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"Phineas is a fantastic tutor with a most impressive educational background. He has a naturally bright and engaging personality, which draws children into the subject matter in a fun and stimulating manner, making education exciting for the tutee."

Parent of 8+ Student

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • 7+/8+

  • A Level

  • English

  • French

  • GCSE

  • German

  • History

  • International Tutor

Academic History

University of Arts London MA European Classical Drama – 1st Class Honours

University of Exeter BA (Hons) French (with German)

Studied for one year abroad at Université d’Aix en Provence

School Master at Harrow, teaching Modern Languages

A-Levels: French (B), English (B) and Theatre Studies (A); AS-Level History (B)

GCSEs: Maths (A), English (A), German (A), French (A), History (A) Latin (A), Biology (B), Physics (B), Chemistry (B), Geography (B), Religious Studies (B)

About Me

I am a highly qualified and experienced tutor and schoolmaster specialising in exam entrance and preparation from 7+ to A Level. Fluent in French and speaking good German, I have a natural drive in helping children in their education and have a very high success rate. I have recently been a master at Harrow School where I taught Modern Languages as well as some English and helped with admission interviews.

Recent tuition

I prepare students for all major London school entrance exams: 7+, 8+, 11+, 12+ and Common Entrance. I have experience in teaching scholarship preparation to Westminster, Harrow and Eton. I have also taught MLAT preparation for Oxbridge.

11+ English, Maths and Reasoning

I worked with a student as she was finding the preparation for the 11+ overwhelming and in some parts quite tricky. I devised a timetable and made the structure of the preparation less daunting by putting the subjects such as verbal reasoning into 30-minute chunks. This meant that in the long term, she had covered many subjects and began to get a feel for them and above all had a positive attitude to learning. She was successful in gaining a place at her chosen public school.

13+ French Scholarship exam

I have been working with a boy sitting the Westminster Challenge and in particular his French. French was a particular weakness for him and after a few sessions, he improved and gained a commendation in his French paper.

13+ Eton King’s Scholarship

I started working with an American boy who had recently arrived in London and wanted to gain a place at Eton but unfortunately did not have a place. He was entered into the King’s Scholarship as his school thought he was academically very good. I was asked to look at languages and the general papers. With several sessions a week we were able to break down what the exam needed and how he would be able to prepare and revise for this exam. As the exam is notoriously difficult this was very beneficial for him as he was feeling quite overwhelmed by this prospect. He was very dedicated in his studies and I am pleased to say that he did very well in the scholarship exam papers and is currently enjoying himself at Eton.

13+ French

I tutored a student who has recently arrived from Nigeria in September and who hadn’t learnt very much French before. I organised weekly sessions to start with and some more towards the end. When it came to the exam in the summer, the boy gained a solid A and was accepted into his senior school.

13+ English

This student was struggling with English and was finding lessons at school tricky. With hourly sessions once a week we broke down the essential elements and found out what he was finding difficult. We concentrated on how to formulate answers for comprehension as well as looking at how to tackle the creative part of the upcoming exam. By the summer, he had grown in his confidence and gave a great performance in his Common Entrance and secured a place at his chosen public school.

GCSE Religious Studies and English

This student was really finding both English and Religious Studies particularly difficult and partly this was due to him being ill for a large chunk of one term, and he was struggling to get back on track. Over the Easter break, we created a set of notes so that he was able to revise from the whole syllabus and when it came to the exam in the summer he gained an 8 and 9 respectively.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a passion for the arts and very much like going to the theatre and galleries. An avid reader, I always have a book on the go. Having been born in the Middle East and lived in other parts of the world, I love travelling.


“Phineas is a fantastic tutor with a most impressive educational background. He has a naturally bright and engaging personality, which draws children into the subject matter in a fun and stimulating manner, making education exciting for the tutee.”

Parent of 8+ Student

“Phineas has been brilliant with both my son and daughter. He has not only helped them with their upcoming exams but he has been a great mentor to them both for which I will always be grateful. We loved having him in the house!”

Parent of sibling student

“We came from New York and Phineas guided my son after some family trauma. I knew nothing about Common Entrance and Phineas created an after-school timetable that helped A– get through it all – he even taught A– British Common Entrance History from scratch and it turned out to be one of his highest grades! I would wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Parent of Common Entrance student

“Phineas came to help our son with Religious Studies and English for his GCSE and not only did he do well in the final exam, he asked to have Phineas for help with his A Levels.”

Parent of RS and English GCSE student

  • Fully Vetted