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Rebecca S

Rebecca has built up an excellent rapport with O-- which I believe has made for greater successes as O-- genuinely looks forward to the lessons and is keen to work hard and enjoys the many positive outcomes.


  • English

  • Maths

  • SEN

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2003-2004, Christchurch University: PGCE Primary

1998-2001, University Of Kent at Canterbury: B.A. Art History and Comparative Literature (2.1)

1991-1998, Clarendon House Grammar School

– A-Levels (B/Cs)

– GCSEs (A/Bs)

About Me

I am a qualified primary school teacher with over 150 hours of experience working with students in a one-to-one setting.

I approach tutoring from a student led perspective. I feel that it is important to build a rapport with each student and develop a good relationship in order for them to thrive academically. During initial assessments, I identify key gaps in knowledge and skills to be worked on. From here I develop a bespoke scheme of work involving text-based resources alongside tangible ‘hands on’ activities as well as drawing from my own extensive knowledge/experience in class teaching. I find that telling students what’s coming up in each lesson and providing continual positive praise along the way very helpful, interspersed with on-going assessment including self-assessment. Flexibility is a key skill in working with a student- finding out what the pupil is passionate about is a great way of building enthusiasm with each session.

I aim to cover key elements of the VAK learning style (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) in planned sessions. Enthusiasm, flexibility and a sound knowledge base are all key qualities I have as a tutor. Continual self-assessment provides a clear picture of the ongoing progress of each student. This is combined with a more formal assessment which informs my planning. This is also a good way of updating patents/carers on improvements over several sessions. In addition to this I provide some parents/carers of pupils with weekly updates if requested. This ‘extra mile’ approach I find to be invaluable to a student’s success, it gives the pupil a strong sense of confidence and pride in their work ensuring future successes.

Recent Tuition

I tutor children from a range of academic levels from Pre-school to Year 8. This is a sample of my recent tutoring experience.

Year 2 Maths

I worked with a girl weekly over the course of an academic year. We went back to basics, to ensure she was comfortable with the content and so I could reinforce the skills she had already learned in maths, along with correcting any issues. I used a lot of games and activities with her, as she really enjoyed this way of learning, and regularly used number bond with her. During the sessions I would regularly test her knowledge and understanding so I was pleased to see her grow in confidence throughout the time we spent together.

Year 4 Maths, English and Reading

I met with this student weekly, over the course of an academic year. He benefited from going through activities to correct and extend his existing skills. He particularly enjoyed tasks involving flashcards and online challenges. I would also regularly test his comprehension to ensure information was being retained. At the start of the year he did not enjoy Maths and felt he ‘could not do it’ but by the end of our sessions he was much more confident in his skills and knowledge.

Year 5 Maths

I supported this student weekly through an academic year. She lacked confidence in her ability, so during our time together I was not only checking her subject knowledge and ensuring that she had the skills to access the content, but also building her confidence in the subject. We would spend time making abstract concepts more concrete, using lots of visual images to help reinforce the content. We also developed exam techniques and completed exam practice.

Year 7 English & Maths

I worked with this student to ensure he had the correct knowledge and understanding of the syllabus and was also able to effectively manage the workload. She was a gifted and talented student, who needed challenging in the run up to his external exams, and so we also focused on test preparation. During our time together she made great improvements in his handwriting and was able to provide more depth and detail to his written responses.

Year 8 English and Maths

The support I provided for this student was a combination of remediation and maintenance to ensure that she was up to date with the syllabus and managing her workload effectively. The main improvement that she made was in her involvement, she became more confident and engaged throughout the year. This was particularly evident in her creative writing.

Hobbies and Interests

A keen gym goer I like to keep fit and take part in exercise classes such as Zumba and yoga. I love to cook and bake, plus love finding new recipes to try, I bake cakes or make bread with my three-year-old daughter every week. Stemming from my history of art degree I love to go to art exhibitions when time allows and particularly am interested in photography. Socialising with friends and reading are my relaxation methods as well as practicing mindfulness and meditating.

Client Testimonials

“Rebecca has built up a great relationship with M– and breaking down the lessons into fun, manageable chunks has made for good academic progress as well as fostering enthusiasm from M–. Rebecca regularly updates us on M–’s lessons and this helps us stay connected to the work being done and means we can also celebrate successes. I have no doubt that Rebecca would be an excellent tutor for any child wishing to progress in their studies and have fun along the way!”

Parent of year 2 student

“Rebecca has built up an excellent rapport with O– which I believe has made for greater successes as O– genuinely looks forward to the lessons and is keen to work hard and enjoys the many positive outcomes. Ongoing communication has been very helpful too in working with Rebecca, as she updates us regularly on O–’s progress. I have had no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to a number of other parents looking for a private tutor (which she now has taken up) and believe that anyone looking for an enthusiastic, and knowledgeable tutor would greatly benefit from her skills.”


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