A*), Spanish GCSE (A*), History GCSE (A*), Biology O level (A), Chemistry GCSE (A*), Physics GCSE (A*), ICT GCSE (A*), Music GCSE (A*), Greek GCSE (A*)

About Me

I focus on having a bespoke approach to tutoring per student that focuses on their strengths and learning style. I then use this to cater to the end goal – whatever that may be. Particularly with younger students, I focus on allowing confidence building, engagement and foundation building at first – and then from there, based on ability and enthusiasm, I build on their skills. The aim is to use as much of their creative thinking to learn in a way that develops critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and most importantly, self-worth.

I spend time learning about their interests and hobbies and use that to integrate into their learning and grow enthusiasm and engagement. While focusing on subject matter from the school curriculum, I am a firm believer in building strong foundations in subject matter and that this can be done in many creative ways. From here it is an easy growth trajectory to work on different types of questions, problems, exam techniques etc. Finally, I focus on creating a place where students can express their doubts and work on them with me to develop themselves within the subjects.

Recent tuition

Year 2 Maths

This girl was very bright but lacked a lot of confidence in maths, predominantly because of her inability to focus in class, low test grades despite good homework and her habit of drifting off. While her ADHD didn’t manifest with hyperactivity or outbursts per se, she also struggled with long exercises in silence, low personal engagement in the subject and hand in turn internalised her negative feelings towards the class and subject and withdrawn. She struggled in particular with basics which were never properly instilled such as decimals vs fractions and their relationship, the basics of algebra and long division. The main trick was to get her to enjoy the subject again – be it with games during our session around the topic, fractions with breaking chocolate bars and decimals using snakes and ladders. We worked hard on her checking and rechecking her work during the silent exercises due to her tendency to get over excited and rush. After getting her confidence up and enjoyment of the subject she was able to participate much more positively in class and found that her ‘drifting off’ was less of a problem as she engaged with the material better, even while working through silent exercises.

8+ Preparation

This student had a very high IQ and strong capabilities but struggled with maths because she had been quite sick several weeks in the previous year. She had fallen behind on several key subjects and had lost confidence. She had not worked up the nerve to openly tell her teacher that she didn’t understand and had slowly sank to the back of the class while these concepts were progressed with the rest. While her attitude remained positive, she was hesitant but we worked hard together, getting back to basics to establish where the gaps were and getting her up to speed as well as on exam technique to make sure she did not overwhelm herself and rush through without checking. Her particular fear of decimals was soon sorted with lots of practice as well as relating decimals to fractions as much as possible. Soon enough she felt confident enough to participate in class again and soon discovered the key tool in maths was to figure out the solution rather than assume there was only one way to an answer and that she was incapable of finding it. Based on her school applications, we worked very hard to ensure that her exam technique was stellar and that she showed all her workings, did as many past papers as possible and approached the tests with a cool head. She received admission to two schools of her choice.

Year 3 Maths

This bright boy suffered from ADHD that manifested in outbursts during class, disturbing other students, an inability to sit still and acting out when questioned. When the class was given work to do silently, he found this particularly difficult. Over the summer I worked hard with him not only on maths, but on his self-soothing and self-control when feeling stressed, distracted or overwhelmed. We started by avoiding long lengths of doing maths in silence and instead engaged his ability to do the work with direct interaction with me – slowly adding in short stints of doing the work himself and then talking about it. We worked hard on breathing exercises as well as taking self-established breaks of 2 -3 minutes before coming back to the work, to counteract feeling distracted and unable to focus. I added 20 minutes to each session to take a walk around the parents’ house and yard before starting and encouraged his parents to speak to the school about engaging him in light activity before maths class. We soon found that much of his outbursts and acting out were due to feeling targeted for his different behaviour and again reverted to the self-soothing. The key was to exercise a lot of patience if he did get over excited, but to not over-engage and encourage it with either positive or negative responses.

11+ Preparation – Maths, English and Reasoning

I tutored this extremely bright and capable young girl who just required support and regimen in how she approached exam preparation, exam strategy and mental fatigue with practice. We worked regularly using different games and more entertaining methods i.e. (bars of chocolate to work through fractions). She soared through all of our sessions and did very well in her exam. She was then accepted into Henrietta Barnett School.

Year 8 and 9 French

This student was weak in French, primarily due to lack of enthusiasm and exposure to languages as a whole. While performing well in other subjects, the process of learning a language wasn’t known to him nor did it engage him very much. This had caused him to miss out on the basic fundamentals of the language and left him feeling lost as the class progressed, and reluctant to participate in speaking exercises, group or partner activities. Overall his interaction with the language dwindled.  I moved to first establish a connection with him around his favourite topics – luckily one being football which made learning about French and European clubs in French quite entertaining and easy. I emailed him in French and we used his mother’s WhatsApp to send and receive voicenote instructions in French in addition to speaking French throughout our sessions. This was in addition to at last 50% of each lesson being focused on the basic grammatical fundamentals of the language (verbs, building sentences, tenses) so that he could start engaging with text and the oral language more.

