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Rachel F

"I was having a difficult time with VBA coding and the fact my project partners were not contributing and my teacher was not inclined to help me even when I told him I was having difficulty. Rachel not only helped me find the right code so I was able to complete the project successfully she also gave me lots of practical advice on how to engage my teacher’s attention and motivate my team to work effectively. "

Minhan, Computer Science Tuition

  • Computer Science

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

Kingston University (London). Bachelor of Science with Honours Degree (Level 6) Computer Science. Grade: 2:1

About Me

I have a Bachelor of Science with Honours Degree specialising in Computer Science. I am an experienced Tutor and tailor all my lessons to your individual needs, working at a pace that allows you to meet goals and deadlines comfortably and with an appropriate sprinkling of levity so learning becomes easy and enjoyable rather than a difficult chore.

I also provide mentoring as part of the service, which means I give you advice on your course, job prospects, interviews, CV, personal statements and anything else that will help to enrich your academic and personal education and improve your practical job skills, ensuring you are viable candidate in the competitive global job market

I also help you to create and maintain a bespoke knowledge base to suit your particular needs and style of learning. The knowledge base is created using PowerPoint and ensures you always have individualised searchable knowledge at your fingertips to help improve and maintain your academic knowledge, technical knowledge, and practical skills.

Recent tuition

I started tutoring in 2010 and provided Academic and Computer Science tutoring throughout my four years of college and University as I earned my Bachelor of Science with Honours. The average results of my student’s to date is 85-74.

I specialise in Academic Assignment Support for all subjects and teaching Computer Science Subjects for both Academic and Work-Based Requirements from A-Level upwards. Furthermore, I am particularly good at “Crunch Time” emergency deadline support, calmly and efficiently helping you to fulfil assignment criteria when there are just a few hours to spare.

I work to the tried and tested Academic formula of:

•Researching a subject and finding appropriate academic source material
•Reading, highlighting, annotating and structuring research material.
•Creating a searchable dossier of academic source material
•Presenting a subject
•Explaining the meaning of the subject and why the particular subject matter has been chosen for discussion
•Evaluating the subject using academic research to support academic arguments
•Using appropriate citations, graphs, and images to support findings and academic arguments
•Creating work of a high academic standard with a cohesive format, clear concise arguments, and an emphasis on linking work together throughout a module to achieve high marks consistently.

The approach detailed above is exactly what teachers and second markers expect to see and the formula upon which they mark your work. My understanding of this formula and dedication to this academic approach and my research, study, and English skills have allowed me to provide excellent tuition services regardless of subject.


I teach both the required and extended learning required for the following subjects in the context of Academic Assignments, Computer Science, and Work-based Knowledge Requirements. The full list of the Tuition services I offer are as follows:

•Study Skills
•Online Research Skills
•Fulfilling Assignment Criteria
•Assignment Structure
•Academic English
•Academic Writing
•Academic Referencing
•Academic Presentation
•Discursive and Creative Writing
•I.T consultancy, Entrepreneurship, and Project Management (Waterfall, Agile, Spiral, Critical Path)
•Systems Analysis and Development (DSDM Agile, SDLC)
•Relational Database Management Systems Data Analysis, Normalisation, schema Implementation and Administration (Microsoft Excel, Access, Off and Online Database Tools)
•SQL Execution and Reporting with Graphical Data Representation (Microsoft Access, Database Tools)
•Business Analytics (SQL, Graphical Reporting)
•Information Systems (Intranet, Decision Support System, Management IS, Executive IS)
•E-commerce Marketing Strategies and Implementation (CRM, Social Media, Trend Analysis)

Hobbies and Interests

I have a passion for education and my future plans include designing and implementing a scalable online knowledge base dedicated to freely disseminating technological information. My other passions include fiction, poetry, and Songwriting, playing the guitar (badly), music, theatre, art, science and history.

 Client Testimonials 


Rachel helped me with a difficult English assignment, she took the time to go through it with me and really study the text so I felt confident in creating an assignment that earned me a 59/60


Rachel and I worked on my dissertation, three assignments, and 3 presentations all at the same time! I felt overwhelmed at times the sheer magnitude of the work but she helped me with the academic structure for each assignment and presentation and worked with me every step of the way. I earned a first with her help and she says she was almost as proud as I was when I graduated!


  • Mentor