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“Ramsay is fantastic, I would recommend to anyone within the scientific field to see him. He has extreme knowledge in a lot of scientific fields and helped me with my report for Biomedical Masters with ease. Highly recommended”

Charlotte, Masters Biomedical Tuition

  • Biology

  • Biomedical Science

  • BMAT

  • Chemistry

  • Senior School Entrance


Academic History

2016 – Present. Barts and the London School of Medicine, PhD Molecular Oncology

2013 – 2014. Barts and The London School of Medicine, MSc Molecular Biology (Distinction)

2009- 2013, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, BSc Pharmacology (1st)

Scottish Highers – Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Geography (B)

About Me

I have been tutoring since 2016 and my subject specialisms are Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Science and the UKCAT/BMAT exams.


Evaluating students’ learning capabilities and needs, helping them through assignments, and suggesting new learning techniques are just a few of the areas in which I excel. By tutoring students across a range of subjects and capacities, I have honed my communication, creativity, and motivational skills. Additionally, I possess strong administrative talents with a proven ability to document, track, and update student progress through formal reporting procedures.

The following are attributes of which I believe make me good at tutoring; (1) Enthusiasm- in order to establish a good relationship, the tutor must be an energetic person, someone with a lot of enthusiasm with respect to human interactions. This interest will certainly have a positive impact on a child, (2) adaptability – I have found with individual tutoring, you must adapt yourself to every case. Since there is no pre-determined formula, my approach depends on the student’s need and the particular difficulties he or she experiences, (3) Availability – Listening to the needs of the child and demonstrating openness will help to better understand a student’s situation. Inquiring about the context (academic situation, environment at school, at home, etc.) allows the adoption of a more appropriate follow-up and the better use of work methods.

Recent tuition

I have taught over 1000 hours of tuition, from GCSE to Undergraduate students. Please find examples of some of my recent tuition experience below.

GCSE Biology (Edexcel)
Emilia had reached out to receive tuition in GCSE biology as she was not happy with her preliminary grade, which was a D. She had complained of not being able to distinguish which aspects of the course and her materials were important. Over the semester we worked together, I provided lectures for the whole syllabus highlighting the key points which she needed to focus on. Emilia improved her grade significantly, going on to receive a B.

IB Sports and Exercise
James was struggling with understanding the key biological and physiological concepts of his IB sports and exercise course. He had achieved below average grades throughout the year, however was excelling in his other modules. Myself and James, over the summer, looked at methods to improve his revision style for biology as well as reinforcing the key concepts in a more practical method – such as being outside and doing experiments. James was able to achieve his desired grade and is now continuing his studies in Sports at University

A Level Biology and Physical Education (AQA)
I provided James with support in revising the key biological concepts in both A level Biology and PE, in addition to the more statistical and analytical components of these modules. James and myself conducted lessons online over skype, utilising online software to convey the key concepts while providing quizzes and marking Essays. I am happy to report that James excelled in both these modules following our month of intensive sessions, achieving an A in both subjects.

Undergraduate Biomedicine
Ubaidu had just completed the final year of his degree when we began working together, Ubaidu had reached out for tuition due to unfortunately failing all of his exams in his 3rd year. The student had put his failures down to lecturers at university going too fast and not fully explaining the concepts. Myself and Ubaidu worked together for the summer, having a lesson nearly every day. My approach was to first understand the level of Ubaidu’s knowledge by going through his past exam papers. Following this we went through all of the students lecture material and broke this down to smaller, more understandable sections. In addition to this, a large part of the exams had to be answered in an essay format, so we would structure essays together, in addition to marking Ubaidu’s essays and providing feedback. Ubaidu overcame his failures and passed all of his modules and is currently studying for a PhD at a reputable London institution.

PhD Thesis support
Shaima had completed all of the data gathering aspects of her PhD over three years at Bordeaux hospital in France, however when it came to writing her thesis she struggled to structure and analyse her data. She had received little to no help with regards to this aspect. I provided Shaima with the knowledge and confidence to be able to interpret her data and draw conclusions. Moreover, I taught her how to structure and critically analyse literature so that she could write an impactful piece of work. This thesis has subsequently been published in a number of journals and textbooks and Shaiam’s work was recognised with an award.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of tutoring I enjoy getting away from the computer and the textbooks and being outdoors. I have always found through both my own academic career and tutoring that there is only so much that can be achieved before your brain switches off, so it is important to get active. This has been demonstrated in a number of scientific studies that exercise and being outdoors can improve cognitive abilities. Additionally, I am a keen mechanic, I enjoy learning things outside of science and enjoy a problem-solving task which happens more than not when you are not a professional mechanic.

Client Testimonials

“Ramsay is fantastic, I would recommend to anyone within the scientific field to see him. He has extreme knowledge in a lot of scientific fields and helped me with y report for Biomedical Masters with ease. Highly recommended” Charlotte

“Ramsay carries a positive attitude in any situation, intelligence, and knowledge. He provides a motivational and healthy drive to move forward and progress.

I can see the progress and difference while following his comments. He shares brilliant ideas and pushes me to dig more on the facts. He explains very well his point of view and the reasons behind his input. I enjoy the work, and that keeps me motivated, interested and curious.

I learn a lot of new concepts and start to construct my visions and experience wisely on scientific work and critical analysis. Sharing and exchanging information are flawless, useful and clear” Nora


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