IGCSE English Language

I tutored a student online for her English IGCSE English language (Foley’s Grammar School, Limassol, Cyprus). English was her second language and she didn’t speak english consistently at home. We worked consistently together for two years, focusing on her exposure to English as well as the production of the language for more than just the exam. I engaged her in English songs, movies and especially non-fiction books about history (her favourite subject prior to moving to Cyprus). Her work improved considerably after about nine months but she still struggled with comprehension skills. For this we worked extra hard together on exam preparation and past papers to improve her exam technique and connection questions to answers within the text (rather than conjecture).

16+ Preparation- Maths and English

This student and his family were originally from Iraq and had moved to the UK when he was about 12 and he struggled to catch up with English, particularly for 16+ curriculum. He had low confidence in the subject and had struggled with tutors as it manifested as insolence, refusing to engage and acting out during class such that he got sent out of class multiple times. When I met him he found most of the topics extremely boring and found it difficult to relate to any of the material.

He however revealed to me that he used to love to read stories in Arabic as a child and so we started off by getting him engaged in English through stories closer to home. Upon working on this from an approach perspective – while also ensuring his exposure to English was continuous (newspapers, watching English shows, reading about topics in Iraq in English), this also improved significantly. Both the GCSE and 16+ preparation went well for six months and he was accepted based on his 16+ results to The Latymer Upper School.

This student also needed support in Mathematics given he had experienced a very different education system growing up and had fallen behind since coming to the UK. His improvement in English helped his work in Maths just in his confidence and ability to participate more in class. I found that there wasn’t a massive gap in knowledge apart from two very specific topics which we worked hard and they were fast to rectify. From there it was mainly about exam technique, not rushing and checking work diligently. Timing him through his past papers was a key component of getting him used to the process and working through panic mode.

A Level English Literature

I worked with a student for her A level English Literature exam and coursework preparation (Tiffin’s Girls School). She was a stellar student already but wanted support in bringing out even more from her English Literature. I worked hard with her over nine or so months to help with coursework preparation strategy, text preparation as well as sourcing support material to bring out the best in her exam. She worked hard to research material for her coursework and focused on all the exam preparation techniques for critical essay writing that I suggested – character analysis, quote memorisation and theme preparation. She did very well in her coursework, achieving close to a perfect score whilst scoring very highly on all essays. She ended up receiving an A* overall.

A Level English

I tutored a student in English Language for a total of two years with the main focus being managing his energy as well as getting him engaged in the subject. He found English language and creative writing extremely boring but also overwhelming and would quite easily disconnect, disengage and/or act out when asked to work on a creative piece. I soon learned that he found it difficult to physically write down his thoughts coherently as he felt he wrote slower than he thought and also felt embarrassed by his inability to write sentences correctly despite having quite a vivid and ample imagination.

Upon first starting I removed the aspect of writing and focused solely on the production of correct English via speech to regain confidence, re-engage him and build the basics back up in terms of grammar. I also focused on reading to help increase exposure to the language and different ways of writing but within topics and themes that he particularly enjoyed as hobbies or interests i.e. (comic books to start and then moving onto more and more dense and descriptive text). We eventually moved on to writing but I would keep him engaged via consistently asking him to read out what he wrote so he felt connected to his own language and also encouraged him to read different mediums of text, be it newspapers, comic books as well as what was due in the curriculum. It was a real joy to see his engagement and enthusiasm grow – particularly around creative writing and he soon developed into a very confident writer.

AS Level Economics

I tutored this student (St. Olave’s Grammar) in AS level Economics (Edexcel). We worked together for a six month period, focusing on bringing him back up to speed with the subject as he had fallen slightly behind. His main problem was that he had a lot on his plate and had not been able to give the subject enough focus and then felt overwhelmed by how behind he had got. We focused on establishing a foundation in basic material and ensuring all the gaps were filled before moving onto more complex points and then exam prep and practice papers quite quickly (ahead of his class and far ahead of mock exam preparation and final exams). As his confidence grew he felt more and more comfortable in class and was able to prepare adequately for the exams.


Boxing and dance due to discipline but also the creative mindset it entails. Both have also taught me immense amounts about dedication over talent, hard work and commitment as well as the value of an encouraging coach and self-belief.


“Rhea helped A– immensely with his confidence in English language and creative writing and his teachers and I saw a marked improvement not only in his grammar, speed in practice papers but also in the content of his creative writing essays and sophistication of sentences. A– also became far more interested in reading non-fiction rather than avoiding it and was more engaged in using his imagination. A– was always quite a hyper child and we struggled to find tutors who managed this without frustration, however Rhea somehow was able to positively direct his energy levels towards a subject he used to find incredibly boring. A– went from never wanting to sit down for English to reading out loud and answering comprehension questions and drafting essays out loud. From here he then was able to convert this into writing for the exam.”

Parent of 11+ Preparation Student

“A– didn’t struggle in school and was always a good student, however, given all the extracurriculars and university preparation we found he was falling behind in Economics slightly. As such a high achiever A– felt under pressure. However, working with Rhea got him back on track of the curriculum and even ahead of the curriculum, such that the Economics teacher noted he was several chapters ahead after a few private sessions with Rhea. Rhea focused on his confidence and as she was able to relate to A–‘s high achiever personality and stress levels (given her experiences at school) she was able to help him focus and also learn to relax.”

Parent of AS Level Economics student

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